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  1. Hmmm Neutral Yo Soul, I'm concerned whether or not you've actually put yourself out there into the community since your last staff app.... I also did some checking, your repsonses are the exact same as the one from a month ago. Which gives me the feeling that you didn't put a whole lot of effort into the app. Listen, the responses are fine but the issue is that other applicants have actually typed out their responses and I feel it isn't really fair on them. Also, your "Well Known" scale is still sitting at 6 which raises some concerns. Maybe you were too quick to make a new app? idk, we'll see.
  2. *UPDATE* Aight, im here to change my vote to a +1 Ever since Falcon's been given feedback, he has attempted to act on it and started to float around TS more and join my channel way more frequently, which is great to see. It's this kind of initiative that make's me think falcon would be a fine addition to the Staff Team, even if he's been trying to butter me up haha. Falcon, is also very mature for his age aswell. Anyways, good luck Falcon.
  3. Yo Falcon, Im gonna leave a neutral right off the bat here, and i'll explain why. You're not a bad bloke by all means. However, I've had little interaction with you, and of the interactions I have had with you, were mostly through tickets. Although some might see this as not a huge deal but I do. I'm wondering, whether or not you've actually put yourself out there and make yourself stand out in the community (this could just be me though). The app is not bad, good to see that you're offering different scenarios. However, there are some grammatical errors. Along with this, I'm wondering why you have 4 different scenarios for this question: The 4 scenarios you've presented, some of them are duplicates and I'm going to assume thats just a copy and paste error. Along with this question: Your 2 scenarios in my opinion are practically the same, and should instead just be merged into one scenario. And instead, create a scenario where it was an accidental RDM. Futhermore, this isn't as important, but It would be great to see extended responses on your one worded ones, like "Yes" "No". Overall, you can take this with a grain of salt and I might just be nitpicking, but this is just my opinion. I'll be sure to keep and eye out for you on the server more, good luck.
  4. My dude sucks at CS:GO but he sure does have the right quality mindset to become a great staff member. App is nicely detailed, pretty textbook. Although, I'm not a fan of the font size (Though that is just my preference). Anywho, Its a +1. I just hope that if you do get staff, that you can truly treat everyone with an unbiased manner.
  5. Yo Haven! Ever since your last app was denied, you have shown continued dedication to the server, and I basically see you on everyday. I've had my fair share of interactions with you, and they have all been pleasent. You have a great personality and deinitely some great event ideas. I heard you even made a couple of sheets for the server to use which, is very nice to see you trying to contribute to the server even without having a staff position. This is also a very nice app, and almost textbook if I do dare say. I like the event you provided aswell, a lot of detail and images which is nice. You've clearly tried to go above and beyond. Overall, +1 and good luck in your endeavours!
  6. Yo Gale, Are you back from LOA? I don't think I've personally interacted with you on the server before. (unless im stoopid haha). My main concern is (and you can take this with a grain of salt), usually long LOA's tend to sort of "tarnish" (for a lack of a better word) outstanding applications like these, because it's a lot harder to judge your character once you disappear for a long time. I just hope that this isn't the case for this one, considering the amount of neutrals you currently have, in regards to others limited interactions with you on the server. Overall though, the application is of good quality and judging from the other +1's you seem to be of good character. However, I'd like to personally talk to you more in-game before I leave a +1 or -1. Also, jump around TS a bit I don't think I've seen you much on there either. I'll just plop a positive neutral for now.
  7. Heyo Truce Ok first things first, I like the app. It's not EXTREMELY detailed, but just enough to show you know what you're doing in these kind of situations. (and you kind of have multiple scenarios good to see). Furthermore, you're a somewhat friendly bloke (I will go into detail on why I say "somewhat") and generally have a good attitude towards things which I think would be great for the staff team. However, Onto the criticism side of things. The reason I say "somewhat" is, in the past and somewhat recently I have seen you insult other players or be aggressive for somewhat minor things. I won't go into detail here on what it is or was but I can discuss it if you'd like later. Now, I don't peg this as a big issue but being able to keep your cool is important on the staff team. Overall its a +1 but do take into consideration the things I've said.
  8. Apologize for my assumptions then. You can colour code it by editing the app after you've uploaded it. Also, once again, apologize for assuming it looks rushed, I meant no disrespect. However, although it might've actually took an hour the actual contents within the app doesn't feel like it did. (That is just my opinion)
  9. Hi Maroon Not going to lie, I'm kind of bothered by the way you answered some of your scenarios, aside from some of the grammatical errors. First off, I would like to see more scenarios within each of the situation and have you go more in depth about what you would do. It kind of just seems like this app was sort of rushed (in my opinion). Next, with the contested warn scenario, you didn't even consider stopping and talking to them or inviting another staff. Instead, you just tell them to appeal it and move on. So, it kind of just feels like you don't "care" a whole lot about the complaint (for a lack of a better word). that's the kind of vibe I'm getting. Finally, FORMATTING. I highly suggest colour coding your answers, as it just makes it look more professional and allows people to better gauge your knowledge of commands and handling of situations. Aside from all of that, I will be leaving a neutral for now.
  10. @Clazza @Siff @Pab Thanks for the great feedback guys and I appreciate it, a lot. I will try and work on some of the constructive feedback you gave, such as interacting with the community a lot more. Also, Clazza I might actually accept your generous offer and talk to you about it later, cheers.
  11. Send a meteor down to these reptilians! worked the first time around
  12. Okay Kicks I've talk to you before and you aren't a bad bloke BUT that being said there are a couple thing I want to mention about the app. There are some grammatical issues such as no full stops in any of your answers. The answers for the situation are a bit short, I would definitely suggest expanding upon them by including different scenarios. This isn't a HUGE issue but there are a couple of spelling errors which I would suggest you fixing up. Also, formatting kind of helps aswell to make it look more professional (not to say that it isn't). That's everything I really wanted to cover, about the app. One last thing however, your activity isn't bad at all and I've seen you around but a 5 on the reputation scale isn't the best. Not saying that it's bad, but I highly suggest getting yourself out there more. Other than that, im leaving a neutral for now, but good luck!
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