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  1. Do you have Teamspeak 3 installed? Yes Do you enjoy helping other people? Yes Are you willing to test your stress? Yes What is your age? (Minimum of 14 years of age.) 16 List your current playtime: 348 Are you willing to learn new ways to approach situations? Yes Do you have any active warns? nope Do you have any problems with any of our current staff members? No Steam ID: 76561198384852673 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198384852673 Current in-game alias/rank: 'Cannibal' How well known are you on a scale of 1-10? 7 How will you becoming a moderator impact our community? i believe i can help out with any issues and deal with an problems that come up, i know in past times i could be called a minge but i have been improving/fixing my behaviour, i believe i can be a competent and responsible member of the GG staff team. Do you believe you're able to deal with individuals and situations in a completely unbiased manner? Yes Do you use our Teamspeak server often? Yes Do you understand that as a member of the Staff Team, your position may be subject to change and / or termination should you not be performing to the degree stipulated? yes and im sure i'd understand. A user is RDMing and insulting other users. You are the only staff available to deal with the situation. What do you do? if i am to see it or a ticket is called i would respond with taking the individual to the side and talk to them about and give them a warning for RDM and Player Disrespect A user has contested a warn you have given him and proceeds to verbally abuse you, what do you do? respond calmly and give them a ban for Refusing to Listen to Staff, Player Disrespect and whatever the warning that was given was A user has threatened to DDos and take down the server. What do you do? take them to the side and explain to them what would be the consequence of said threat and give them a ban A Commander and Lieutenant are arguing in front of debrief. It is getting quite heated. The context to the argument is unknown to you. What do you do? take them both aside and talk to them both and figure out what the problem is and try to solve it and explain that they shouldn't interrupt DB with arguments and leave it till after DB is finished A Cadet has been complaining and wandering around because he hasn't been trained yet. He doesn't appear to have any intent to role play. What do you do? take them to the side and talk to them and let them know if they have no intent to RP they will be warned and if they continue, warn them for NITRP
  2. used to go to chess tournaments irl and haven't done so in a while lets see how i go, count me in. (in-game names 2768 'Cannibal', 1120 Talon)
  3. Name: Rhys Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198384852673/ In-Game Name: 1119 'Appo' / 2768 Beowulf Why i want to get it: i feel like it would be a great opportunity for me it'd also give me something else to do on the server, i wanted to donate but didn't have the time or money so this would be a good chance. also thanks for givin everyone a chance, thanks -Beowulf
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