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  1. Overall some feedback, Some scenarios can be worked on, some answers are quite short and don't explain much, overall you are a pretty fine person, the Application is okay, You have only named 1 instead of 3. You also have some grammar errors, you may want to check on some of that a program like grammarly can be a big help, you have grammar errors in most of the questions, may want to view over that, and present the application to the best of your ability. You may want to expand a little on this as it is a little confusing : I would rp that grievous had been ordered to retreat by Count Dooku and had crashed a muni into the republic fleet to escape and blow up a venator using the ship destructor tool. It seems to be out of the blue, maybe want to shape it and explain it a little better. With this question this is what most EMs say? is there anyway it would be more creative, rather than cater to all regiments needs. Overall I will be giving a weak neutral on the basis of it seems rushed at some stages, the only stage I believe is heavily touched on is the Document which seems to have taken longer, while the application its self is filled with errors and some confusing answers, hopefully you can expand and work on this as I feel you can have what it needs although this document isn't greatly produced/executed and could of been created in maybe 30-50 minutes, take some time and refine this application, hopefully you can take this feedback onboard.
  2. sorry sir, please hold your $20 dollar donation for 6 months.
  3. Kidnapped ! "The Togrutans are gone !" Mini-Campaign Backstory : A planet of peace, The artisan colony of the planet Kiros created a society without weapons, Instead of war they pursued art and beauty. But in the Clone-Wars even peace loving worlds are seemingly forced to change sides. After the Togrutans make a deal with Count Dooku, Grand Master Yoda sends out Master Kenobi and General Skywalker to investigate with the 501st Legion and the 7th Sky Corps, when they land on Kiros and discover a disturbing truth. Details : Date : Saturday the 13th of March, 2021 Duration : 4:30 - 7:35 AEDT This mini-campaign will be a half-day deployment on both the Main Server and Event Server, as a large operation, the 4:30 will be as usual on the main server and the 6:30 on the event server, 6:30 will need to be BOOKED This mini-campaign will allow us to progress further in the server's timeline, this mini-campaign will cover Episode 11-Episode 13. Through-out the day RP revolving around these Episodes will occur, Multiple EMs and Staff will be assisting in the mini-campaign.
  4. Gecko

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    choog you like ginger ale.
  5. My work is not a joke, my fellow roleplayers.
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    pepsi is cool

    have a pepsi, zero sugar man. fuck CocaCola
  7. Thank you Dank Machine for the application User is under review for Grand Master User Accepted
  8. As a council member, Best of luck to all whom attend !
  9. I feel you can change from recent talks, I haven't seen you on imperial, I hope this application shows you as your best self.
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