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  1. SAVE PALPATINE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hello Giant, man comes around in ts talking to people etc, the app its self shows detail and different ways you would deal with specific sits.+1 very good app, Good luck
  3. I mean this app kinda speaks for its self, detailed as hell +1 Good luck on the app
  4. +1 jarr is very good with pac
  5. I'll break your legs Still a babe
  6. Ya want a king hit to the jaw??? Goodbye babe
  7. Sup, so I believe in experience terms yes you have made great event in the past but one thing is your activity, you have recently been not on as much as I would have hoped. That out of the way in positive terms you know how to make a very strong event and if you fix your activity this will be a strong +1 but as of now I'm going with a very weak +1 Good Luck Pluto
  8. Current and previous In-game regiment, rank, and names: Currently - Sergeant Major "Rat" (ARC) Investigator Johnson Tragavich (RSB) Jedi Master Freyk Leuoo (Jedi Order) Previously - Battalion Commander "Rat" (501st CO) Senior Crewman "Dell" (Navy) Sergeant Major "Rat" (Horn Company Beta ARC) Lieutenant "Cov" (RC CO) Steam Link & ID: STEAM_0:1:459957620 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198880180969/ Discord Name Ratinson#5948 What experience you have in Navy: As Experience I used to be a Senior Crewman As NSF in navy, along with this I have good Console RP including doing security jobs, although I was not in it for that long I did get a thick knowledge of how it works. I have lead NSF/Navy in several events, I believe I have learnt the fundamentals of Leading, and believe I can do the same to navy. Why you want the role, & why you will be a viable candidate: I want this role of Navy CO is because I believe I'm worthy of leading navy along with that I believe I can be a strong CO Helping navy and bringing in new and creative ideas for navy. The reason I can be a viable candidate is because I have had many experiences when I was 501st CO, Knowing all the standards for CO and me knowing them I can lead navy and be Helpful to all navy. I have also been a RC CO and people say that RC are irrelevant COs that are not needed but sometimes that's wrong for example, You might have some mates and if they do something wrong you have to tell them to stop, and you have to be careful because they are your mates but you have to learn to punish them when they need it, As a CO you have to learn to discipline. As a CO in the past I have knowledge like making a person you think is fit for being 2nd IC or who you want to be CO after you and ensure your troopers are comfortable with how and the way you lead them.
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