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    rex vs rex

    This is not true
  2. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Leulth Mar'ko Known Alias’/Nicknames: Leu Previous Occupation: Youngling Current Occupation: Padawan Known Languages: Gungan Basics, Galactic Basics Hobbies: Meditation, Fighting on the field Alignment: Galactic Republic PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Normal Mental Disabilities: OCD, Cant talk to people/non socialist Likes: Jedi Order, Clones, The bar Dislikes: CIS, Trandoshians Personality: Nerdy, Loving PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Strong/normal Age: 18 Weight: 66Kg Build: Fit, Active Disabilities: Listening to his Mother Appearance: JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): Pablo Lightsaber details: Gold titanium hilt Combat style: Form 3 "Defensive BACKSTORY "Get up its time to go" There I was in bed my brother waking me up "Come on the ceremony is going to start" I and my brother were at the ceremony so peaceful so happy then explosions in the back round slowly move to the city "RUN!!!!" I was running threw the crowds from what I could hear bombs, me and my brother following my mother then scary scaly men talking to my mother "Please ill do anything just don't hurt me or my children" Tradoshan as they call them raises his weapon last words were for mother was "Get out of here" Me and my brother running away while hearing blaster shots in the background. Trandoshans catch up to use and they take my brother, they were gonna take me but its followed by a bright blue blade a guy saying "Stay Back" Trandoshans gets away but the man said to me "Are you ok" Next thing I know I'm at the Jedi temple but too overwhelmed to notice any details of the temple just the man and the front, entering the temple there were Jedi everywhere a place I enjoyed to relax and have peace to relax there Grand Master Yoda is a very wise man who taught me everything I know about the force little did I know that I didn't know I had the force "Wait but master Yoda I don't have the force" "Mm-mm the force you have" "Why I'm no hero or Jedi" "one does not have to be a Jedi to be a hero but you are very much with the force" I will never forget those words even while progressing in the order what does it mean to be a Jedi. I met my first friend in the order Loka would be my only friend that I liked we would duel, meditate and learn together but she had to go for missions with her master a lot sometimes not seeing her for weeks I always wanted to go fighting but my master Pablo is more of a scared master fearing his and my heath he was never a fan of fighting but he did what he had to do to protect me I will never forget that hopefully one day I can go out and fight beside him and the republic. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Liked : Clones Untrusted : Trandoshans Best Friend : Loka Acquaintance : Yoda
  3. Bro he has to get it at this point +1
  4. Very good application xao also i think you would put lots of effort into being a em +1
  5. Backup Ems : What are we going to do for the backup em campaign Pab : ....... Backup EMs : ........ Pab: Were gonna shoot trandos because there disgusting lizard men. I love pab
  6. Snickers is a good person and this app is very high quality GOODJOB +1
  7. Based on your app and you, you seem more of a competent person for this position +1 Good luck
  8. Name : Ratinson Steam Profile Link : https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198880180969/ In-game Name : Major Ray and Lance Corporal Rodent Reason : Im ebic jateway jamers
  9. What would happen if Thanos was in the Star Wars Clone Wars universe, and how would the Jedi defeat or get defeated by him? What would happen?
  10. Hi Florida, this application is pretty decent not gonna lie. I've also have spoken to you in my TS and you sound pretty confident about your app, your a very good EC listening to me when given orders. the event idea its self is also fairly decent. The advice i have for you is to get around in TS, and raise your hand up for as much EC spots you can get. based on your app and my personal interactions with you, i'm going to give this a +1 Good Luck bro
  11. Damn Bro comparing a JEM to Trial mod not cool. JK
  12. This application very gooood big +1. But in all seriousness this is a good app.
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