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  1. Not entirely convinced. I reckon you could do with some more experience.
  2. The Clone Wars GOAT of PAC3. That is all, carry on.
  3. Previous behaviour showcased on the Clone Wars server makes it hard for me to remotely believe anything you've stated in your application. Your constant 'flee the scene' mindset and inability to take ownership of your individual actions further hinders your credibility as a solid applicant. As @Rainn previously pointed out, you fail to take criticism. There's been too many instances to count where you whip out the UNO reverse card and play the victim, failing to own your mistakes. The application is littered with grammatical and spelling errors. The very least you could do is skim over and look for any errors - or just throw it in Grammarly. Teamspeak is essential for EM's, you should already have it. The question is asking what you should have done to avoid going AFK during an event. I doubt you'll be bringing your computer to the dinner table and gateway gaming whilst munching on a steak. Why did you bother posting an application?
  4. Application is looking dandy and the 12 page event document certainly conveys your dedication and showcases your prior experience. On the other hand, your minimal hours on the server and involvement is a slight concern. I highly advise joining the Event Masters & Event Character Discord which will allow you to volunteer to become an Event Character whenever an Event Master needs it. This can easily serve as a means to get your image out there and interact with the EM team. For us, it gives us insight on how you operate and showcases a closer assessment of you in an event environment. If you need a link to the discord, throw a DM my way or to any other Event Master and we'll get it sorted.
  5. thank you for your time, master kruger.
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