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  1. /--------------------------------------------\ =\\REPUBLIC BUREAU RECORDS//= =\\INSERT BUREAU NUMBER = #004//= =\\BUREAU NUMBER RECIEVED = ARRESTS/= \\===================================================================================================================// - CRIMINAL DESCRIPTION - -Name- - CT Designation : CT-7711 - - CT Generation : 2 - - Nickname / Alias : "Samson" -Regiment Detachment- Regiment Assignment : Republic Navy Sub-Division : Naval Engineering Corps Commanding Officer : Senior Lieutenant B. Colombo Engineering Command : Sub Lieutenant Baggins -Reason For Arrest- -1st Degree Murder- -Theft- IF YOU HAVE ANY KNOWLEDGE ON THE WHEREABOUTS OF CT-7711 "Samson" YOU ARE TO REPORT TO THE NEAREST SHOCK OFFICER / RSB OFFICER \\===================================================================================================================// CT-7711 APPEARANCE \\===================================================================================================================//
  2. +1, PAC3 Application is solid, had PAC3 earlier in the year before leaving clone wars for a period of time.
  3. You didn't change anything to what Pab said?
  4. Don't think I need to explain my +1, Coric was a great staff member.
  5. Gecko

    Russia Unban

    This ban appeal honestly doesn't seem genuine, at the time of the event that Buck and I were hosting, yes there was an outbreak section with a monster but you took an LAAT began flying it and missed the monster completely and killed multiple people with the rockets. Pab was not the person to ban you it was actually Chunky (Thorn In-Game), you also weirdly instantly left straight after you killed everyone which made staff seem like you left to avoid punishment. I'd advise you put some more effort into the appeal instead of putting stuff like "Yea Also i would like to come back to gateway cuz i have no life tbh and im sorry lol :() and im bored to." Put more effort into the appeal Russia and show that you want to come back to the server.
  6. Few suggestions/ideas that could help : This is what I currently have my health bar saved as, 93.5 but after relogging it doesn't save as 93.5. -Adding options to change both the health bar and climbswep bar position (If this can be done) Summary Points : -Add options to possibly move climbswep bar -Be able to safe numbers like 93.5 -Add your health number into actual white bar section. (Optional) -Add EXP to the blue EXP bar (Optional) -Possibly add more design/options to players liking.
  7. Looks good, Eco.
  8. /--------------------------------------------\ =\\REPUBLIC BUREAU RECORDS//= =\\INSERT BUREAU NUMBER = #004//= =\\BUREAU NUMBER RECIEVED =XK Omega/= \\===================================================================================================================// FILE PREPARING - FILE PERMISSION - Vice Admiral Rampart CLEARANCE LEVEL : [RSB CLEARANCE REQUIRED - HIGH COMMAND CLEARANCE REQUIRED] \\===================================================================================================================// - REPUBLIC SECURITY BUREAU - \\===================================================================================================================// - TEST SUBJECT - REPBLIC TEST EXPERIMENT - 001 \\===================================================================================================================// \\===================================================================================================================// FILE CLOSING...... RETURNING TO REPUBLIC DOCUMENT GUIDE (RSB Major Project) @Buck :)| @[CBRN] Osman _______________________
  9. If I'm correct I believe you recently got a warn?
  10. I believe Scientist Dune is more of a chad
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