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  1. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Padawan Kassk Fre'lio Known Alias’/Nicknames: Babatunde, Kassk Fre'lio Previous Occupation:N/A Current Occupation: Padawan for the Jedi Order Known Languages: Bith, Ewokese, Tusken, Galatic Basic, Gamorrese, Shyriiwook Hobbies: Listening to music and watching smash ball Alignment: Neutral PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Sane Mental Disabilities: N/A Likes: Running, Smashball and Meditation Dislikes: Droids and tiny objects Personality: Down to earth, hyperactive PHYSICAL INFORMATION Race: Wookie Physical State: Fit Age: 23 Weight: 76 kg Build: Muscular and tall Disabilities: N/A Appearance: tall, Scar on neck, blue eyes JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): Aayla Secura Lightsaber details: hilt is Black with golden claws and a yellow kyber crystal Combat style: Passive/ aggressive BACKSTORY Kassk Fre'lio was a great weapon specialist on the planet of Kashyyyk were he learnt the basic ways of developing weapons, but Kassk Fre'lio was different from the others. He was stronger, smarter and wiser which allowed him to create weapons that Wookies were amazed with. Kassk Fre'lio was exceptional at his job which made other Wookiees jealous, the leaders of the Wookiees soon realised how good Kassk Fre'lio was at his job and decided to take advantage of his capabilities and use him as a test subject for a plan to make the Wookiee race the most advanced race in all the galaxy's, Kassk Fre'lio was taken into confinement were he was tortured to extreme amounts to the point were he was nearly dead. at just the young age of 6 Kassk Fre'lio was traumatised by these events. But one day a party of Jedi Knights raided the gunsmith facility to find this young boy due to his force sensitive abilities that these Jedi Knights had felt. Unluckily for Kassk Fre'lio on his departure from the planet his parents sacrificed themselves so that he could escape. But during the events of the siege Kassk Fre'lio was able to escape by plane with the Jedi as his parents had taught him how to fly at a young age. After all that had happened at his birth planet, Kassk Fre'lio was brought back to the Coroscant were he was treated well by all the Jedi, the Jedi were surprised when they realised that Kassk Fre'lio was a Wookiee as they had never encountered such a talented Wookiee before in and out of combat. During the siege of the Gunsmith facility a Jedi Knight was struck down by a gun smith were he was brought to gun point, luckily for that Jedi Master Kassk Fre'lio had been thought how to use a blaster from when he was able to talk, this aloud Kassk Fre'lio to kill the Gunsmith and save the Jedi Master's life. After this event the Jedi Master promised to take the youngling under his wing and create a excellent Jedi as he saw the force pulsing through the Wookiee with every step he took. After Kassk Fre'lio was trained as a Padawan he was inspired to become a sentinel to help innocent people around the world. RELATIONSHIPS Dead Parents Death Wish Owner of the Gunsmith company Hatred Owner of the Gunsmith company Disliked N/A Untrusted N/A Indifferent N/A Acquaintance 38th Armoured division Liked Other Padawans
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