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  1. Application is looking dandy and the 12 page event document certainly conveys your dedication and showcases your prior experience. On the other hand, your minimal hours on the server and involvement is a slight concern. I highly advise joining the Event Masters & Event Character Discord which will allow you to volunteer to become an Event Character whenever an Event Master needs it. This can easily serve as a means to get your image out there and interact with the EM team. For us, it gives us insight on how you operate and showcases a closer assessment of you in an event environment. If you need a link to the discord, throw a DM my way or to any other Event Master and we'll get it sorted.
  2. Spoonj

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    @Unwanted Real?
  3. thank you for your time, master kruger.
  4. General Category Player of the Year: @Veldt Best Artist/Content Creator: @Buck :) Best Meme: @Smiddy ARC Has fundamental flaws and nobody is willing to challenge them. Best Newcomer: @Lethalethan Most Memorable Player: @Jazza Best Username: Cadet 4629 SpaceISIS Captain Muhammed Abu Hajar Alibaba Kumar Al Kindi The Third Most Skilled Player: @johnson Most Improved/Redeemed Player: @Jazza Best Builder: @Tags Roleplay Category Commander of the Year: Ganit Regiment of the Year: 327th, @Sloth Best Roleplayer: @Tags, @Jazza Best Duelist: @Buck :) Staff and Event Category Most Active Staff: @Pab Most Helpful Staff: @Centurion Best Staff Newcomer: @Pab Best Developer: @Aussi Best Event Master: @Kandy Best Campaign 2020: JEM Campaign Most Friendly Staff Member: @ShuaDaddy
  5. Sit tight champion, should be at your doorstep shortly.
  6. Yeah look so the only normal multiplayer mode that welcomes the casual player is a simple TDM that lasts about 10 minutes. First to 30 type beat. It gets incredibly repetitive and you get minimal experience added to your overall level from a singular game. Some of the maps are complete and utter garbage as well. Ranked has a poggers mode however the 10 placement matches you play to obtain a rank, no matter how good you do, you will be placed in the lowest rank. Ranking up from the lowest rank is hell considering you gain 10-20 elo per win and you need a 1000 'skill rating' to get to the next rank. Me and the boys were sweating it out and found a broken strategy that essentially translates into a 100% win ratio if you're placed on the Empire side. I'm hoping it's just the first season and it'll get better when the next one rolls around. @Veldt @Rainn @Sloppy
  7. I can't standby and let somebody say Squadrons is fun or a remotely decent game. It's complete garbage. Campaign is god awful. Ranked is a mess. Quick Match is zZZzz. Not to mention, the game is set in the most boring timeline to ever exist in Star Wars.
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