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  1. Hellfire

    Farewell 917th.

    As to memory 917th here are some shitty little still shots and screenshots I made over the time of 917th.
  2. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Kai Taliren Known Alias’/Nicknames: Kai Previous Occupation: Wander/ex-farm hand Current Occupation: Jedi Padawan Known Languages: Galactic Basic & Droidspeak Hobbies: Dueling, Mediating and Talking to Droids (Mostly Astromechs) Alignment: Light Side, The Republic PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable Mental Disabilities: FHA, OCD Likes: Astromech Droids, Dueling, Good Humor Dislikes: Slavers, Dishonesty and Cruelty Personality: Calm & Positive, likes to make a joke once in awhile, however can sometimes become hotheaded in some situations. PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Fit Age: 17 Weight: 78kg Build: Average height Disabilities: N/A Appearance: Short Black Hair, Small Scar on lower lip, Amber Eyes. JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): Commander Shiro Amakusa Lightsaber details: Blue Kyber Crystal, Standard Hilt Combat style: Form I - Shii-Co BACKSTORY Kai is a human male who was born on the Planet Azbrian, a planet located within the core worlds, Kai lived in a small colony farm with with his family who were wheat farmers. The colony he lived in had a rough population of 90 living on a small island chain, wheat was the colony's main source of income so for miles on end were mainly fields of wheat with a few small fields of other food products. He spent most his time alone rather then playing with the other children as he really didn't connect well with them as most of them were aggressive towards many of the wild animals on their lands, his favorite pastime was stargazing late in the evenings. 1 afternoon Kai noticed some of the other children bulling a wounded animal in a nearby field and he went to try and stop them. When he finally arrived the kids split into groups, some still bullying the animal and the others attacking Kai directly, while managing to fight off a few of the other children he wasn't strong enough to fight all of them, they pinned him down to the ground and watch as the others begun to attack the now almost dead animal in front of him. In the heat of the moment Kai managed for the first time in his life connected with the force however it was a brief connection to side of darkness, in the blink of in eye all the children in the area went flying into the air in all directions. When Kai finally noticed what he had done he was afraid not knowing what it was he just did, believing in the only right action in the moment began to run far away from the colony, never looking back. After running for many days and nights through open fields and thick forests Kai was no longer able to run any further. Hungry, thirsty and scared he found a small cave in the side of a nearby mountain in which to finally rest and believing that his life was going to end alone in a small dark cave he made peace with what he had done and went to sleep. When he woke up he was surround by sounds, noises and voices he'd never heard before in his life. Still exhausted Kai tried to make out his surroundings with little success only being able to see a stranger right above him, covered head to toe in armour and wheat, before Kai could manage to speak he fainted. When he came to again he was surrounded by strange people who revealed themselves as Jedi and told Kai how he was gifted with the 'Force' and that they would train him to master his abilities. JEDI TEMPLE - YOUNGLING In the beginning Kai had problems adjusting to the life style of the Jedi Order, he wasn't to seeing so many people in 1 place and it often scared him. He often found comfort in a R3 astromech unit he befriended in his early days of joining the Jedi Order which he nicknamed "Stripes" for the droids unique colour pattern, Kai would spend hours at a time just talking to Stripes each day going on about how eachother's day was and what they got up to. he saw a close friend in the astromech and still continues to. Eventually he came over most of his fears and continued down the path to becoming a padawan, passes all 4 of the required trails that a youngling must face, choosing the path of the Jedi Guardian so that Kai could fight so nothing he cared for could ever been harmed again while not being able to do anything. JEDI TEMPLE - PADAWAN Upon reaching his current age of 17 he was introduced to a Jedi Knight named Shiro Amakusa, he was to became his padawan so that they both could continue down the path of the Jedi and both 1 day become proper Jedi Masters, the 2 have fought side by side in many battles and have both learned something new from eachother, Kai still often talks with Stripes whenever he gets a chance to. He hopes in that 1 day when he has a Jedi Fighter of his own he can have Stripes as his personal astromech as the 2 have a strong bond. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | R3-T3 'Stripes': Being mainly the first true friend Kai formed a bond with at the Temple Kai truly appreciates the tough times his little friend has seen him through. Knight Shiro Amakusa: Kai respects his master at a high level, knowing that the bond created between the 2 will last for a long time and hopes to make him proud by becoming a Jedi Master. The Armoured Stranger: Knowing that without the kindness this stranger showed him, Kai owes a debt to them as without them he would of most likely died within that cave that evening. The People of Azbrian: After fleeing his home because of what had happened Kai never felt a need to return to his homeworld, to know the fate of the other children or what happened to his family. It simply didn't feel like something he needed to know about.
  3. Your App is very written out and the most importantly it's honest, I've known you for quite a long time now "No pun intended" and I know from experience of seeing your ideas first hand that you'll be a great addition to the team of EM's, Major +1
  4. Figured I'd put every Still-Shot I've created into 1 easy to located spot rather then just doing small groups at a time, some you've seen before and others I haven't posted for reasons of I didn't like the outcome of the image or simply cause it I didn't put enough effort into them. I plan on starting up creating new ones in the future so if you have a request to see something then shoot the ask.
  5. Name: Hellfire/RushSteam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198026469293/In-game Name: Major [CBRN] Rush - 917thServer: Clone Wars RP Why do you want it: Since Phase 1 days I've always wanted to become a Jedi on the server and experience Jedi RP for myself and want to get better at saber combat, would also allow me to be more helpful during events as a EC if I have proper Saber experience.
  6. Hellfire

    3D Printed Darling

    The man actually did it....
  7. Hellfire


    I really like this, gives me some ideas for my own work...
  8. At first I was gonna use that model but figured to give that one a shot.
  9. 2nd lot of shots done in my spare time. Regiments in this collection: 38th Armored Division , 104th Wolfpack , 212th , CG , Horn Company , RSC and Jedi Temple Guard.
  10. Thanks everyone, I enjoy making these and like I said if there is a certain one you'd like to see let me know and I'll try to when I can
  11. Small collection of some shots I've made in my spare time, I plan to make some more in the future so if you got an Idea for one feel free to let me know and I'll see what I can do. Regiments in this collection: 187th, 442nd, Doom's Unit, 917th, RSC (Republic Starfighter Corps) and Trauma Unit.
  12. General Category Player of the Year - @Corvus Best Artist/Content Creator - @Buck :) Best Meme - @LongInchOfLove - For keeping his sanity for being able to deal with me. Best Newcomer - @Gecko Most Skilled Player - @Rainn Best Builder - @Tags Roleplay Category Commander of the Year - @Tango - Ex 917th CO Regiment of the Year - Dooms Unit Best Roleplayer - @Corvus - Lizard Dad. Staff and Event Category Most Active Staff @Stingel Most Helpful Staff - @Flea , @Noc Best Staff Newcomer - @Trident Best Event Master - @Maxonok, @Buck :) Most Friendly Staff Member - @Noc
  13. Now you have to make 4 more so there's a even number of videos. Also death by Egg....what a way to go.
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