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  1. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Lita Reyes Known Alias’/Nicknames: Lita Previous Occupation: Jedi Youngling Current Occupation: Jedi Order Known Languages: Galactic Basic Hobbies: Dueling, Designing, Drawing Alignment: The Republic PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable Mental Disabilities: None Likes: Calm Sun Sets/Rises Meditation, Learning. Dislikes: Hatred, Loud bangs Personality: Calm, Nice, Accepting, Understanding PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Stable Age: 23 Weight: 78kg Build: Slim Disabilities: N/A Appearance: Black haired, Green eyes, wears Brown Robe with a mask on. JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): Knight Skyda Lightsaber details: Lightsaber Crystal: Basic Yellow - Hilt: Basic Combat style: Form 1 BACKSTORY Being born, she grew up being homeless, having to live in a big world of Naboo by herself, she usually stayed near markets since the people who ran them felt bad enough to give her free food and water. After awhile, she slowly started to get use to this strange lifestyle, and she would get more known since all she did was explore, Lita sometimes did some minor work at the markets so she could gain some credits, as being a homeless person was hard, she did believe that something will hopefully change. Whilst not knowing what happened to her parents, she rarely thought about them. Lita was luckily enough to find out that one of the the market owners were her parents friend, her parents friend would tell big stories about Lita's parents and soon after, the friend of Lita's parents adopted Lita, the friend would give Lita shelter, food, water and even a bed to sleep in, Litas heart sank when she came home to Lita's new mum gone and taken, she didn't know where since she didn't witness it her self. Soon after, the event started to spread all over the town until Lita became way too popular however it didn't last long since she too was getting hunted down which resulted in her having to isolate in a secret hideout no one knew about. She stayed there hidden for almost for 2 years, she hasn't seen anyone or has human interaction for so long, she also started to meditate seeing how people 2 years from now said that meditating was a good way to calm the mind and relax the body but it was also something the Jedi order did, she barely knew about the so called 'Jedi Order' but every night her new mother would tell stories about them, and doing so she kept meditating every single day. All she wanted was her dream to come true, and that the world would change for the better however, she started hearing faint noises, she could really only understand a few words, it would say "Jedi....force....help" she didn't know what is meant and could not unpuzzle the words. Night after night, she thought of those 3 words. All she could understand was 'The Force' and she also faintly remembered what the force was. seeing how she didn't have no place to go and didn't have any other ideas, she tried to communicate with anyone else than the people who took Lita's new mum. a couple of days past and she started to hear some foot steps, she grabbed a stick to defend herself, but then she notices, it was the Jedi seeing as she could see their visible lightsabers hanging from their side. Her dream came true, the idea of the force actually worked, the Knights took Lita back to the temple whilst one of the Knights asked "how did you do that?" Lita told the truth and said "I don't know" and they walked back with the Knights knowing Lita had a special power. RELATIONSHIPS Dead -Parents? Parent's friend? Untrusted Droids/ Unnatural People | Friend | Knight Kostis - Helped me get to Padawan Knight Skyda - became and is now my Master Padawan Emerold - A Youngling I grew up with
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