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  1. yeah clazza should get mod i think that would be kinda funny Just dont ban me when i kill you when i spawn inside of you please thanks +1
  2. actually crying in the club rn o7
  3. more time to play Destiny 2 now gamer
  4. The Average Navy Event Toblerone rolled a 5 Toblerone: Shit I broke the turbolaser again... Hackertty: I will skull fuck you Seeya man enjoy your break from us mingy crewman 8)
  5. Havoxa is very influential on the server with an attitude that would suit a moderator. He shows a knowledge of ULX commands and his Situations look well written. This is a big improvement from your last Application +1
  6. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Toby Lerone Known Alias’/Nicknames: Toblerone Previous Occupation: Senator Understudy, Moister and Massiff Farmer Current Occupation: Jedi Known Languages: Quarrenese, Nautolan, Basic Hobbies: Politics, Debating, Research Alignment: Consular PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable Mental Disabilities: None Likes: Republic, Jedi Order, The People of Mon Cal Dislikes: Tusken Raiders, Karkadons, Droids Personality: Argumentative and strongly opinionated PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Moderately fit Age: 21 Weight: 90kg Build: Averagely built Disabilities: Massif Scars on Right leg Appearance: Dark Brown Quarren with dark patches scattered on head. JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): Master Pea Lightsaber details: Single lightsaber with Brown and Gold Hilt featuring a Emerald Green lightsaber crystal Combat style: Defensive BACKSTORY Toby Lerone was born on Mon Cal into a relatively rich family. He was one of two children to the Lerone family. This included his father Shmitler Lerone, Usually referred to as Papa Shmitler by his children. His Mother, Braun Lerone. He also had a brother, Hess Lerone. Toby Lerone spent his first few years on Mon Cal learning skills of his father, a prominent Senator at the time. He learnt many skills growing up following his fathers work as he spent a lot of time at his fathers side, giving him a great grasp on politics and negotiation. His father was a strong Separatist figure which somewhat indoctrinated Toby Lerone into the Seperatist ways. When Toby Lerone was 12 years of age, The Clone Wars was brought to his planet, With the murder of the King of Mon Cal, Yos Kolina, by Separatist Karkadon, Riff Tamson. Led to His father becoming one of the candidates to replace the king, putting himself and his family in danger during this time of political turmoil on Mon Cal. When the separatist invasion began and the Republic responded, His family was caught in the cross fire. While with his father in his fathers senate chambers, The separatists began their attack on the Mon Calamari. During this Assault, a strike force of aquatic droids were sent to sweep the Senate building to eliminate any and all civilians inside, including Toby Lerone and his Father. When droids finally breached their chambers, they immediately began firing at the two Quarren hunkered down in their office. Toby, watching as a barrage of blaster fire filled the room, let out a strong energy, pushing the desk he was cowered behind and a strong current of water towards the droids, crushing them against a wall. His Father sat witness, stunned to what had just happened, quickly ushered Toby out of the building. After these events in the senate building, Shmitler quickly arranged a shuttle off-world for himself and his family, worried that now that Toby had shown his Force sensitivities and that the Republic would soon respond to the Separatist attack on the Mon Calamari, which would lead to a multiple of problems for himself and Toby. Toby Lerone and his father successfully made it off-world but Frall and Hess were captured by the Separatist, where they would eventaully be freed when the world was liberated by the Republic. Toby and his Father fled to the world of Tatooine where they would spend a few years. In these years, Shmitler negotiated for a small rundown moisture farm on the outskirts of Mos Doba, a small developing town. In these years, Toby and his Father would repair the moisture farm and begin trading in water and eventually trained Massiffs, which there were a plethora of in the dunes of Tatooine as well as the many Tusken Raiders which usually caused trouble for the pair. In this time, Toby would continue to start showing more and more refined force skills, while also refining his diplomacy skills as his father quickly used his local trade influence and political knowledge to further his ranks in Mos Doba. Toby and His father, which was a Newly anointed leader of Mos Doba, Went on a diplomatic mission to Mos Espa, Capital of Tatooine. During this trip, Two Jedi, Master Pea and Knight Sni'Kell, were also on a diplomatic mission to quell the black market presence on Tatooine. Master Pea felt a disturbance, Toby. He could feel his strong force presence and immediately changed his mission to resolving this discrepancy he found in the force. Toby and his Father were out at a local gathering in which they encountered the two jedi for the first time. Toby instantly was entranced by their power with words and actions, as well as their presence in the force. His father was quite the opposite, knowing them as Jedi, servants of the Republic and enemies of the separatists, however when Master Pea offered Toby the chance to come to Coruscant and begin his Journey to becoming a Jedi, His father could not stop his son in this Adventure. Toby Lerone would further go on to use his knowledge in Politics and Negotiation to quickly become useful in the Galactic Civil war, being dispatched to assist in negotiations with Separatist and the criminal underworld, as he was influential in both circles due to his past interacting with both of them. Toby would continue under the tutorship of Master Pea while also bonding with many other Jedi due to his fascination with other species and their histories. Toby also interacted with Navy often, as he would usually accompany them on missions to different planets for various diplomatic purposes. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Family - Papa Shmitler, Frall Lerone, Hess Lerone Dead - None Death Wish - None Hatred - Terece Yondar Disliked - Tusken Raiders Untrusted - Karkadons Indifferent - None Acquaintance - Navy Members Liked - Kirth Griss, Hav Remdor Friend - Pea, Sni'Kell Best Friend - None
  7. Nice app bro Like the focus on 41st Hope to see some of this when you get accepted +1
  8. Easy +1, He's both experienced in this response aswell as having previous experience on being in a staff position.
  9. Very epic bio Nice take on the whole Trandoshan Hunt tradition, will make for some epic RP scenarios
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