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  1. Man doesn't know what a TN is, thinks nando's is better than KFC and he has tea parties with the boys. With all that being said I still think that he is a CHAD that is definitely suitable for a position on the EM team especially with that new computer coming in soon. +1
  2. Name: PepsiSteam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198958787972/In-game Name: 6886 SpriteWhy do you want it: So I can do back flips and explode people into thousands of giblets if they say Coca Cola is a good drink
  3. I vote stun baton, why? cause why not.
  4. So the time has come for the benevolent and all mighty vibe king Pepsi to return to the hovel that he came from. I had a pretty good run on Gateway Gaming, I met a bunch of lads while playing on here and I ascended and became an absolute gigachad 2nd Lieutenant. I honestly came to the server just to minge and get banned but then I saw @Fluxy vibing in some dank hallway so I joined him and his merry band of degenerates. But alas, I have become thoroughly burnt out. I can't really be bothered doing @'s so I just want you all to know that you're all a bunch of lads and were the people responsible for making me commit more than 2 hours to this server. Farewell for now my dudes...
  5. Name: PepsiSteam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198958787972/In-game Name: 3622 PepsiWhy do you want it: So I can ascend and become the absolute gigachad I was always meant to be by destroying thots and simps alike with my light stick
  6. Hello it is I the great omnipotent one Pepsi, I have come to this land to lead the people and to banish all simps. I ask you all to refer to me as: The glorious and benevolent vibe king, if you for some reason have an issue with referring to me as such... I will promptly have you executed.
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