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  1. -1 Cringe activity, also buck nails it to the core.
  2. yo where tf is my @ doe
  3. Trotsky

    What we reading?

    Banger of a book
  4. Trotsky

    What we reading?

    the only book i finished in my life is the communist manifesto.... and i bought that book on a family cruise
  5. Volume 2 will come out in another 6 months NOTE: Tsunami is darkai
  6. LT james needs help, please fund the 501st go-fund me to help these players earn back there lives.
  7. Trotsky

    Mess hall RP?

    Danny DeVito pizza rp?
  8. dam, i guess my comments on Sabaton hit a little to hard.
  9. Im not sure if anyone doesn't know who Pab is but this application is structured very well, ive also personally seen a lot of activity and maturity from you in recent months. Fat +1
  10. Hey rat, your event design document is very plain and unoriginal the event briefing is short but not concise enough to justify it. you talk about a super weapon that may be used but i never see it explained or used, this to me looks like 12am mini event. things i would recommend for event planning for the future is inspiration, if you watch a movie and you like a idea from a scene you could develop and work around that idea until you start to laying out the ground work for your event. Also your events need more information displayed, your sub title during the event barely displays enough information, combat, actions, story development and most importantly some flavour and originality. Dont get me wrong you are active on the server just need to work on some stuff. -1
  11. i just finished reading your event design document {Midnight Pandemic} and i have to say this type of event would be interesting to see, the ethical and moral dilemma that this situation gives to the players is outstanding, i also feel like there is a bit of inspiration from kings-men but inspiration is what makes good events, im very pleased with what this event is offering. on top of all that the dark theme of this event really pops out from the norm, the props you place are kept to a minimum but speak volumes about the location , setting and situation that is occurring. and in my opinion i believe this event can easily be executed with minimum risk to overall enjoyment, i believe you will be a great addition to the staff team. +1 EPIC
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