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  1. Nvm, my bad than. But I did not say or post a malicious link.
  2. Or just unban me. Outting out the American. Smh
  3. No you were not. You were in the 41st/Galatic channel. It tool place in the channel khai was in which it was a few channels above the 41st.
  4. Umm no. Yea I did that shit previously, but this time I did not, & that was not me. I already served my previous 2 day ban on that. I was just repeating what Khai said, I personally didn't see the site til after Tob mentioned it, so I went along with it & hushed tob.
  5. Your TS3 Name: !Suzuki/Orion Unique ID (Optional but helpfull): Date of Ban: 4-26-2020 Length of Ban: 3 days Reason For The Ban: (Photo attached Why should you be unbanned? (1 Paragraph Minimum): The one who should be getting in trouble is Khai. I only repeated of what he said. @s8n
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