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  1. Haha honestly I felt so bad when you guys started the RP because I was like "I'm not going to be around for long enough for them to finish this whole thing" but ah well, just blame it on the Chancellor wanting Akrius as his Strategic Advisor.
  2. Can't take me to court if I leave the server suckerrrr
  3. Well, I bet you didn’t see this coming… I’ve been on Gateway since the start of 2020, and the last 18 months have been an absolute blast. Unfortunately, you guessed it, all good things have to come to an end. Gateway has been such a great community to be a part of and it really goes to show that anyone can do anything if they put the effort in. I also decided it was finally time I post my character bio, for those who have seen parts of Akrius’ character ARC, here’s all the puzzle pieces to finally piece together. It’s quite a good read if I do say so myself. https://www.gatewaygaming.net.au/forums/topic/7995-general-akrius-character-bio/ Now time for me to tag the absolute cringe lords on the server. @Rambo @Kruger (Smooth) Only right to tag you two first. You introduced me and brought me up in this community, always gonna remember the legendary 187th we ran. @Grif You beat me to it, I was looking forward to leaving you behind. One of the realest, was always good having you around to lean on. @Pab I bet you're jumping with joy, I’ll make sure to tell Flea not to give you Senior Admin. @Snickerss Goodluck brother, you’re gonna do great in RHC. @Cryo So uhh, shit and cum. @SOUL Best EM confirmed, always loved our duo team events. Thanks for keeping my RP spark alive. @Dank Machine Maybe one day you’ll get my autograph. Till then, can you get me discounts on ebay? @Staff Team All total legends, keep doing the great work on the server. Y’all don’t get enough credit. (I got slack to tag anyone else, you know who you are though.) Thank you everyone for the great times, hit me up if you play Overwatch or Destiny. This is General Akrius… Signing off for the last time.
  4. # ... Redacted File… Enter Identification. # ... Identification accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled. # ... Access granted to [REDACTED] database. GENERAL INFORMATION Identification number: CC-6611 Alias: Akrius | Stingel Current Status: Deceased Previous Occupation: Republic High Command of Task Force Gateway. | 187th Legion Commander | 104th Battalion Sergeant. Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Shyriiwook (Wookie), Droidspeak. Alignment: Grand Republic. BACKSTORY: In the early days of the war, shortly after the battle of Geonosis, CT-6611 was assigned to the 104th Battalion. With only the training from Kamino and no real battle experience, CT-6611 did his best to adapt and overcome the extreme battle conditions he was thrown into. Often having critical mission objectives falling on his squad’s shoulders in negotiating with the enemy and having to perform Search & Rescue missions. CT-6611’s time in the 104th was cut short only allowing him to rise to the rank of Drill Sergeant, as he was recovering from extensive battle injuries when the Battalion was redirected to work under a new taskforce - Taskforce Bean. After recovering from his injuries, CT-6611 found himself with a new assignment immediately. Enlisted to be a member of General Windu’s own private force - The 187th legion. By this time, CT-6611 had taken up the nickname amongst his fellow clones as ‘Stingel’, the origin or meaning behind the alias is unknown however. CT-6611 did not meet General Windu for quite awhile, instead, his time was spent under the command of Captain 1201 ‘Rambo’ and 2nd Lieutenant 2314 ‘Kruger.’ Both great mentors and leaders for the regiment. CT-6611 worked hard within the legion, rising through the ranks with high commendation from his superiors. It was during his time as a non-commissioned officer within the legion that 2nd Lieutenant Kruger, was confirmed MIA, in the destruction of a Munificent. In the aftermath from this loss, CT-6611 was appointed 2nd in Command to the recently promoted Commander Rambo. CT-3432 ‘Lead’ took lead of Windu’s Fist, an elite squad purposed for high risk, and confidential missions, however only for a short time as soon after he betrayed his squad during combat, forcing CT-6611 to eliminate him for treason. Once again, CT-6611 found himself being promoted into another role, now as the lead of Windu’s Fist. # … Secondary Security Firewall Detected. # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled. With these difficult times of war, it called for drastic measures. CT-6611 underwent highly classified experimental surgery. Under the orders of Commander Rambo, 917th Captain Mango injected a melted down kyber crystal in serum form into CT-6611’s bloodstream. A dangerous procedure with nothing to compare to, it was impossible to predict what would happen. During the operation, CT-6611 body scans were through the charts, with his screams pervading the locked off room. Finally at the end however, he awoke. Feeling stronger and faster, not only just physically, but also making connections within his mind faster than ever before. Although the 917th Captain insisted on regular checkups, CT-6611 never attended one, nor was the surgery ever spoken of again. With the serum now coursing through his veins and a fresh promotion to Captain, Captain “Stingel” led 187th as the 2ic in many battles. Organising his forces both in the field and in training on base. All until the legion’s commanding officer, and his mentor, Marshal Commander “Rambo”, was inducted into Republic High Command. With the position opening up, “Stingel” found himself once again