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  1. Name: VeldtSteam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Velocity_/In-game Name: A-56 'Veldt'Why do you want it: haha lightsaber go brrrrrr
  2. Done that to a word? What, 3 of the same example and one that might not even be an animation?
  3. Really trying to put the wolf in Wolfpack -1
  4. Brother what are you doing in your spare time
  5. /--------------------------------------------\ \\ Accessing Clone Database //  \\ Please insert Login Details // \\ User: user | Password: ************ //  \\ Access Granted // \\ Welcome user // \\ Search ID: A-56 //  \\ A-56 code name: "Veldt" found! // \\ Accessing files // \--------------------------------------------/ GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Alpha-56 Known Alias’/Nicknames: Veldt Previous Occupation: Alpha ARC Trainee Current Occupation: Alpha ARC, Vanguard CQB Specialist. Known Languages: Galactic Basic, basic Mando'a. Hobbies: Polishing his blasters, Climbswep, Sitting in bunks, Punching droids. Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable. Mental Disabilities: Atychiphobia. Likes: Showering with his brothers, kicking maintenance droids. Dislikes: Operating his jetpack, Venator based assignments. PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Chiseled. Age: 11 Weight: 93 kg Build: Different. Disabilities: Can't grow a beard. RELATIONSHIPS | Death Wish | Hatred | Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Alpha ARC The only men A-56 can trust with his life. He would give his life to his brothers before the Republic. Clazza Having served beside Clazza many times in the past, A-56 trusts him to an extent. Clazzas static breaching skills are unrivaled. Beta ARC A-56 respects the effort troopers put into the Beta ARC program, thus finds some respect for those skilled enough to make it. 917th Medical Division After A-56 went for a [REDACTED] exam, he left feeling less of a man than he used to be. Droids A-56 has an almost unreasonable dislike for droids. Even protocol droids, he feels they have more sinister intentions...
  6. Operation 'Protea' Mission Report Document established by ARC Document approved by A-80 'Nexoit' ACCESSING DOCUMENT SECURITY PROCEDURES… PLEASE ENTER A COMMAND... // Login PLEASE ENTER USER AUTHENTICATION... // rep | 56994 DO YOU WISH TO PROCEED?... // True AUTHENTICATING IDENTITY... Operation Brief: Republic Intelligence indicated that the CIS had established a forward operating base on the far side of 'REDACTED. A joint operation task force designated REDACTED comprised of Fireteam 'Noble' from the Advanced Recon Commandos, Horn, Dooms Unit, 327th and Unassigned were assigned the task of landing planet side and destroying the anti-air and sub orbital weapon capability the CIS has established. The operation is designated 'Protea'. Execution: The task was simple. Secure the LZ, break through the Separatist lines, and destroy the weapon installations for the main Republic force to advance. It more or less went as intended. The main force made quick work of the garrison, while identifying a way to disable the weapons. The anti-air batteries were too well armoured for detpacks to have an effect, so it had to be done through the main facility. Once the area was secured, it did not take long for the CIS to counter attack. The task force held the line while disabling the weapons and also obtaining critical intelligence of CIS positions on REDACTED. Once the weapon batteries were disabled, and intelligence transmitted, REDACTED then destroyed the CIS counter attack and made it safe to the LAATs and successfully ex-filtrated. Number of casualties: REDACTED Mission Success: Affirmative This document is a level 4+ clearance only document. Those with the correct clearance may forward and view this report. Those found to be doing the suggested and not have correct clearance are declaring themselves as anti-republic and will be dealt with.
  7. You mean we are voting for the Thursday map?
  8. Name: Veldt/Warden/VelSteam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Velocity_/In-game Name: VeldtWhy do you want it: Been in the community 6 months and made a forum account for this smh. I'm absolutely shameless.
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