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  1. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Jaye'e Marrab Known Alias’/Nicknames: Jaye'e / Jay Previous Occupation: Jedi Initiate Current Occupation: Jedi Padawan Known Languages: Galactic Basic and the Quarresh Dialect of Mon Calamarian Hobbies: Suspended Meditation underwater are one of the Hobbies enjoyed by Jaye'e. Reminding him of his home planet Dac. The cold waters surrounding his body would make him establish a stronger connection with the force; as he believes it makes him grow more aware of the force within nature. Along with meditation, Jaye'e would spend most of his days on the Jedi temple honing his saber skills as a duelist. Still attempting to discover what type of duelist he would like to be; and more importantly the type of Jedi he would become. He would practise his saber forms with great resilience as he desires to surpass his fellow padawans in duelling, much to the concern of his Masters. Apart from his training, he also enjoys learning new recipes and would invest generous amounts of time experimenting with new meals and cured exotic meats and smoked with fruit-woods. Alignment: Jedi Order PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Sane, mostly calm and composed especially for a Jedi Padawan. Mild outbursts of stubbornness Mental Disabilities: None Likes: Jaye'e enjoys spending his days in the temple sharpening his skills. Specifically in training and in his connection with the force. However outside the temple, he enjoys the company of the fellow clone troopers within the republic base. Stretching their relationship as far as joining squads for patrol and learning each clone's personalities and interests as an individual. Dislikes: Heights. Leaping. Flight. Completely Disgusting. Jaye'e would rather sacrifice his refined palate of tasting cured meats than be situated somewhere higher than a couple metres above sea level. Personality: Well-Adjusted to the new military state of the Republic, Jaye'e accepts the clones as individuals rather than a military personnel designed to serve the Republic. He would see them as brothers and would treat them well and understand their concerns with being disposable troops. Often spending time training with the troopers, patrolling the base with them or even staying behind to provide cover for wounded clones. Jaye'e is more prone to put his own life at risk for the clones as he understands they are willing to do the same for him. Within the temple, Jaye'e would compose himself fairly well-behaved, apart from times where he disagrees with theories and ideologies which usually erupts into a back-and-forth argument between him and his Master; ending in Jaye'e's mild dissatisfaction but further improved wisdom of the Order. PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Skinny, Male, He has a slightly athletic build, but leans more towards the skinny-side due to eating habits. Age: 20 Weight: 51 kg Build: Slightly Athletic, Skinny arms for a Mon Calamari, Slight build but well-balanced. Disabilities: No Major disabilities apart from Scars from previous sparring duels. Appearance: Mon Calamari with Orange-Mottled skin. No Tendrils are easily-visible on his chin although he has very prominent protrusions on the back of the base of his neck and a patterned 3-claw scratch birthmark on his back, JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Jedi Padawan Master (current or previous): Commander Arkme'nyre'evene Lightsaber details: Possessing a blue kyber crystal under the Guardians of the Jedi Order. He has the 4th basic Saber hilt with a Silver alloy casing, and a Golden alloy accent towards the grip. The Grip is designed to be ergonomic and well fitted for his hand as he has made minor modification to allow for better control and precision during the usage of his lightsaber. This allows him to make more precise movements with his saber, greatly increasing his ability to adjust his saber to block attacks as well as deflect blaster bolts. Combat style: Although he appears to be a little stubborn in the field. He utilises the Forms 1 and Form 3 mostly as he feels the most comfortable with these forms. In combat, Jaye'e prefers to stay grounded and wait for his opponent to strike first and duel defensively. His saber-combat consists of quick parries, micro-dodges and quick jabs with the saber in order to create space between him an his opponent. Although not a Master in either form, he continues to practise looking up to Master Obi-Wan Kenobi as his role model for combat utilising Form 3 - Soresu. BACKSTORY Life before the Jedi Order Jaye'e Marrab. The First child spawned of 20 in his planet of Dac. Jaye'e never received proper upraising from his parents due to the nature of the Mon Calamari spawning method, as well as both parents being absent from birth. However, this didn't stop him from taking matters into his own hands and at a very young age: Jaye'e was able to survive on his own with minimal reliance on others. As a young Mon Calamari child, Jaye'e felt distant to his brothers as well as the other Mon Calamari spawnlings, he distanced himself and independently learned the basics of surviving as well as looking after himself. An evening after returning from the library, Jaye'e encountered a hooded figure who told him about the Jedi Order and his sensitivity