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  1. Only guy who knew how to have fun and be an enjoyable person in the community, Laters broski
  2. Seen this guy have a massive ego but over the weeks I have seen this guy grow as a player and been helpful to other players in the server. He has improved as a community memeber and should be able to have a shot at trial mod. Good luck broski +1
  3. Kandy

    Phasma Appeal

    He was always a good guy to be around with when he was serious. If he's serious now then he deserves a final chance. +1 Good luck broski
  4. Most friendly person i've talked to, guy is really helpful and enjoys showing initiative to help other people +1
  5. Name: Kandy IGN: Kandy Server: Imperial RP Why do you want it: Free inquistor is pog Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198294730927
  6. Big +1 these pacs are pretty pog. Good luck!
  7. Player of the Year - @Jazza @Sloppy Best Artist/Content Creator - @Budds @Buck :) Best Meme Straightway gaming Best Newcomer @Pluto Most Memorable Player @Serbo Best Username Cadet ISIS (Chinese characters) Most Skilled Player @Rainn Most Improved/Redeemed Player @Pab Best Builder @Tags Roleplay Category Commander of the Year Ganit Regiment of the Year @Babatunde 442nd Best Roleplayer @Corvus @Tags Best Duelist @Buck :) this guy won the dueling tournament twice in a row and doesn't even play jedi. Staff and Event Category Most Active Staff @Pab Most Helpful Staff @Winter. @Pab Best Staff Newcomer @Pluto Best Developer @Aussi @Merc Best Event Master @Buck :)@ Best Campaign 2020 The Directorate Part 2 Most Friendly Staff Member @Pluto @Pab
  8. @Cappa Yo fourm admin look at these jealous mofos
  9. /--------------------------------------------\ \\ Accessing Clone Database //  \\ Please insert Login Details // \\ User: user | Password: ************ //  \\ Access Granted // \\ Welcome user // \\ Search ID: A-23 //  \\ A-23 code name: "Kandy" found! // \\ Accessing files // \--------------------------------------------/ GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Alpha-23 Known Alias’/Nicknames: Kandy Previous Occupation: RC Current Occupation: Alpha ARC - Gunner Heavy Specialist Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Jawanese, Hobbies: Poker, Shooting, Weapon Inspections, Quad cannon simulations Alignment: Good PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable. Mental Disabilities: None Likes: Shooting the Quad Cannon, Eliminating Droids, Finding new ways to improve the quad cannon Dislikes: Needles, Droideka, Weapon malfunctions. PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Small, Fit Age: 13 Weight: 95 Kilos Build: Different Disabilities: Slight Dwarfism RELATIONSHIPS | Death Wish | Hatred | Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Alpha ARC A-23 Likes the dedication and hard work within Alpha ARC and how much they train in the ARC gym so that we can be even more jacked and ready for battle. Heavies also practise the use of strategic formations so we can use the Quad cannon to it's maximum potential Aquila A-23 Enjoys their Mandolorian pride and dedication to the heritage. One of them needs to practise their sniping skills though Beta ARC Only likes the hard-workers that practise and takes initiative to get ready for tests and to aim for the highest scores. Needles Hates them with a passion
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