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  1. pshhhhhhh no. they just cool man. I swear
  2. My top picks for my favourite Jedi, what are yours? Saesee Tiin Stass Allie Etain Tur-Mukan
  3. oh yeah, anakin merked them all, change my mind luke would be dead.
  4. Then he went to live where the Jedi was first founded, so he had access to old scrolls.
  5. Luke, In his after Episode 6 State, He was one of the most powerful Jedi at that time, He became the Grand Master Mace Windu was already dueling Palpatine, so Anakin's kill was a dogshot.
  6. After seeing the pre-edit of this application and after Hazmat made changes, he has added ULX commands which is always good to see, however your answers don't have much meat to the bone, They are good answers though, you seem to know at a decent standard to deal with situations, just add a few edits to make the answers better Neutral
  7. Off-center, looking better imo JK. Off center looking bad (remove that dislike )
  8. The Boys In Blue & The Boys In Red.
  9. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Geko Xurian Known Alias’/Nicknames: Geko. Previous Occupation: Jedi Padawan Current Occupation: Jedi Knight Known Languages: Pantoran, Galactic Common, Jawaese Hobbies: Flying his ETA with R6, Dueling. Alignment: GAR, Jedi Order PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable Mental Disabilities: N/A Likes: Reading. Dislikes: Eating. Personality: Kind, Quiet. PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Fit Age: 23 Weight: 57kgs Build: Broad Disabilities: N/A Appearance: N/A Due To Armour JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Knight Master (current or previous): Knight Quan Oslojigin Lightsaber details: A Silver And Iron Mix With A Gold Lining, With An Exhaust. Orange Crystal Combat style: Form VI Niman BACKSTORY Geko lived with his brothers and mother, his father was unknown, Geko who was living on Pantora at the time was greeted by some Jawa's who were somehow on Pantora at the time, he began speaking in Jawaese saying '' away Hliw'' telling them to get away, he saw his brother Ruu watching the sunrise, Geko going to join him and they then laughed together, they then looked and saw a muni hyperspace in, that laughter turned into sadness, the dark shadow emerged and covered the town, turning it from sunshine to darkness, then the turbolaser began firing directly at the town, Ruu and Geko began to run but Geko was too slow to react staring at the massive explosion, his eyes began to fade, his face began to melt, Geko's face became deformed, he ran with his brother till they were at a near-by town and cried and walked slowly, others stared at Geko's deformed face. Geko and his brother bought themselves a ship and went to Tatooine where Geko would talk with the Jawa species in order to make some trades so Geko and Ruu could have a new life, Geko landed in Tatooine and found a trade market and found a Jawa to talk to, Geko then said ''Uiuokka any armour'' Geko was then handed a experimental armour stolen from the CIS, Geko took it and wore it, after this he began to show signs of him using the force, one day he was in the markets and was angered at seeing Pantoran images, he screamed and everyone dropped, then they stood back and stared at Geko, confused. Then he ran off, crying warning Ruu they had to leave it wasn't till a Master by the name of Master Ungo Plut told him about the force and Geko agreed with this but only if Ruu could come, Ruu of course also showed signs of being force sensitive, they began there trials in the order and work together, Geko spends his time with Master Tenko becoming an Exotic Weapons Specialist, Geko remembers the Pantoran Massacre that killed his mother everyday. He can't get over it but remembers he must carry on and he enjoys the time spent with his brother, although he doesn't see Vanders Xur anymore as he is on mission in the Mid Rim fighting. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Ruu - Family Sabine Prell - Acquaintance Jawa - Liked Death Wish - CIS ( OOC this was an old biography, I recovered as there is now an opening in the slot)
  10. Heya Humbug, Humbug, this app is extremely detailed, filled to the brim with commands and explaining each situation extremely well, I know Humbug from being a 501st Officer, when he first got in he was extremely helpful with his skills, I have no doubt he can show this in a Staff sense +1
  11. Tech, Kix, any clone that uses their brain over their blaster.
  12. Yes what Cappa said. Fix Example 4 : It confuses me that you want PAC to explore lore standards, yet one of your examples is bunny ears -1
  13. cat in the hat. na green eggs and ham
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