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  1. Since Grif joined Gateway back in August, he's put full dedication into all roles he's had and gone above what could be expected. He has a high capacity for patience for people, empathetic understanding, but also able to put down the iron hammer of judgement. Grif would be an excellent addition to the staff team with the traits highly valued of a staff member.
  2. Hey Spectre Your application is alright, however similar to the feedback Dank provided, you could use some more detail in each of the sits. I would recommend you revisit what you have written and see how you can dive deeper into the situation. As for your presence on the server, I know of you from awhile back when I was still 187th CO, but haven't seen you around at all recently. Being a member of staff, activity is very important, as well as your ability to be apart of the community. Keep working on this and you'll stand a better chance in your application.
  3. Could be a good idea, definitely agree that medics are at a disadvantaged for xp. @Buck :) what you reckon?
  4. The Spooksmaster! ^Now your official title. Overall your app looks good, you explain multiple different pathways the sits could go and show a good understanding on how to deal with people. My personal experience with you backs this up. From being your old CO, I know you often have controversial opinions and often this can be a issue for staff members, however you are capable of remaining unbiased and deal with things correctly without letting personal opinions get in the way. My only problem with +1'ing you is recently I you had gotten pretty demotivated from the server and became rather inactive, this happens to everyone once and awhile, and I want to be sure you are passed that phase. My previous concern about your inability to deal with situations I can confidently say is no longer a concern of mine since your change of attitude since then. I hope to see you on the team one day. +1
  5. Application is pretty solid Squishy, however if you are wanting to stand out from other applicants I would recommend you work to explain as many different paths a sit can lead you. Of course don't need hundreds however there are certain areas I would like to see how you'd deal with it. Main feedback for your situations is ensure to allow time for the other player to speak their mind as often only a few more minutes is needed to reach a much more satisfactory conclusion. I haven't had too much to do with you ingame at all, however have heard good things for your reputation, however as per normal have also heard some bad. Continue putting yourself out there on the server helping out whenever possible to highlight your positive reputation.
  6. Man has proved time and time again that he's an epic gamer. Make him suffer as a TEM, it'll be funny. But seriously will be great to have you back running events. +1
  7. Keen to meet you man. Welcome back to the community and I hope you settle right in.
  8. You've submitted an above average application with your clear understanding of SAM commands, and detailed step by step method of how you would deal with situations. Like Pluto suggested, adding multiple paths the situation could go will further prove your understanding. You are a good guy with the correct values and mindset for a position in our staff team. +1
  9. @Rambo We knew one day our family would no longer flourish and that new sharks would take our place.
  10. Make the Airfield Hangars slightly bigger to make them decently useable for climbswep or jetpack training. At the moment they are decent sized on the floor, but the outcropping lip of the roof stops anything tall being spawned much. Maybe make a control that closes the whole hangar off and then can open it fully? Would be cool and support RSC's request to have cooler landing areas.
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