moving into a position of higher leadership, finally taking full command of the 187th Legion. Time passed… Many battles were won, some were lost. Windu’s Fist began to work more and more in the shadows as the war began to call for more morally questionable missions. Commander “Stingel'' began to look for those in the legion who could step up and follow his path. He took on CT-2964 “Snipes”, CT-3189 “Murke” and CT-9734 “Grif” as his pupils, honing their strategic mindset and leadership abilities. Meetings between Chancellor Palpatine and Commander “Stingel” became more frequent. Private communications via secure channels, and confidential consultations whenever on Coruscant. The Commander had gained the Chancellor’s favour. So it came to no one’s surprise when Commander Stingel was moved into a High Command position. CT-2964 “Snipes” was promoted to Captain of the 187th and took over leading the legion. As time went by, Stingel grew paranoid and cautious. He approached General Rambo and the Chancellor to request a fake report be filed confirming him KIA. Reluctant, yet willing the Admiral and Chancellor signed off on his request. Soon after a reprogrammed C.I.S assassin droid infiltrated the bunks of a FOB Stingel was stationed at and planted evidence to allow Stingel to be confirmed to be KIA. The stage was set and for appearance sake, everyone including the upper command chain were saddened by the loss, Stingel had little time to swap to his new alter ego. To the Galaxy, a newly appointed Lt. General was moved up the ranks known as ‘Akrius’ and he was to fill the void ‘Stingel’ had left. With nothing tying him to the past, the Lt. General put his efforts into his new duties. Akrius was quickly promoted to General of the Republic after the retirement of his predecessors General Sloth and Admirable Rambo. With the war trudging on, and every battle adding another victory under General Akrius’ belt, he began to fall mysteriously ill. Refusing to go to Medbay, he, and he alone knew what was causing his illness. His body had become reliant on the kyber crystal serum in his bloodstream, and it was becoming more dilute every day as it was absorbed and used by the body. The sickness came in short, sporadic intervals. Now as a General however attention on him was much higher than it was as a Lieutenant, he would not be able to use the services of 917th again. The former Windu’s Fist lead took it into his own hands, sourcing himself a high quality cloaking device and infiltrated the Jedi Temple. Akrius’ target was to extract a small, unnoticeable amount of kyber crystals from within the temple. However through his panic and blindness, he underestimated the Jedi and was caught inside the temple, with no way to escape, Akrius faked having a seizure. With his convincing act, he was transported to Medbay which allowed his contacts in the Republic Security Bureau to introduce a chemical into his bloodstream that would not only conceal the serum, but also make it appear as if he was drugged into infiltrating the temple. The Jedi remained suspicious however without any evidence, put him in ‘house arrest’ within the temple and contacted Senator Organa as a member of the Security Council. When the Senator arrived, he did so in the company of Chancellor Palpatine, and after a quick discussion with the Jedi Council, custody of Akrius was handed over and taken to Coruscant for a full ‘investigation’ to occur. Little did the Jedi know that Chancellor Palpatine had full knowledge of Akrius’ past, with 187th, and with the serum, and had no intentions to find him guilty. After a convincing period of time on Coruscant, General Akrius returned to Taskforce Gateway being proclaimed Innocent. Akrius however, still had not gotten what he entered the temple for, and with every passing rotation he could feel his body worsen. Once again Akrius infiltrated the temple, this time disguised as an Unassigned Clone Trooper, but again, was caught quite quickly. However as he was only found near the entrance to the temple, he was passed off to CG, in which he easily broke out during transport to R-SEC, still disguised as an Unassigned CT, and took an escape pod from the Acclamator above Jania. Once landing in the wilderness, Akrius made his way to a ship he had stowed as a backup plan, changed into his regular armour, and flew back to base as if nothing had happened, and the Unassigned CT was never seen again. Akrius’ sickness was escalating to a high intensity in more common intervals. He had limited time. His final attempt was sending a R2 unit into the temple to extract the kryber crystals, while Akrius and the Republic Security Bureau distracted the Jedi elsewhere. The R2 unit escaped just in time, entering the elevator just as a Jedi spotted it and sensed the crystals within it’s possession, and was able to escape via a unregistered ship as the ship entered lockdown. Soon after this, General Akrius orchestrated what appeared to be a kidnapping, jamming the cameras and leaving a small remnant of a BX part behind to put the Navy to work in tracking him down. The BX circuitry led them to a CIS controlled planet. Where they would find General Akrius restrained inside a heavily guarded complex. However before this, Akrius rendezvoused with the R2 unit on a small, unknown planet, and performed the operation himself best he could with what he had at his disposal. Surprisingly, the injection of the serum into his bloodstream went smoothly now his body was aclimatised to it. Once recovered, he travelled to the designated planet and got captured in preparation for the Republic to arrive. Once rescued, the Republic did not suspect a thing, more importantly nor