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  1. i swear if i see a single acclimator @Pab ill curb stomp you
  2. @RhinousThe mail ballots really coming in clutch there
  3. +1 Yeah snickers should probably be a moderator though.
  4. I've coped a FailRP warn for a similar incident, seems a bit wack that Khai getting 1 week.
  5. General Category Player of the Year @Veldt @Jazza Best Meme Nearly Abs Most Memorable Player Darkai Roleplay Category Commander of the Year @Havoxa @Fluxy Regiment of the Year Galactic Marines + 41st Elite Corps Staff and Event Category Best Developer @Trotsky
  6. Choog does good shit in CG and is always chilling in TS. Yeah sure +1
  7. yeah clazza should get mod i think that would be kinda funny Just dont ban me when i kill you when i spawn inside of you please thanks +1
  8. actually crying in the club rn o7
  9. The Average Navy Event Toblerone rolled a 5 Toblerone: Shit I broke the turbolaser again... Hackertty: I will skull fuck you Seeya man enjoy your break from us mingy crewman 8)
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