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  1. Right fair enough, lets get a better Tarkin model this time around
  2. Wouldn't dudes also have to get their custom models recommissioned if we move to Battlefront 2 HD models?
  3. This Application will now be closed. Thank you to all those who applied. After some deliberations, a 7th Sky CO will be chosen among the most prominient of applicants.
  4. Hello there Gateway Gamers Sydney has been removed from 7th Sky Corps Commander, and the position requires a replacement. As there is no current members of 7th Sky Corps who can take up the position, RHC is looking externally for a new 7th Commander. This post is for any members of our community to express interest in the role, who will then be considered by RHC for the position. Keep in mind that all applications will be taken seriously so please refrain from posting any 'joke' applications. Role: As the 7th Sky Corps Commander, you have the responsibility of leading one of the server's starter regiments. This gives you the responsibility of leading newer and less skilled players, being patient with them while they learn the fundamentals of the server and training them up. As well as ensuring activity, your focus is on providing a fun and welcoming experience. Application Prerequisites 1. You must currently hold the rank of Drill Sergeant or higher, OR have held the rank of 2nd Lieutenant or higher in the past. 2. A minimum of 75 hours of playtime on the server. 3. Not have any more than 5 outstanding warnings from Server Staff. If you meet these requirements and are interested in the position, please comment with the following Format: Current and previous In-game regiment, rank, and names: (eg; Currently: RHC Major General Snickers Previously: CG Marshal Commander Fox Colonel Gree) Steam Link & ID: (STEAM:0_0:00000) Discord Name (Snickers#1234) Why do you want the role? Why will you be the best candidate? Most prominent applicants will be contacted by RHC via Discord. Make sure your application is detailed and appropriate All +1 must be kept to reactions. Leave replies for applications only. Reminder that amount of +1's does not necessarily mean you will be chosen.
  5. Alright, I'm just gonna start this off and say I don't really know who you are, and it could just be me honestly. Either that, or you have a lack of presence within the community, so my opinion of you and this app will be purely based on the information that is presented. First off, hours wise In my opinion 132 hours just isn't enough to really familiarise yourself within the community. Furthermore, you've stated that you don't have speakspeak either which in my opinion is a necessity if you're wishing to join the staff team. Hell, you can even connect and talk with majority of the community within said teamspeak. Like this disclaimer says, I don't believe you have put enough effort into your responses within each of the particular scenario and some of them are literally just one sentences. Its good to include as much detail as possible so we can better gauge your abilities as a staff member should these scenarios ever occur (and they will). Another thing is that you have not included any commands to show off your knowledge of ULX, I know you might not have prior experience but its always good to include some. A good way of getting commands and more detailed responses is to refer back to previous applicants, particularly the ones that have been accepted. Adjusting your format, fonts and colour coding helps to so it makes it easier to read given alot of this is jus tplain white text. Some minor details that could use a touch up as well is the grammar where there is some random upper case letters and lack of full stops. Overall, I'm sure you're a good bloke but the application in itself needs a bit of a fix up. Put yourself out there within the community and even install teamspeak to actively interact with the players as well as staff.
  6. About the standard of replies I expected honestly...
  7. Sea of thieves anyone?
  8. Man speaking the truth, replace Shadowz. Seriously though, Dank, I would be glad to have you back on the staff team. Only concern for me is whats gonna happen when your Lockdown ends? and how long is the lockdown on your end?
  9. Honestly, anything I was going say has promptly been said already by our other esteemed staff members and members of the community. You have the previous experience and my only advice for you, is to try and get to know the newer community more as a lot of the feedback is from older members. Other then that, I think the position will suit you once more, good luck. +1
  10. Known this man for a while now I think it would be quite discourteous of me if I did not show some feedback. Overall, solid app and quite textbook which is good to see. Your activity upon coming back to the server has been pretty solid, practically on every day. Furthermore, you've started to use your mic and my life has honestly never peaked so much then this, it's revolutionary. Anyways, it will be a +1 from me, best of luck.
  11. Ill +1 if you promise to use your mic to talk
  12. No problem, I drew inspiration. Also, why am I still moderator and your Admin?
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