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  1. Hey brady! This PAC app is awesome and I hope you get it. Massive +1
  2. Hey Armadyl, This application is pretty basic and textbook, I would recommend you add what commands you would e.g "!warn". I would also and some colour to show where the commands are. but overall you seem to have had experience as a staff member. I will a Neutral your application but I am leaning to a +1. I wish the best of Luck -Falcon
  3. Hey mate, Yep the game is toxic af. well you want to join back and have fun so +1 from me
  4. Falcon

    Clarence Appeal

    Hey Clarence, You seem like you want to give CWRP a go properly which is good see. I think you should be given a second chance to show who you actually are but I will assure you that the staff team will not give a 3rd chance if you muck up again. I wish you the best of luck +1
  5. Hey Orion! I was just looking through your appeal and decided to take a look at your steam profile. I found to comments saying that you hack.... Not sure if they are just salty or you did in fact hack on a game. But you seem like you wanna play and not minge.
  6. Gecko Man, You're a legend and I would love to see events made by you, I think he is mature enough to run events and be trusted with staff powers. This is gonna be a Massive +1 I wish you the best of Luck! -Falcon
  7. Yo Sean, Even tho I haven't met you I don't think it would be the best Idea to unban you. from what I have heard from other users you don't seem like a nice guy. I hope you know now that Doxing is a serious offence and that you have learned your lesson. Personally I don't want someone who is known for doxing back on this server. So this Is gonna be a -1 from me. You have lost a lot of trust in in people and once trust is lost it can never really be gained again. I wish all the best in life. Cheers Falcon
  8. Hey Lads Thank you for your support I really appreciate it, thank you for your Feedback and thank you for having faith and trust me. you're all legends and I am grateful to know you all
  9. Hey Dank! Thank you for your support, you're a great person & friend to be around. again thank you for your support
  10. G'day everyone! Just thought I would sort of introduce myself as I haven't really done that much. You might of seen me around as LT Falcon of the 501st or Commander Jhake in Jedi. I'm a pretty chill type of guy and always happy to chat. If you need any help I'm usually on TS so poke me and I will try help out. I have been playing on the server since July of 2020 if I remember correctly and at the time my name was Jake. I look forward in help out in the community. you're all legends and i look forward to seeing you all around the server! Falcon
  11. Yep I wouldn't need to ordered to shoot that thing
  12. Hey Andy Man I'm so glad that I got meet you and play your events, you are an awesome person and as much as i am sad to see you leave EM you deserve a good break! the server will always remember you Love Falcon
  13. Hey Kruger! Thank you for your support and feedback, Yes I don't really put myself that much it's not really the kind of person I am but i am happy to Chat in TS
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