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  1. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Naval Special Forces NSF-//-004 Known Alias’/Nicknames: Aurek // A Previous Occupation: RC H.O.P.E Squad Sniper | Naval Special Forces Branch under Daubeny Current Occupation: Naval Special Forces Branch under Ghost | Republic Naval Staff Known Languages: Galactic Basic | Tusken | Jawaese Hobbies: Playing sabacc and jhabbac, completing assignment tasks. Alignment: Galactic Army of the Republic PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable to be able to serve the Galactic Army of the Republic Mental Disabilities: [N/A] Likes (optional): Clones who work hard for the republic, completing his role in the galactic army of the Republic. Dislikes (optional): Disloyal clones PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: [STABLE] Age: 4 Weight: 57KGS Build: Average clone build Disabilities: Left eye is partially damaged due to shrapnel. BACKSTORY : First serving as a Republic Sniper under RC Captain "Soap". In a recent attack on a rogue CIS planet. The RC Squad was tasked with taking out rogue fuel cells. [REDACTED FILE ENTRY] [SYSTEM ERROR] Mission was a plot setup designed by Republic High Command forcing the squad to be K.I.A and Aurek to go M.I.A // Squad wasn’t informed of this and believed they walked into a tra After Captain Soap had been shot and his loyaly and faithful brother, Machine. Someone who Aurek had come to work with so many times, he saw him die and bleed out infront of his eyes. Aurek was distraught and had left the fuel cell. Furious.Aurek was returned to Kamino to rest after his squads displacement. They examined Aurek's skill and placed him with NSF Lead "Ghost". Working in an operative unit titled "Naval Special Force Branch" They began working under Lieutenant M. Judah. He helped in the assistance of the court case of the takedown of the Republic Security Bureau ending with [REDACTED FILE ENTRY] BROKEN FILE ENTRY// Pablo Bartholomew \\ Senior Agent of the Republic Security Bureau \\ Court Marshalled // File Entry : //AUREKS FILE ENTRY - FILE SAVED\\ //MACHINES FILE ENTRY - FILE CORRUPTION\\
  2. I find it weird that you got banned to stop yourself from coming back. That you wouldn't want to be returning to gateway ever but not not even a year later you are making a ban appeal?.
  3. This idea is silly. You sydney say that you want to get a more different map rotation with the community voting inwards. I can tell you this that the community will pick the same maps every month and players will then complain that we are on a certain map for months even though the community had voted for that map for that month and the month after that. This idea was used and looking at the picks that was used we got some terrible and boring maps in our rotation.
  4. You have placed a 0 on being well known. Implying that almost no one is currently aware of your presence on the server. I have seen you around but not at a high presence. I feel that the most cliché answer to this is that TeamSpeak3 is the most common way to get your name known on the server. Getting to talk around and speak to many members of the community is one of the best methods to get yourself well known. Watch the shows, movies or get a good knowledge. (Unless you forgot to add a digit) If you have no knowledge this can cause a pain in your events using lore models that you don't even know are lore models, PKing lore characters, or doing something completely FailRP without even knowing. You clearly have some knowledge of Star Wars as you understand the languages, races etc. So I can take that this is a possible typo. The application itself is well constructed. Your answers are well built and showing that you understand all the boxes of being an Event Master. Your scenarios are very well constructed but you have some moments that you can be seen as a slightly mingy member and can be immature at some times. You can have this sometimes but you seem to always attempt to keep your cool. A factor is your age, I also am 14 years old and when I was running for Trial EM, a thing is that you always need to show that you are a mature community member and that you should show that you are a great candidate for staff. That is the only downside other than that you are actively going around as an EC. I will be leaving a neutral as your application is good, just want to see how you are as the application is up. I have left feedback to your application and if you want anymore feedback reach me on discord.
  5. Pasha is very experienced with PAC3. +1
  6. +1 In all truth, I have known Mconnell since I first started on the server and he always been a very easy going person. He hadn't used his mic for well over a year but has started to open up and become of the best people on the server.
  7. man just keeps coming back Dank is legit one of the best staff members I have been with in the team. He was a capable Senior Admin in the Mod Team and he has a clear understanding of everything to do. I'm sure if Dank was to return to the team he could bring a lot of experience and show some of the new mods around the block. During danks time when I saw him as mod he was always helpful and easy to talk to. I'm sure Dank can be in the capable hands and many current members have seen Dank as I have. Easy vote on my half. +1
  8. @Buck :) omg advanced warfare in star wars !!!
  9. I'm gonna break your racket, bro.
  10. Gecko


    great work centron.
