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  1. bro can i get grappling hooks? i wrote an essay for you
  2. Fark me have a go at this, Emir you do some crazy good RP. Your application is nice and neat, your idea is brilliant. Mate you'd make a perfect fit for EM, You've got a perfect balance of serious RP as well as a bit of banter. Love it mate, huge +1 from me.
  3. Hey fellas, heres a bit of shit and cum we did a fair fucken while ago. Brings back memories...
  4. Robb


    this is proper haha
  5. sheesh, this aged well...
  6. didnt wanna get exposed so leaves the server
  7. ^ This is literal cancer Why have you not added that you were previously JEM in these, you were really active and did majority of the time did really well. You have plenty of past experience. Another thing though is that when you were last JEM you were really keen and really helpful and active and then just sorta died off after a bit, why was that and how are you gonna stop that from happening again?
  8. hey man when are the arc screenings
  9. best trial em of all time cheers cunt
  10. Robb


    i dislike RHC on clonewars, big power burger
  11. Name:RobbSteam Profile Linkhttp://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198061705919 In-game Name: AbdukServer: (Imperial RP)Why do you want it: Yeah nah being a sith jedi thing would be fullyhectic ya know
  12. you definitely smoke crack
  13. this kid lmao thinks richmond is good or something -1
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