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  1. okay buddy, imagine playing a game with this character
  2. Straight up knock off of overwatch weirdo
  3. nah valorant is shit this post was made by Overwatch Gang
  4. Andy leaves and Sloth comes to fill the void in our hearts
  5. Siff

    unBan Appeal

    So you are saying you used a alt to avoid a ban, think this ban is warranted
  6. damn is it rewind time already?
  7. Hey Bread so I am going to keep this nice and short, but basically I do see that you have put in the effort to make you application better and you have taken the feedback that you have received and applied it to your responses but, the main this is you do not meet the age requirements, I understand that you do want this role but the age requirement is a rule and if we break that rule for you we have to treat every application the same so we have to break that rule for everyone that is younger that 14, making the rule pointless. So from me it is going to be a -1 as you don't meet the minimum requirements. If the rules change or you wait a year you can reapply but for right now I having to -1.
  8. Great applications, one of the best I have seen and seeing the amount of detail you do know what to do in those situations as you have been staff before on Gateway. As a person I do know that you have the right personality for a staff member which is a great thing to have when applying for this position. From talking to you do have the intent to stay and that is always great to have active staff that do want to stay around for a long time. I got no problems with you but would like to see some more interaction with people outside 187th but isn't required at the Trial Moderator rank, it really just sets up for you in the future making you more approachable and easy to talk to, anyways going to be a +1 from me. Good Luck!
  9. Zac I have had the opportunity to be around you for quite a bit within Gateway and in TS and I do believe that you could be great at staffing as I have seen that you do know when to have fun and when you need to be serious which is a quite notable trait that some great staff have. Your answers are very basic but they do show that you do have a understanding of what to do in those select situations, I would like to see some more detail and variety with the questions " A user has contested a warn you have given him and proceeds to verbally abuse you, what do you do? " as it is a lot more common than most people first believe and it can go multiple ways. Other than that I got no problems with you becoming a staff member so it is going to have to be a +1 from me. Make sure you are asking for feedback as it is the easiest way to improve. Good Luck!
  10. Hello Snickers, your application is very detailed and explains multiple situations you can get yourself into and different outcomes from each of the example situations, I got no problems with your answers as most of our job is our judgement as ever situation isn't going to be the exact same ever time. Due to your recent return to Gateway you have already devoted yourself to 2 different regiments and show a passion to continue up the ranks in those regiments. Personally I do believe you have the maturity for a staff position and can do the job that is required. +1 from me but would like some more interaction with the community but isn't required. Also continue to ask for feedback as it is the main way people will help you improve.
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