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  1. +1 Coric is a lad, and obviously has the knowledge and experience as shown above. He also always acts very respectful in game, does some awesome RP and has a perfect attitude for staff. Best of luck mate. Pluto
  2. "GOOD ON YA MATE!" Nice app man, and a great guy, easy to get along with, he deserves the position Best of luck chogga! +1 Pluto
  3. you spent way too much time on this domino.. hahahhaa checkox this donkeyox @Valox
  4. Osman, you definitely have my support. You already do a lot of fantastic, extremely enjoyable RP. It is pretty amazing the stuff you can create without ULX powers, and a lot of other players should use you as inspiration. You know how to have some good serious RP but at the same time have some fun and never get mad or angry over anything. You have a good solid app here, I love the effort you have put in to your event idea, looking good. Overall, your attitude, skill and passion I believe would do extremely well in the EM team. You no doubt deserve a shot, good luck bro. +1
  5. dw brother.. they will rise!
  6. We are missing the point here... This is the style we should be going with
  7. bout forkin time.. now we just need jem gang to unite and everything will be in place..
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