did the Jedi. With his body back in full gear, and spare kyber crystals hidden in storage if required again, General Akrius continued his command of Taskforce Gateway until near the end of the war. Close to the end, General Akrius was detached from Taskforce Gateway and stationed on Coruscant, under direct request of Chancellor Palpatine as he admired General Akrius’ superior ability to analyse any situations and come up with the best strategy. As personal advisor to the Chancellor, Akrius did not see much of battle. That was until near the end of the war when Chancellor Palpatine told Akrius of an oncoming threat - The Jedi’s betrayal, and requested him to gather his former 187th Legion to his side once again. General Akrius revealed his identity to his Windu’s Fist troops, knowing that whatever was coming, would be grave and he would require the full trust of the elite squad as he once had. With Admiral Rambo out of retirement commanding the fleet, General Akrius, Commander “Snipes” and the rest of 187th was in charge of keeping the Senate Building secure. With men posted at every entrance, exit, and elevator. Unfortunately, when general Windu arrived at the southern entrance to the building, the 187th sergeant at that post allowed him and his squad of Jedi inside, unaware that their formal Jedi leader was the one he was meant to keep out.The Jedi entered the Chancellor's office waiting area, instantly greeted by General Akrius’ and Windu’s Fist’s rifles pointed their direction. Windu, confused yet not surprised, requested the General to stand down and allow them to see the Chancellor. Unwavered, Akrius requested the Jedi to hand over their weapons, or leave the premises immediately. General Windu, realising what it had come to, ignited his blade and struck WF-4545 and WF-3432 down dead. Akrius ordered the remaining 6 troops to ignite their electro staffs and engage in combat. Windu eventually overcame the men, then used the force to pick up Akrius by the neck, asking why he had opened fire. General Akrius, loyal to only the Chancellor denied any response and for that, had his neck snapped. And at long last, General Akrius’ body slumped to the ground. With his legacy finally complete.
  5. Lol Pasha didn't even see if I would be available. I aint gunna be there at that time, I'll be releasing information on the RP later tonight.
  6. Due to already having extensive level of experience with our staff team and being a part of it quite recently, a trial period was deemed unnecessary. User has been accepted as a Moderator.
  7. User will undergo a 2-Week trial.
  8. @Dank Machine Manage to get brought straight in to HA and I'll finally give you my autograph.
  9. Damn. Even though I only joined the community start of 2020, I've seen you do so much Andy. All the campaigns, all the events, and in general all the great chats we had. You're a legend Andy, on the server and also as a person. Take your time off from the server, find yourself irl, and if you decide not to come back, then know that your legacy will live on through the community. You've done so much for us and been an inspiration, now it's time you take some time to focus on you.
  10. Congratulations Sydney on receiving 7th Sky Corps CO. Thank you all those who put in an EOI.
  11. Application DeniedYour welcome to re-apply in one month. If you wish to gain reasoning and feedback, reach out to myself.
  12. To explain this for those confused members of the community. RHC did discuss the position with the high ranks who are currently in 7th sky. and it was agreed that it was best for the EOI to be posted on the forums, those who are eager within the regiment were invited to apply via the post. This gives a wider range of candidates in order to choose what's best for the regiment. Reminder that this forums post is not a place for discussion. Do not comment unless you are submitting an expression of interest. Any input you want to have on the matter you can contact me directly via discord.
  13. Hello there Gateway Gamers Florida has decided to step down from 7th Sky Corps Commander, and the position requires a replacement. As there is no current members of 7th Sky Corps who can take up the position, RHC is looking externally for a new 7th Commander. This post is for any members of our community to express interest in the role, who will then be considered by RHC for the position. Keep in mind that all applications will be taken seriously so please refrain from posting any 'joke' applications. Role: As the 7th Sky Corps Commander, you have the responsibility of leading one of the server's starter regiments. This gives you the responsibility of leading newer and less skilled players, being patient with them while they learn the fundamentals of the server and training them up. As well as ensuring activity, your focus is on providing a fun and welcoming experience. Application Prerequisites 1. You must currently hold the rank of Drill Sergeant or higher, OR have held the rank of 2nd Lieutenant or higher in the past. 2. A minimum of 75 hours of playtime on the server. 3. Not have any more than 5 outstanding warnings from Server Staff. If you meet these requirements and are interested in the position, please comment with the following Format: Current and previous In-game regiment, rank, and names: (eg; Currently: RHC General Akrius Previously: 187th Marshal Commander Stingel 104th Sergeant Stingel) Steam Link & ID: (STEAM:0_0:00000) Discord Name (Akrius#1234 Why do you want the role? Why will you be the best candidate? All applicants will be contacted by RHC via Discord. Make sure your application is detailed and
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