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  1. Sorry for the late reply, the whole reason I stated that I thought of you as a toxic person is feedback in itself. To put it straight even though I just left the server so I wont get to see it I would love for you to at least to and improve on your social conduct when talking to people as sometimes you can be a bit upfront and very verbally almost angry to people
  2. bro imma god at league man I carried u
  3. Anyways lads, kinda trolled everyone and said I was leaving but I kinda didnt so I am actually leaving now so I thought I better make a cringe post. Thanks for all the laughs lads it was pretty fun and I am pretty sure I will be back some day to rdm @Pab. Anyways lads I will see you on the flip side. p.s. If anyone wants to carry me in csgo comp hit me up in the discord dm's. Would like to mention a few ladys that made my time on gateway a little less enjoyable. @Tyrell- For being my boyfriend @Merc- Thanks for teaching me how to model even tho I wasted your time @Rhinous- For being a chad and giving me head junior developer @Bongus, @Pab, @Siff- For being lads in general and playing human fall flat with me @Fluxy- For being a absolute gamer and helping me with running a pretty trash 91st @ARC BOYS- Didnt wanna ping you all cause I am lazy but you all pretty chill except for when you removed me from your pte lists which I will never forget. @Coric- For being the coolest green midget I know and always helping me out @Flxnks- Only knew you in the later parts of my gateway history but u were super chill and was my second most active rc member If i didnt ping you and u wanna get a cringe message written about you complain in the comments
  4. This is me being genuine with how I feel about you and I hope it doesnt hurt your feeling's as this is advice to help ypu improve but anyways I believe that your application is well written and you obvisouly have the experience. But onto the harsh stuff from what I have experienced with my timew with it seems like you are pretty nice and chill from the outside but once I got to know you a bit better you became more toxic. Dont know wether or not that attitude is fit for staff but I just wanted to explain my thoughts about you. Overall -1
  5. Babatunde

    Yayax Squad

    mmmmmm yes, very nice
  6. Hey Shua, Everything regarding your application seems to be in tip top shape which is wonderful to see, I believe I only just joined the team when you decided to leave so I cant really judge you on your capabilities and personality as of yet. But from my interactions with you, you seem to be a genuine bloke that is obviously capable of being in such a position as you have being an admin before. My only concern is that whats to say you wont leave the server again. If you are here to stay I reckon you would be a great fit in the staff team but overall you are a pretty good guy from the couple of times we have spoken. ( Felt like -1 cause u beat me in chess but I might get in trouble). Overall I will be leaving this application with a +1. Goodluck.
  7. Babatunde


    well i guess it is sorted then
  8. Babatunde


    yeh fair enough, I just dont know how they would implement a system where people have already donated for it
  9. Babatunde


    You are not allowed three character slots, only a second. The other two are reserved for jedi and ec slots
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