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  1. -1 please donate to my paypal and reapply in a month
  2. Man, you have been there to help whenever i need ya to come help, and that is all i can really ask for in a mod +1
  3. Aaray (Voltii)

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    chicken tendies
  4. Just gonna say that buck really points out the good ideals, not gonna repeat the shit he said, But i agree with him -1
  5. Now i have to say, I do know that your underage but i have seen you around the server and we do talk a decent amount for me to know that you do have the maturity to be a member of the staff team if allowed too, i have also heard your ideas for events and they seem rather fun and interesting... I also believe that your event idea that you have supplied for us is interesting and well written, it evidently has had thought and time put into it. I also believe that this is a very very good idea, it would liven up a almost messed up mini/ main event. it would be better then grievous just reappearing. I would also like to say that, yes your voice is higher pitch but you are still good with your words and have good ideas when it comes to briefings/events +1
  6. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted# ... # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Suda Known Alias’/Nicknames: Suda Known Languages: Galactic Basic Hobbies: Duelling, and piloting PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Calm Mental Disabilities: Done as of yet Likes: Clones, the flora of planets Dislikes: Sand, Loud people Personality: Calm and collected PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: In shape Age: 18 Weight: 97 KG Build: feminem Disabilities: None Appearance: A average younger female Jedi Knight JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): Cenhelm Lightsaber details: Yellow with a slightly wider hilt Combat style: Form 2 BACKSTORY Suda was born on Coruscant and had a fairly calm life, she had nothing really happen in her life until she was discovered as a force sensitive. After this her parents did attempt to hide her from the order so they wouldn’t lose their child. Eventually they were caught out for this and Suda’s parents tried to keep her away from the order, attacking Jedi in the process. Suda not understanding what is happening in general. Suda was evidently taken by the order and trained to be a jedi with no hesitation. Favouring piloting over all. Eventually when the clone wars had begun Suda was assigned as a new padawan to Cenhelm to battle the droid threat.
  7. (unbiased opinion still lmao) I have known you for a rather long time and your responses show that you do know how to respond properly to situations, from your previous status as Junior EM we also know that you most likely also know ur ULX commands +1
  8. thanks for the feedback on my DDOS situation response, i will remember to keep this in mind in the future if i ever make staff team
  9. gotta give ya a +1 b, you have been doin pretty good
  10. played with this lonely man a lot, he seems to be better then he used to be its a +1 from me
  11. Operation 'General Brace' Mission Report Document established by Captain A-77 ‘Fordo’ Document approved by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine ACCESSING DOCUMENT SECURITY PROCEDURES… PLEASE ENTER A COMMAND... // login PLEASE ENTER USER AUTHENTICATION... // rep | 242764 YOU MUST BE A MEMBER OF RHC OR HIGH RANKING OFFICIAL TO VIEW THIS FILE. ATTEMPTING TO ACCESS THIS FILE WITHOUT PROPER AUTHORIZATION SHALL RESULT IN AN IMMINENT DISPATCH OF ARC Black Ops OPERATIVES TO THIS TERMINAL’S LOCATION. TIME AND DATE OF ENTRY WILL BE LOGGED AND STORED WITHIN NHC ARCHIVES. DO YOU WISH TO PROCEED?... // yes CONFIRM LEVEL 5+ CLEARANCE CODE… // rep | ARCA-Division#1577 AUTHENTICATING IDENTITY... Operation Brief: In the early Hours of the operation two fire-teams were created, Gamma team was ION Squad and Aquila, then there was fire-team 'Indigo' which consisted of H.O.P.E and Omega. Gamma team was tasked with a stealth incursion through the CIS pipeline, which turned out to have minimal security. Gamma team proceeded to advance through the pipeline which lead to an enemy compound behind enemy lines which was heavily defended by CIS battle-droids. Gamma team located a console and a tactical droid which was then swiftly shot. CC-1434 CPL 'Ras' proceeded to copy the code for the console from the tactical droids memory banks (By this point the operation on Gamma teams end had gone loud) Gamma team valiantly protected 'Ras' as he had copied the data from the terminal, which eventually lead to another set of pipes and tunnels. Phase 2 of the operation: By this point in time, because of the fact that the operation had gone loud. The general had already started his escape towards a CIS munificent, causing Gamma team to quicken their pace. As we moved through the pipeline we encountered more CIS battle-droids that had failed to slow us down. These CIS forces included B1 battle droids, B1 Heavies, B2 Super battle droids and BX Commando droids. These sets of tunnels lead to open land in which Gamma would regroup with fire-team 'Indigo.' After both fire-teams fought through the open land, Both fire-teams proceeded towards the generals compound which they caught visual of the munificent and of a Turbo laser battery. We attempted to use the turbo laser battery to ground the munificent. Both fire-teams were seconds to late to fire the battery as the general escaped by jumping to hyperspace while in atmosphere. Both fire-teams took the chance to regroup and re-arm before being alerted to the fact the compound was rigged to blow, Both fire-teams proceeded to LZ with haste as the explosives went off All fire-teams got to LZ with no casualites Three commandos wounded Tango in critical condition... Executive Team: ARCA Advisor: Alpha Class ARC A-77 ‘Fordo’ Code name: ‘Fordo’ This document is a level 5+ clearance only document. Those with the correct clearance may forward and view this report. Those found to be doing the suggested and not have correct clearance are declaring themselves as anti-republic and will be delt with.
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