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  1. Name: TrotskyIn-game Name: Trotsky Why do you want it: The Australian droughts will end after all the girls see me on my jedi.
  2. Although my opinion i biased because clazza is one of the bois but i believe that clazza would make a great mod the reason why i say this is because clazza is one of the most caring individuals i ever known, he has so many fucking contacts and friendships that he would provide a new much more calm and methodical approach to moderating, the only thing i can critic at the moment is activity but i know you do shit involving work in long spans of time. +1 from me.
  3. fellas keep it to the dis-tracks.
  4. i think you posted this in the wrong area, try tinder.
  5. i was just wondering what other people think, personally i play gateway for the community and not to much the rp.
  6. im not gonna lie some of the best memes ive seen 10/10 o7
  7. ill see you in Valhalla old friend o7
  8. -1 Cringe activity, also buck nails it to the core.
  9. yo where tf is my @ doe
  10. Trotsky

    What we reading?

    Banger of a book
  11. Trotsky

    What we reading?

    the only book i finished in my life is the communist manifesto.... and i bought that book on a family cruise
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