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  1. No problem, I drew inspiration. Also, why am I still moderator and your Admin?
  2. pluto was the best staff member to work alongside with, im the most lucky man to be alive to have been by plutos side +1
  3. Wait a second.... Didn't we send you back to kamino???
  4. I'd like to disagree on this, level does matter to an extent. Levels can reflect ones experience and overall time they've spent on the server. I know for a fact a lvl 90 player would have had a lot more engagement and connection with the community compared to say a lvl 15 player. Do you see the issue when a lvl 15-25 player applies for staff? Although we sometimes say playtime doesn't matter but in fact it actually does, given that we want someone who we're familiar with, therefore we can figure out if they're capable of handling the staff position. Anywho onto the actual app. Yo Sevy, I saw your last app and I do have to agree that this indeed a step up from the former, and I am impressed, good job. This show that you have some sort of dedication towards getting this role. However, basically what Pluto has already covered I won't go into too much more depth. Your answer to the first scenario is in reality, just a slab of text and I don't believe it fully goes into detail for what we can expect from you when handling such a scenario. Secondly, for the cadet scenario, I don't believe you offered a second scenario into what happens, if you did in fact, issue a wrong warn, I would like to see how you would conduct yourself instead of just punishing the cadet and not addressing the main problem of why the cadet is so frustrated. Thirdly, a DDOS threat should be taken quite seriously, you've answered this one well to an extent. Im unsure if you should just !ban a player once you figured out it was a joke, for the particular answer you given, I think it would be best to consult the higher staff member at hand. A lot of answers normally had the user instantly banning the person who's making the threats. Fourthly, I would like to mention that, you start off pretty well in terms of response but there are some holes in the asnwer. In terms of gathering evidence and asking for videos or pictures, the argument at hand might be personal so I do not recommending them to force you to show any evidence or video or pictures. However, if they're fine with showing you things, go ahead. Instead, a more simple path you can take is just getting them to calm down and then try telling them to take it to DM's. Finally, the response for the last scenario is pretty solid, so nothing really negative to say about that one, good job. Ok Sev, hopefully you get the idea now. There are some english and grammatical errors here and there, but that can be fixed. Furthermore, it's always good to to have multiple scenario's in your responses cause you're never guarenteed to have a smooth sit. Now, I am only taking this app at face value because if I'm not mistaken, I've barely had any interactions with you on the server. So, this could just be me (take this with a grain of salt) but try and maybe put yourself out there more? In my opinion, 114 hours is on the low end of the spectrum in terms of experience. Anyways, good luck I'll be leaving a neutral for now.
  5. Yo Syndey, I've had frequent interactions with you past week and heres my honest opinion. You've definitely improved, however, my concern is how much you have actually improved. You see, the benefit of being Fox on the server is actually getting to frequently deal and rooting out the minges from those who put up a facade around others or those genuinely wanting to better themselves. Now, you're not the "facade" type of person and definitely not as bad as some other people, but I would definitely say to an extent you're... "mingey". Now, take this with a grain of salt but you have been arrested along with railgun more then probably a dozen times past couple weeks. Now onto a more positive note, the app is solid, and one I would consider textbook and outstanding. You're a "fun" guy no doubt aswell as noticing you be friendly towards other users and you maintain a good activity. So, if after this, I will be watching you even more closely on the server as to see if you're really committed to the "Moderator" role. I'll leave a Neutral good luck.
  6. Ha, I'm a bit late to the party so I won't say what's already been said. +1
  7. I won't try to say whats already been said by the other staff members, but I will reinforce some points. So, obivously straight away, this app does lack "effort" especially when it comes to your responses to scenarios. If you take a look at the other "outstanding" applicants you can see that a lot more detail and depth has been provided in how they would act in that specific scenario, I think it'll be best you take a look at the other apps and improve/expand upon your current answers. Now, this is what kind of concerns me. You say you're a 6 on the "well-known" scale. Although I believe that one shouldn't "really" be judged based on their "well-known scale", however I believe I had little to no interactions with you on the server to justify it as a "6". And the overall connection to this, is your total playtime "30" which is also kind of concerning. Maybe try and build up your playtime and overall reputation a bit more, and I'm sure you will do great. Anyways, aside from that I won't say what has already been said, good luck.
  8. RIghto, so far, my interactions with you in-game have been fine, no real issues there. However, there could be a couple things you can improve on your app, which is the follwing: I think you have your current playtime messed up, unless you somehow actually have only 22 hours haha. I would also like to see a bit more depth in your responses and this includes the one worded 'yes' and 'no's'. You have provided different scenarios but I don't believe they're long enough for me to justify that you put lot's of effort in your responses (this is just my assumption). Anyways, if you improve a bit more on your overall app, I'm sure you can fit in the staff role very easily, Good luck.
  9. I mean, nothing but good interactions when it comes to you Shanny. The app is well detailed and above textbook and your extended scenario responses provide more depth and insight on how you would perform as a staff. I'll keep this brief since most things I would've said has already been said by the other staff members. I always think and I'm sure other staff to, that the Staff app is the first step in showing your committment to the staff role, and you have demonstrated that perfectly, above and beyond. Keep up the great work and I think you would make a fine edition to the staff team. +1
  10. Yo Maroon, So, without a doubt your activity has indeed improved and this staff app isn't that bad in terms of your answers. However, experiences in-game with you and your overall attitude in your Sub-Reg is a bit lackluster and lets say "effortless". This will just be a general feedback in regards to your overall attitude towards indivudals and how you must improve them. I'll be honest, you've left a bit of a sour taste within your regiment, trust me. I would know. You don't put a lot of effort or committment within your regiment and that makes me concerned on how committed you would be if you were to become Staff if you can't show the same amount of effort or committment in your regiment. You struggle in a way to adapt to change especially when it is good change. Furthermore, in-regards to your activity I believe a lot of it is you usually standing around AFK although this could just be me. Before I give this app a +1, I want to see an improvment in your attitude and to actively participate within what goes on in the server. Take this as constructive feedback and not intended to put you down in anyway. I believe there has been multiple attempts by your regimental officers to motivate you, but so far it has all failed.
  11. Yo Jack, Yo I don't really know you that well and that could just be me so I have no quarrels with you. So I won't relate anything back to my experiences in-game with you and I'll take what I see from this app. Anyways, there's not much to say other then what's been said already. If you want a spot in the staff position you need to show effort and committment, and making a staff app is the first step to this process. Most out-standing applicants tend to spend an hour or 30 minutes (or more) on their app, and although I don't want to assume but this app looks like it was put together in like 5. With no intention to put you down, I would say maybe try taking on the advice that as already been given to you and expand upon your answers because so far, it's pretty lackluster and underwhelming.
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