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  1. REGARDING the application, Macka needs to be staff again, he was one of the better moderators and got removed on a biased judgment +1
  2. Shadow company CO's have had all the same issues. Their regiment does get used enough for them to be fun for people to join, Sure they get a unique kit which is cloak, only NULL ARC and shadow get cloak but cloak is a item that is not used in events enough. Shadow company's in the past have died because they are just basically a front line regiment. they never got to use their kit. Only way that Shadow can be used is if they get their own tasks in events and their own objective. Event maters have to make changes in their events to shadow company because if they don't, shadow company are useless because cloaking in front of people will always result in a TK. Events are to chaotic for people to let one regiment breach a building because there is always people that wont hear orders and rush in getting shadow killed. Cloak is a very strong tool which got Nerfed into the ground which makes it useless. In my opinion. Shadow company is a useless regiment. Its just another front line with stealth guns
  3. dam this guy hate 90% of the server
  4. Name: RainnSteam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198135391932/In-game Name: Trainee operative Seyn MaranaServer: Imperial RP)Why do you want it: to kill jedi and new role play pog
  5. Ok first off you are well known. you are well known for the wrong things. Example 1 you were blacklisted from your EC slot for abusing it and RDMing people with it. Secondly. you cannot take criticism well, people will give you feed back and you will say in OOC that is not necessary and leave. I think you are not fit for the environment that a event master has to be in. always taking criticism is a key part of being a event master and you have showed multiple times that you cannot take criticism. This post lacks detail as well. you could respond with more detail and more information. Your Event idea isn't bad but if you could add onto your document pictures of more of a direct explanation on how they are going to get to the base, what they are going to encounter. I would like to see at least one picture of what it would look like. any pictures of a outpost that has been made with props to see your ability to make compounds will the tools you would be given as a event master. To conclude my response to this post is that your document isn't very detailed and looks like you typed it up in about 30 minutes. from past experiences with your EC slot on clone wars, you could not be trusted with it and ended up getting it removed. If you really want to be a event master you will need to improve a lot and be able to not abuse tools or power that is given to you.
  6. I Suggest putting a bit more detail on your questions go into detail what you did as a EC to show you know what to do in the spot light if you were the main EC or a side piece that was doing passive rp
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