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  1. General Category Player of the Year [No Staff] @Mconnell Best Artist/Content Creator @Shark (Draa/Pyrrhic) Best Meme @Rambo plays too much Jedi Most Memorable Player Darkhai Most Improved/Redeemed Player @Me nam e Jeff (redeemed from being everyone's favourite minge to everyone's favourite guy Roleplay Category Best Roleplayer @Corvus Best Duelist @Akali Staff and Event Category Best Event Master [Event Staff] @ItsGary Best Campaign 2020 [Event Staff] Directorate Part 1 (Because 187th bunks was the server briefing area) Most Friendly Staff Member [All Staff] @Noc
  2. Hey lad, good to see you putting up your hand for a staff role, I'll start off with some specific feedback on your application. During your first situation, ensure to speak to the reported RDMer before just straight up warning them. Always give them a chance to say their piece unless the situation is severe enough it requires you to ban them from the server asap (e.g. ddos threats, spamming ooc with inappropriate language.) For your second situation, really ensure you allow the user to feel heard, and acknowledged. Do not immediately assume that they are just abusing you, rather take a moment to consider you possibly made a mistake. In response to your 3rd situation, no big deal as you would learn this during your trial phase but it is an immediate ban, don't waste time asking questions. Ensure to show your ability to communicate to the rest of the staff team. The method you have used to deal with the 4th situation is quite basic and not as effective as you should be. Ensure to demonstrate your ability to calmly negotiate tricky, emotional situations. Ensure to take into consideration that we don't want members of our community holding grudges against each other and it's better for staff to assist in mediating any issues when possible. Try think of a more effective way you can ensure they do not speak over each other. Your final situation you deal with it relatively well, however ensure to communicate your patience and eagerness to serve the community by giving up as much of your time as needed. As general feedback for your responses, try to add more detail wherever possible. Really have a look through and work on your grammar and if possibly create a colour key for your commands and such, although not necessary, these go a long way on demonstrating your dedication and serious attitude towards becoming a staff member. As for your personal characteristics I cannot judge much as I haven't had much personal interactions with you, I'll keep an eye out but it's up to you to get out there and be apart of the community to show qualities of a good staff member. I'll be casting a Neutral vote for now, it'll be good to see you update the application with the feedback I've given (it's purposely not specific in parts to allow you room to interpret.)
  3. No worries at all mate, let us know when your back and wanting to be reconsidered.
  4. What's the best is remembering quite a few of these things happening haha. Been a good year, thanks to the Ga(y)teway Gaming master we get to experience one last video.
  5. Actually super keen for this game, this image is a representation of my passion.
  6. Ahh okay yeah sorry, I haven't actually written an application under the new system so wasn't aware. That's quite odd if that's the case, shouldn't be too difficult to fix up.
  7. Hey Humbug, first of all thank you for bringing up the issue, it's great to see you speaking up about it. The issue you have identified with the inability to format your application to the full extent you want to is something I've noticed as well, it will definitely be something we look into, as we want our forums to be as user friendly as possible. Something to note, the image you inserted into your post has not been uploaded correctly, so it's unable to be viewed. The last point you bring up about not being able to edit your posts, I may be misinterpreting as you most definitely can edit your posts after posting them, as I can see you've edited this very post itself. If there's a different meaning you implied by this, further clarification is welcomed.
  8. I gave you some light feedback on the application prior to posting which is good to see you've applied, to further develop your application I recommend you take another look at a few more prior applications and see what you can learn from them. Spooky's suggestion of speaking to staff is definitely a good one, just be aware we aren't going to give you all the answers. I believe your personality and attitude could be fitting for the staff team, and your usual activity is suiting as well (cant comment on recent activity as I've been on LOA.) My last suggestion would be keep going strong with putting yourself out there, demonstrating further your qualities that would suit you towards staff. As a Jedi Knight you have one of the easiest positions to do this through classes and such where people can see how helpful you can be.
  9. As I had a bit of a sneak peak at your application before you posted it's good to see you've taken in my feedback and added even more, this backs up your statement of wanting to learn new methods and ways of doing things. As I have close interactions with you through RP and ts I can confidently say you would make a successful moderator. +1. Goodluck.
  10. Totally agree, hence why I'm in full support of him getting it.
  11. These are some quite unique, cool pac ideas. Not sure if your aware but kinda sus that I've seen the same pac of holding pistols up in the air but who knows who had the original idea. I definitely can see you coming up with some more interesting pac ideas in future and looking forward to seeing them
  12. Hey so the gun and backpack aren't super original, maybe if the pack had some extra to it that made it unique that would be something worthwhile. Otherwise the one with you typing at a console I don't see where it could be used, as all RP consoles are standing desks etc. Try to think of some more unique ideas you could use for RP.
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