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  1. Sad to see you go man. Hope you come back soon
  2. Another one bites the dust. Sad to see you go hope you come back to us soon.
  3. Bongus


  4. Bongus


    Count me in
  5. Best of luck for your future endeavours o7
  6. Welcome to the server enjoy your stay
  7. I myself have never had a bad experience with Flea, he has demonstrated to me that he is capable of taking on a role such as this he is a respectful and mellow guy so he is quite approachable. Flea looks as though that he is well versed in the ULX so it would not be difficult to take him through the ropes. So it is a +1 from me, good luck Flea!
  8. Goodbye Pepsi, a great member taken from us to soon
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