  11. # ... Entering alias # ... Accessing Republic Navy Files.... # ...Code Access : 3200 # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Naval Database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: CT-8890 / Republic Star Fighter Corps - 006 Known Alias’/Nicknames: Komodo Previous Occupation : Naval Special Forces Current Occupation: Republic Starfighter Corps Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Tusken Hobbies: Playing sabacc and jhabbac. Working on his ARC-170. Alignment: Neutral. PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: [STABLE] Mental Disabilities: PTSD Likes (optional): Sitting in his cockpit of his ARC-170, preparing battle strategies. Dislikes (optional): Admiral Trench. PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Fit. Age: 4 Weight: 66KGS Build: The average clone build. Disabilities: Left hand is partially prosthesis after being crushed by an ARC-170. BACKSTORY: CT-8890, Began his training ages on Kamino. He was placed into his training squad known as "Shatter" Squadron with 5 other Clone Cadets. CT-7790, CT-5897, CT-4532, CT-5533, and finally CT-8004. Shatter Squadron began as a rough squadron CT-7790 and CT-4532 would constantly be fighting over who would lead the Citadel missions. CT-8890 would rather be quiet and work with CT-5533 they were able to complete the citadel with CT-5897 and CT-8004 while CT-7790 and CT-4532 would be fighting. We returned to our bunks where CT-5533 would scratch the amount of days till we would be sorted into our regiments and fight in the Clone Wars. After many rotations Admiral Barton Coburn landed on Kamino to look for the next arrangement of Naval Staff. along side Lieutenant J. Hardrada and Airman Vulture. CT-7790 was recruited into the Starfighter Corps. While his brothers were all sorted into the 501st Legion. CT-7790 was given a new tagline RSC-006. In his first battle with Junior Airman Black-Hawk they were guided with attacking an old CIS compound factory, a mission success in the name of the Republic. Now given the nickname "Komodo". Komodo with the Republic Navy where moving to Tatooine to battle Admiral Trench who was holding down a CIS fort on the planet. When they moved into motion and began the fleet attack. Komodo's co-pilot stop shooting the back gun and they were targeted by a fleet of droids. Komodo attempted to alert his fellow brethren, before he knew it Komodo blacked out. He woke up and couldn't move. He looked to his left and his Pilot Sergeant had been killed. He saw a Nimbus V-wing attempting to save Komodo but was shot down in the process. Komodo got up and began to walk around, attempting to speak over his voice communications. Komodo was able to mutter the words "Mayday, I have landed on Tatooine, Flight Sergeant "Dell" is down and I see a droid patrol enrooted to my position". He then received a response it was the Lieutenant, he informed Komodo that a Republic Fleet was moving to assist him. Komodo, sat motionless. He was almost asleep again until he saw a LAAT move in and begin his pick-up, there he saw Captain CT-7790, and his old clone squadron from Kamino assist him in leaving Tatooine. He saw that the Republic had been able to maintain the air-space. They returned to Lieutenant J. Hardrada's fleet and informed Komodo of what had happened. Admiral Trench had fled after the arrival of Admiral Yularen supporting Admiral Coburn. Komodo spoke to his Airman and said that he wanted to return to the crash sight. He returned to the crash sight being monitored by an LAAT, he then moved his Sergeant out of the cock-pit and then dug a grave for the sergeant. Returning to the active duties of a pilot. Komodo would take place in another battle piloting an LAAT. He was informed by Airman Vulture that it would be a hot-drop and that they needed to move quickly. Komodo is currently preparing for his next battle. Republic Naval Logs...Closed.....
  12. You have some obvious issues within this applications, standard one liners will never be a stand-out EM application. This application is poor and riddled with errors throughout the questions, You need to take some time with your EM Application and not rush it. This answer is quite poorly answered, you should go into detail. If this was to happen in an event and you decide to speak on the fact he got away lucky, that is a bad response. Your second response makes more sense, with Grievous causing a distraction. You should take some time to carefully answer this question. This is an all-too-common answer. This is a response you'll see on nearly every EM application, and I'd like to explain what the meaning of this question really is. We're looking for a new EM, and we want him to prove that he can bring something new to the EM team, so answering the same way won't make you stand out. We'd like to know why you're a great pick for EM. If what Spompe said about you not being able to handle being a Sub Company CO/SGT+ is real, You don't seem to be able to remain concentrated and retain the steady ability that an EM requires; EMs must be able to manage any situation that is thrown at them. And, given that your highest rank is Master Sergeant, I doubt you have much experience in server positions. Your event concept is just one long paragraph with no sentences, making it difficult to read. Looking at other event ideas, your application should have some photos, side-objectives, and other elements that demonstrate the ingenuity that you might bring to the server as an EM. -1
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