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  1. Has been great to have you apart of the community so far Sevy and I'm looking forward to seeing your development on the server.
  2. Didn't even mention me. We were staff buddies bro, grew up in the ranks together Server is gunna be so different without you around Gary... Just so much more fun and enjoyable without you y'know?
  3. Application DeniedRe-apply in one month. If you wish to gain reasoning and feedback, reach out to myself.
  4. Hello there In response to recent feedback from many members of the community, a set of rules restricting the amount of responsibility taken up by each individual player has been established. The restrictions are in favour for pushing players with responsibilities to dedicate their full efforts to that role and thus increase the quality experience for those they lead. The restrictions are as follows: Each player may only hold 1 position of high responsibility regardless of how many slots they have. These positions include- Regiment CO- Regimental 2ic- Sub-Company CO- RC Squad Lead- Jedi Council- Republic High Command These rules are effective immediately, and can be found in the Clone Wars RP - Server Rules & Guidelines for future reference. Any one who already holds multiple of these positions will not be forcefully removed as this would cause a large and sudden disruption to many regiments and squads. If you have any questions or concerns please contact myself as RHC - Sgt.Stingel#4720 or if your Jedi feel free to contact Truce or Grif as high council.
  5. As a spectating staff member of the situation, I find it difficult to believe you could not understand Pab due to his accident, rather you wouldn't of been able to hear him due to your excessive mic spam and talking over him. He repeatedly attempted to communicate with you in which you spoke over him. As an experienced player on the server, you should by now understand that RDM is not tolerated at all, whether it's just 'a bit of friendly combat' or not, you are on a RP server. I do understand if your behaviour was different due to not taking medication, however there is no counting on you not behaving like this again. Ultimately your appeal is up to Flea as Head Admin, however I recommend you take these 5 days for some time for yourself and then come back with a fresh mindset and behaviour.
  6. Hey Sevy It's good to see the improvement between this application and your previous one and to see your still eager for the position. Also quite impressive and really reflects your dedication to the position on how well you've taken on the feedback supplied to you so far. Your answers to the questions are much better now. I suggest you now work on your ts and ingame presence. Although being super known by the community is not required for staff, the more people know you, the more of a positive opinion they can form for your application. And down the track once your staff you'll be more approachable by users for different situations. Goodluck and I hope to see you around in game.
  7. Noc has run some of the best quality events, although I wish he was applying for the Clone Wars server, it would be unjust for me not to give him the +1 and the recognition he deserves for Imperial EM.
  8. +1 He has the knowledge, skill, and dedication to fulfil the relevant duties as a staff member. He's done it before, time for him to do it again.
  9. Hey Vocal So your application has been up for awhile now, and majority of the comments that have been left are all pretty positive on your behaviour and attitude. However two comments have pointed out your app needs a bit more attention and detail in it. At the moment it is pretty basic and doesn't reflect much effort on your end. This is just a reminder that you can indeed edit your application and put more detail into it. If you have any struggles at all I'm happy to go through it with you in ts sometime or you can contact another staff member to help out as well.
  10. Looking back on your application, I still stand by your written aspect of the app is good quality. I still recommend you jump around the ts a bit more than staying just in 7th channel, although this isn't mandatory, it helps you get your name more well known in the community. On top of that however, do your best to work on the small RP things when on the server. Try to keep any mingeyness/stretching of the rules off the table as that too will heavily affect your acceptance into tmod.
  11. It's almost time boys. Time to assassinate @Dank Machine
  12. I'm glad you said this Budds because it saves me from typing it up, you took the words right from my mouth. The fact is if your in a position of responsibility, you should be giving everything you got to that position and not 'just enough.' For example myself since I became 2ic of 187th, then CO, and now RHC, I have hardly touched a 2nd slot, only jumping on Jedi maybe once a week. Now I'm not saying everyone needs to go to such an extreme, but there's no way to argue that regiments wouldn't prosper further if those who have responsibility dedicated majority of their time to said role. This is a decent idea and something I will consider over as RHC, as I agree with the majority of responses on this post - the server will benefit if people prioritise their slots. I look forward to further view points and discussion on this topic.
  13. Truly not the same. I'm Senior Admin and RHC baby. Also just cooler in general, all the kids on the street are saying it.
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