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    Hello my name is CT 3647 Ducc... WHAT I AM REALLY HERE TO SAY. Hello, my name is CT 6473 Ducc, many of you may know me from my recent existence and great contribution into the clone army. I discovered something. Something that is bigger than any of us. BEWARE clones. I can not say too much, the higher ups have already removed me from the army because of the suspicions I had. All I can say is THE JEDI ARE NOT THE BAD ONES, I am glad I got out early I could not bare to ******* my friend jedi with the banana lightsaber. I had to disguise this post so I would not be assassinated, I dont know if it will work and if I am not active in the next few days I may have been assassinated. I AM JUST TRYING TO SPREAD AWARENESS. BEWARE. THEY HAVE ATTEMPTED TO SILENCE ME BY REMOVING ME FROM THE ARMY BUT IT WILL NOT WORK.
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