to the force. This figure introduced himself as Master Qu'lesh Raffar. Jaye'e attempted to decline the Master but the Master persisted him to come and join the Order. Seeing as there was nothing to lose, and that it was the first time someone wanted his presence, Jaye'e was eventually convinced to return to Coruscant with the Master. Life as a Youngling As a youngling, Jaye'e was very timid and shy. Although he showed great interest in what his Masters were teaching him with the ways of the Force. He showed great excellence in his connection with the Force as a Youngling and developed his skills rather quickly. Unaccordingly, this made him quite solitary from the other Younglings apart from a handful. During the day, he spent little time in the archives and meditating due to his belief that he can excel without practise; and chose to spend most of his energy practising his saber skills with the remote droid. Initiation and Life as a Jedi Padawan thus far... Eventually, Jaye'e was selected for his gathering along with a friend: Saint. Where he was accepted into the Order as a Jedi Padawan under the guidance of Commander Arkme'nyre'evene. His carelessness as a Youngling would soon catch up to him however, as he would be unable to keep up with his meditation classes. Along with his fear of heights, Certain classes became difficult for him to focus in. Therefore, he chooses to spend most of his time honing his saber skills as a Guardian. He is often documented by other Padawans to be heard practising his saber form combat accompanied with sharp breathing in the duelling chambers alone. To his luck, Jaye'e would find many other Padawans that express the same amount of interest in honing their saber combat skills, One of which would be Yuun; which he considers his biggest rival in saber combat. Jaye'e would be bested by Yuun in most duels, using the more aggressive Form V to overpower Jaye'e's defensive Form III style of combat. Jaye'e recounts only once when he bested his rival in a duel, when he took a page out of Form IV teachings and started overhwhelming Yuun with quick acrobatic saber attacks. Much to Yuun's surprise. Other than that, he has yet to defeat him again in a sparring duel. Outside of the temple, Jaye'e develops his relationship with the clone troopers which is undoubtedly seen in the battlefront where the Padawan is seen to risk his life in order to save wounded troopers and bring them to safety. He was bestowed the name Marrab, Mon Calamari for Guardian (or protector) by his Masters as a result of his actions on the field. RELATIONSHIPS Knight Mon’ke Youngling/Padawan Saint Commander Arkme'nyre'evene Padawan Yuun Master Obi-Wan Kenobi 7th Sky Corps Troopers 917th Medical New Batches of Cocky Shinies Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend |
  2. that gaming moment when I bamboozled you edit: Hey guys, Anyways I'm back on gateway CWRP retaining my position as 7290 Twitch and 3640 Klyde in 187th and Unassigned respectively. For those of you who don't know me, I'd like to introduce myself. I first started playing on Gateway just a bit over a year ago and I had 0 clue what CWRP or gmod as a game even offered. However, I was quick to find my paces when I walked around Anaxes and the bunks of Fluxy(The absolute madlad, o7)'s Galactic Marines caught my eye. From then on I just got along with all the regiment's members and proceeded to play most of my Gateway lifespan with them until Fluxy took up a spot in RHC; and GM inevitably disbanded after all the officers left. I found myself wandering and the poor soul decided to join 38th and Omega squad, eventually leaving 38th for RSC - Still under Pluto's command. From then on I just found myself burning out quickly as playing on the server didn't seem to achieve anything much for me objectively. So I decided to take a break... However, I'm back and reinvigorated to give Gateway a second shot as there is something within this community that I can't find in other games. So respect to the staff and all the playerbase for bringing that experience to me.
  3. Thank God he's actually gone from gateway, talking about that mingy Twitch dude that hopped from being core GM to Medics to CO of Keller's/Vanguard and through to the Dark Ages of my career I'll keep this short because I'm cool like that: Shoutout to all the lads that were under Fluxy's era of GM @Fluxy for being an absolute Dad to GM and just being a madlad @Flea for taking most of my tickets ily @Seeker for the good memes and good laughs @Aphasic +2 @Pepsi Hi Dad, Thank you for not going to the dairy when I was still a baby in Gateway @Jacara o7 Good man, hope you're doing well @Pab, @Pyro Big minge but good memes @Xao_Acroheart o7 Good to see Horn Company's doing well from what I can tell @Tyto for my Player of the Year, sad to see 327th go but you were one of my favourite members o7. Twitch may or may not make a return to Gateway,
  4. Twitch would like to have a chance to play
  5. Free 10% consignment fee for only $3.99 weekly m/o
  6. Hello my name Jayee Also known previously as Medic: 7290 Twitch of GM Currently Warrant Officer 7290 'Keller' 7290 Twitch (Vanguard Company) am sneakerhead, am play r6 siege, am big brain hours 24/7 2 hours a week +1 to all the lads i have interacted with in gateway because i can Giv +1 pls
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