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  1. Man was Server Manager and was a pretty good one, not to mention what a good app. +1
  2. Hi Moe, when I see this app I see it as short and Not Detailed at all, I suggest looking at other peoples trial moderator Apps to get a good understanding, but sadly this app isn't going to cut it at all, In terms of ingame your rather mingy in briefing/debriefing which isn't a good look, if you want to be a staff member in this community you need to be professional in situations, and from seeing you here and there mic spamming it's not a good look at all, I suggest stop the mingyness, Make this app more detailed and not 2-3 and the way you described how you would deal in each staff situation is, you also need to get around in the community more, so far your in ion I believe and I'm certain that's one of the only regiments you've been in, so go in TeamSpeak, have a chat with someone get around and I'm nearly 100% sure if you take all feedback put on this app Well you have a high chance of getting this position So I also suggest after reading through all the comments of this app take it, make change not just look at it and say "ok I haven't done up to expectation", but please Moe, edit this app and make it all the things I said before, otherwise you will not get staff, and yes I know I'm no moderator but the stuff I've talked about... I don't think you need to be a moderator to point out these Minor/Major issues, anyways aside from what I said, also same thing with what buck said if you're not going to put effort or bother to read, then whats makes us thing your gonna bother to read tickets, or read other staff applications. Good luck on this trial Mod app. -1
  3. +1 Siff is a great member in this community, the App is very detailed, Showing what you would do in different staff situations. Good luck siff.
  4. First of all this app is epic, Macka I can say that you deserve a place in staff and can say you are a trusted member of the community, You are a close friend to me and from spending all the months of being your friend knowing you are a good person, When Macka was in staff before he was a Very Active staff member, always taking mod tickets and sits, you simply already know how to be a staff member, with that wall said my dear friend, I wish you the best luck, +1 From Rat To ARC boy Macka
  5. Zorelian Gear - Campaign Campaign Backstory The Zorelian Gear, Owed by Field Marshal James Alcarnack, is an Organization in plans to end all war and making the galaxy a safe place, but at any cost. The Zorelian Gear is supported and funded by Senator Aak, Ask, the Senator of Melastare, the Zorelian Gear has done critical damage to the Republic, One of them being destroying a Venator with a garrison of troopers, committing multiple war crimes and taking over planets against there will. Taskforce Gateway will be Deployed to Melastare, where we will attempt to capture Senator Aak Ask and Field Marshal J. Alcarnack, and take over the Zorelian compound bringing an end to the Zorelians. Details: Date: 18th September (Saturday) Time: 1:30 - 9:30 AEST NOTES: This Campaign will be hosted on the Main Server and have Event Operations on the Event Server Credits: @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] :) Campaign Discord: https://discord.gg/gJTCZK22
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    Have a nice stay, Fear!
  7. United_States_of_ARC_censored.mp4
  8. Hey Osman, now I'm not going to go too much in detail with this app, first off the app its self is good, obviously your answers are good. But I'm going to be talking about your Event Idea, with having 4 pages, there's nothing wrong with that, but, the Event Idea itself is rather basic and shorter than expected, Id prefer to see something more unique for the Idea itself. but you are actively being an EC for the team, and I got to give you your Jaguar voice was good, and how you played the character. Besides from that I'm giving this a neutral, Good Luck Osman. (Fyi if you want more feedback I'm happy to sit in the TeamSpeak and talk about the whole app etc. If you need my discord its in the EC discord)
  9. Hi Mine, I remember you when I was in 501st as a private, but, not many people know who you are, I think you should have waited a bit before putting this app in because 'new' players/moderators might not know who you are (and by new players I mean 5-10 months ago) I think you should get around to the newer people in Team Speak and get to know them. FYI the app is fine showing basic knowledge of ULX, I have not had many chats with you so I'm leaving this with nothing. Good Luck Minestorm.
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