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  1. I leave now. Thanks to all the gamers that played with me while I was actually active.
  2. +1 I myself have had more then a few experiences with Flea both in and out of Jedi back when I was a low ranked Jedi and clone, Flea is a very capable person who is incredibly friendly and gets along with most people not much to say other then he’s definitely a good dude and a good fit for the staff team. The application itself was also very well thought out and shows a good knowledge of ULX.
  3. An absolute unit Pepsi big lad also I’m calling s8n on you
  4. Oh, yes I love titan base!1!!!!1111!1 (It's a fun map but we use it a lot now)
  5. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Zacrelious R Jawrellious Known Alias’/Nicknames: Zac, Zachariah Previous Occupation: N/A Current Occupation: Master with the Jedi Order Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Numerous Unintelligible Languages Hobbies: Meditation Alignment: Neutral PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Sane, Fishy Mental Disabilities: None Likes: Peanuts and Running Dislikes: Droids and Chaos Personality: Calm and Relaxed PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Fit Age: 21 Weight: 140Kg Build: Muscular and Tall Disabilities: N/A Appearance: Small scar on foot JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Master Master (current or previous): N/A Lightsaber details: Double trident lightsaber Combat style: Passive/aggressive BACKSTORY Zacrelious grew up in a mid-class family of Karkarodons on Karkaris with 12 siblings and an unkown amount of cousins, nine sisters and three brothers, even though he had so many siblings his family did quite well as his father was one of their village’s leaders so they lived well and were all happy. As his siblings were far older then he was they had all been married by the time he was able to talk so he grew up with a large family and enjoyed it quite a lot, that is until the sith attacked their village and he was separated from them while the village was evacuating to the nearest Jedi stronghold and was left on Karkaris where he had to survive on his own, which he could already do quite well because at this point he had learned various survival skills from living in a small village, while he was in the wilderness he felt a ship jump close to his planet through the force (he could detect this ship because there was a Jedi on board but he didn’t know that at the time) when he went to go look for the landers from that ship he found a Jedi and their small detachment of clones fighting off the sith that had attacked his village. Zac who was hiding in the bushes behind the battle was found by the sith and held hostage so that the Jedi would call off their attack, when the Jedi stopped attacking Zac realized that the Jedi cared deeply for his life and repaid the Jedi by kicking the Sith in the shins with the back of his foot allowing the Jedi to catch the Sith off guard and take him down after the Sith had been restrained the Jedi went over to Zac who had gone back to his hiding spot and thanked him for his help and asked how he knew what to do and Zac said that he had felt the Jedi’s intentions through a mysterious power, at that moment the Jedi realized that Zac was force-sensitive and asked if he wanted to go back with him and learn to utilize his abilities to stop this from happening to other village’s like Zac’s. Since Zac was already all alone in the village he decided to leave a note for his family and go along with the Jedi as he had a new-found respect for the Jedi order and all those in it. Through joining the Jedi order Zac gained many friends and gained the ability to stop what happened to his village from happening to others. Since Zac wasn’t a big fan of fighting he became a Consular and gained a deeper connection with the force and will use his abilities to spread peace and happiness throughout the galaxy. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Dead None Death Wish None Hatred The sith (for destroying his home) Disliked None Untrusted None Indifferent None Acquaintance None Liked Members of the Order Family Riffatolious Xol
  6. Good lad, responsible dude that wouldn't hold his friends in a higher position. +1
  7. Excited to play the new update, thanks merc for all the amazing work.
  8. Twas fun running around with lego legs
  9. Your Name: Zac Your In-Game Name: Zac Highest Rank Achieved In-game: (Jedi Rank): Knight What will you do with Bardan Skirata? As Bardan Skirata I will try to continue what I have previously been doing which is assisting any of the Jedi and Clones with any area's they're lacking in such as climb swep, leaping, shooting and roleplay. Due to the small amount of time I have on the server I am relatively new to a lot of these things so I can definitely say that I am not as good at things like roleplay and climbswep or even leaping as other applicants (Coric) but I am constantly striving to improve my own abilities and others at the same time. Why do you want to join Null ARC? Currently I consider myself to be new to the server with only a little over a month of join time but in this last month I have taken a great interest in Null ARC and the rest of the community, even though I may be new to the server that does not mean my activity is lacking as in just the last month I have put in over 200 hours to the server. Currently my personal opinion and what I've heard other people say is that Null ARC is just too far out of a normal players reach and that it's just a big friends group, as I am relatively new to the server this has not allowed me to gain a staff rank of any kind but that hasn't stopped me from hanging out and making plenty of good friends within the player base, right now I believe that Null ARC doesn't need another staff member in it's ranks but instead Null ARC needs someone who is also a normal player to show that Null ARC isn't out of reach to most players while giving them something to work towards. I myself haven't had the chance to meet with a lot of the Null ARC members as like I said I'm relatively new to the server but I'd be more then glad to strike up a conversation with any of them over discord teamspeak ro even the game.
  10. *Changed to Ewok from Gotal as I'd been wanting to be an Ewok before a Gotal
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