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  1. Ok so this application is actually pretty good and not that bad only thing is how well known you are just a quick tip how to get well known fast is to Join regs talk to them in discords/teamspeak and maybe more i guess just going around and getting to know people and you'll be on this event but from looking at this app its going to be a Neutral But I still thing this is a good app and dont let peoples opinions bring you down
  2. Men watchout imma steal your girl
  3. As i see in this app you know your ULX commands and its a very well built app and overall a good app that deserves a very big +1
  4. anakin would win but if he was in his vader suit his ass would be gone
  5. Good man Very well app as i can see and i think hes fit for this roll +1
  6. Pretty good to see from you clazza from what i say its a big +1
  7. mate i made this for fun why are ppl still reacting to it
  8. Yea i guess your right it is basic its when i looked at it it looked really nice and i thought yeah i made and thought it might have a chance but when you look at it it really is just basic and not the best but i will improve and try my best i just need time to think about new ideas i think i rushed it but thanks for the feedback and ill take your advice
  9. So this is an animation of a CG Inspecting a box with thermal detonator's btw custom box but also easy to do with animation
  10. @Mconnell Yo man just showing this i made a bind for it and tbh its a lot better for showcasing and it looks a lot better rather than opening and closing it like Mconnell Said although the PAC is still the PAC but thanks Mconnell for the help a lot easier now i can also move around like that i truly thank you Mconnell ill make sure and do it too all of my pacs when im looking at them
  11. I understand crossarm's i thought was quite basic would just show what i can do with animation but yes again it is very basic and drone pet i thought id just add in and yes that is also quite basic but thank's for the feedback pasha always good to see and i will improve with pac animations including my creativity with animation's
  12. Thanks for the feedback and i will improve on what you've said
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