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  1. Sydney was a pretty mingy but over the couple of weeks he has improved on his minge and is doing good His app is also pretty good Sydney in my eyes is fit for a mod. Good luck bro +1
  2. Your reputation on the community is not the best when it comes to clone wars which is a bad look the app itself could use a bit of work I do believe you can break pretty easily from past things that I will not bring up, I understand you regret what you did but what you did was unforgivable on with that coming to the ts channel to the people you bullied, talking to them even if you know they wont want you there Based on your past rep and this app I'm going to have to go with a -1
  3. When I was under gecko in the 501st railgun would always come around and help and btw the Event idea is very good Anyways your app is very good and well made this has to be a +1
  4. Took you long enough man app is great btw +1
  5. Man always tells ems about his crazy good ideas long you are epic fatass +1
  6. And he's returned to staff, anyway he was a very good admin on CW and would fit perfect in Imp +1
  7. I like very much +1 And what Gecko said
  8. Love the video, very unique I have seen you around and active and I have to give this a +1
  9. Hi Kostis, so i agree with Spompe and Gecko saying that you rushed it and with your activity, Another thing I've noticed is that you've used the same Google doc each time you have went for Trial EM adding no improvements, I suggest making a whole new doc instead of using the same one each time you go for EM. Anyways Kos im going with a -1
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