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  1. Really good to see you applying haha. I have no doubts that you would be a great suit for the staff team. Good luck +1
  2. Current and previous In-game regiment, rank, and names: Currently: Lieutenant 3335 | Unassigned Previously: Field Commander Mconnell (ARF CO/Beta ARC) | 7th Sky Corps Warrant Officer 'Lamington' | Shock Battalion and some others that aren't important Steam Link & ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199023810965/ STEAM_0:1:531772618 Discord Name MontyL1#5905 Why do you want the role? Had the chance in the past to get CO but never took it as my situation with a mic wasn't very helpful for leading a regiment. Thought it might be a good time to branch out in terms of leadership positions and have a crack at leading a regiment. Why will you be the best candidate? I was in 7th for just over 11 months and was in the second in command position for over 4 months. With majority of my time in 7th, I'm experienced with how the regiment works as well as the way the regiment needs to be run. Having a consistent influx of new players to the regiment requires someone who is willing to teach and to adapt their teaching method to effectively help those who are in need, I believe I would be a good fit for the position of 7th Commander.
  3. I hope everything gets better, take your time don't rush things. I wish the best for you Andy.
  4. Works at ebay therefore he can get us discount codes +1
  5. The No Mic Mconnell era has come to a end, thus a new era has began...
  6. *salutes* Trotsky sir! Hahaha. Thanks for the support bro...
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