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  1. This the the 6:30 Main Server event. 90% of Event Masters will tell you that the average player count for that time slot is quite often lower than 30 and rarely above it. All we need is Wisdom to come back and do some battle royal pvp events.
  2. Spoonj

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    Certified Hood Classic, always a good read with the boys.
  3. I'll no doubt be repeating some points that the other blokes have pointed out but nonetheless, here's my stance. Application is at a satisfactory standard with some answers left in dire need of a hint of detail. Check out https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ and search up your previous or current name(s) to find out the amount of hours you've spent on the main server. As Buck specifically pointed out, the event concept you've created is quite basic and the document itself is violating my eyes. The entire concept you've provided contradicts what you've stated in response to the "Comment regarding the recent events" question. You've stated that you wish to spice things up and have a unique mission layout and try to keep events 'fresh'. Whilst I personally don't doubt your ability to provide those unique mission layouts and fresh events, you simply haven't showcased it within the event crafting document. It's common knowledge that a large portion of events are simple attack/defend deployments with the higher quality ones disguised with a multitude of differing aspects and components that usually differ from the usual attack/defend the area until reinforcements or some other conclusion is drawn. A starting point of shifting things a little bit would be the map. You've picked Geonosis for your event which isn't a great start considering you can hear a thousand sighs in the distance and comedians commenting about the "1895932nd battle of Geonosis!" Whilst the map pool can be repetitive and limiting at times, I personally recommend picking one you haven't played in a lengthy time or simply personally enjoy. On a side note, myself and the EM Team were informed that you lost your Event Character slot due to breaking the basic EC Slot rules which are located within the EM/EC Discord in the rules tab. I'm hoping this stunt won't translate into another 'situation' in the event that you become an EM. I'm uninformed whether or not you've acquired your EC Slot back and if you haven't and you're willing to take the necessary steps to do so, contact myself or any other Event Master and we'll get you sorted out. Take a shot every time I say you or you're. Goodluck.
  4. Solid application. Answers are well written with sufficient detail and additionally easy to read. Your history on Gateway solidifies yourself as a quality candidate with some fairly heavy experience in the Event Master department which is reflected throughout your application. Relating to the event crafting document, a-side from the bland document design and font, it's at a fair standard. Referencing your first answer here, you've already broken the 'mold' by pushing a-side the usual CIS vs Republic events and incorporated a Trandoshan-heavy event which are rarely seen and executed to a degree of quality & enjoyment. Personally, I'd advise putting a little more 'Trando-esque' touch to it ensuring the feeling of a true Trandoshan orientated event. Dishing the application a-side and focusing on your history alongside your previous stints in the staff team/gateway in general, the big question is, are you here to stay? I'd like to think you are. You've spent the bread on a newly acquired RC Squad and I've heard you and the boys are in queue for a regiment. Activity seems to be growing more consistent as the days go by but I'd heavily suggest pumping up the main server activity. Good luck.
  5. bro maybe just restart your pc
  6. failure to attend will result in a swift lawsuit delivered straight to your mail box.
  7. Had a bit of a gander over the application and she's looking up to scratch. You've got some solid answers and ideas that would transition nicely into the EM team. In saying that, there's still a couple of things that need to be ironed out. Scenario 1 specifically needs a rework or at least a bit of a tweak. Whilst staying calm is obviously the right call, I feel the rest of the answer lacks direction and clarity. Unless I'm a potato, from what I've gathered, you're attempting to put the fate of the remainder of said event in the EC. Whilst EC's are generally a critical part of an event (dependant on premise), having the EC come up with their own objective generally won't end successfully. There's definitely a couple of obvious ways to deal with this scenario and few creative minds have thought outside the box on this question in the past. If you're attempting to hint at Grievous living after getting crushed under the elevator by using low HP, what steps did you take to get there in the first place? Where's he coming back from? Regarding your event crafting, Buck basically summed it up. Reiterating some points however, it's fairly unique and the event will be dependant on the regiments/squads you get come crunch time. Good luck.
  8. Now host the Valorant Tournament
  9. Blame Jet lag and you're gold, they won't suspect a thing.
  10. Yes, it certainly is. It's great that you've massively improved your formatting and you've provided some more detail to majority of the answers. However, the application & your event document is still infested with grammatical errors. If you fix the errors up, this application will be looking 10x better. Regardless, it's a solid effort and great to see you've taken almost all the feedback provided on board.
  11. Include it in your application and go into detail about what each one does. Same goes for your other answers, majority of them could do with some more detail and are infested with grammatical errors.
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