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  1. Very sorry, updated it for you Mr head left clicker
  2. SO as none of you all Know, i have not been on lately, i didn't want to leave as I really love gateway but I really cant find the time to play so i guess this is it Good bye all! P.S thanks for the great times, im sure ill be back some day THANKS @Rhinous @s8n @Ajax @Rippa @Linguine @Tops Even though i annoyed most of you, thanks for being my buds! @Sloth cause hes a cry baby and was a great commander, never offered me a vb though?! @Tops nice bro I see what you did
  3. +1 not much really to say, active member and friendly. Extremely engaged with the community.
  4. @Coric has essentially covered everything I wanted to say. One thing I highly suggest you do to become more well known is jumping into peoples team speak channels with their permission and having a chat. Also add some more detail to the situations as they don't all end in the same way and could have many mishaps along the way, I don't really know you as we have not talked much, so im going to leave a neutral for now if get to know you more and you make the necessary changes im sure I would be happy to change this to a +1 If you want and confirmation on this feedback just hit me up in team speak and I would be more then happy to help you Best of luck!
  5. Name:Tyrell Steam Profile:https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198292576506
  6. Tyrell


    Bruh im in your screenshots brother
  7. Tyrell


    I too was present and can understand that this was the exact situation and he was explaining the link to us and we did not understand hence we were typing it in the chat and when Orion said that this was the link. Khai opened it to see pornography
  8. I feel like some events should be easy and some should be hard no matter the people participating in the events, The events shouldn't be so easy your just mowing down the droids and they shouldn't be so hard that you die instantly. I recon it would be a great intervention to have medium difficulty events and some that are overwhelming to the point that the mission fails. I like the idea of bombs that kill a certain group would be cool to see if say for example a RC squad was doing a slice off in the distance when a bomb blows and they die. i dont know how this would effect events but is a cool idea in my opinion Another thing id personally like to bring up is respawn timers now this is quite a touchy topic because it brings control away from the user but id like it to be thought about because it adds more realism to the events and stops people from just suiciding it into a group of droids and still winning adding like a 30 second respawn would be cool and at the end of the day Gateway is a serious roleplay server. If you have any questions,confusion and anything that need cleared up with my comment just message me on discord or you can catch me in TS ~ Tyrell
  9. Thanks for the feedback Bobby, I have made the changes necessary prior to replying to this comment and now the scenarios have different endings if you could look over this again and tell me if there is anything that needs to be changed then that would be great ! Thanks again - Tyrell
  10. I haven't real had many encounters with Rippa, but from the few i have had i have seen that Rippa is an engaged member of the community and works to help out the fellow players. Although contradicting this is the fact that i do not see you much, the activity from my POV is quite low especially to be going for Senior Admin. If i saw you around more and had more interactions with you im sure id be happy to +1 you. But for now im leaving a neutral. Edit - I have regarded that you were on loa for quite some time and have seen you more since then +1 Good Luck! ~ Tyrell
  11. Intense detail in this application. I think you would be suitable for this position and you are a great leader! Its not much coming from me but im leaving a +1 . I hope to see you reach this position
  12. Great Application, This application includes alot of detail and i believe you would make a great EM although read over your application and fix up some grammatical errors, Great Foundation here already though +1
  13. Great application, active and respectful member so im giving you a +1
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