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  1. Respectful, well behaved guy, app looks nice +1
  2. Overall a +1, I can understand some of the doubts towards Bread however I think this is one of those cases where it is best to see how he would go within a Trial phase. My main concern with you bread is I can see you get easily frustrated some times and this isn't a great trait to have for a moderator, for example when you thought you were falsely arrested you expressed your frustration in OOC. Although you didn't say anything too bad it still isn't a good thing to do. I think this can be improved on however, you just need to keep your cool at all times and have patience, no matter the situation. Otherwise you are a friendly person, active, and I have seen you show fantastic leadership which gives me confidence you can do a good job, you just need to prove it to all of us I would like to see how you go within a trial phase. Best of luck Bread.
  3. +1 Honestly no need for me to go in depth with him, a great friend, a good, dedicated community player, a good application. Nothing but positives. wElcOme To THe sEA of thIEves
  4. Not only one of the best PAC3 people but just one of the best community members there is, huge +1
  5. +1 Overall, app looks nice, you're very active. Good luck.
  6. These look pretty cool overall, the basic hand gesture is a bit weird imo, is this to show how you can utilise your arms to to do separate gestures or is that a full action that you would do, because I am unsure of what the intent of it is. But overall, the rest look pretty cool, and you are a great, dedicated player who I definitely think deserves this. Good luck. +1
  7. I know it has been a year since you were banned but can you remember at all what you might've done that got you a permanent ban. Could've been as simple as minging as you mentioned but any more honest info is great. Otherwise, I think it should be fine for you to return, been ages and wouldn't want to restrict you from any fun.
  8. Name: PlutoSteam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198069909882/In-game Name: [T-C] 2722 Pluto Server: Imperial RPWhy do you want it: Been really enjoying the Imperial server, more than I expected, would love to have another slot to experience the RP from a different angle. Good luck to all.
  9. I stated most of my beliefs within the apologies post. I have to be honest though, I didn't expect such a quick appeal, I thought the apology was to determine if you would appeal or not and it was a great start to repairing your reputation, I think this appeal is rushed, such as others have stated like Buck, you should wait longer and possibly move around the TS a bit. Posting an apology on the forums is one big step, personally apologising to people you may have affected within TS, is an even bigger one, that is something personally I would respect heaps. Although I am not saying -1 because I do think you deserve another chance, it might not be the right moment. You should read all the -1s carefully because they all contain information that I agree with, and they will help you fix your wrongs. You can definitely see how everyone above is trying to support you, even if giving a -1 they are not just doing it out of hatred but are actually trying to provide advice and most want to give you a chance, so definitely do not walk away from this post if you are not appealed and think 'I am done, I have no chance', because that isn't true, most just want to see more from you and be able to trust you again. So do your best to prove to everyone that you want to make a strong, positive return and have patience. It sounds like that is exactly what you want to do, so don't give up. Good luck with being appealed, whether it is now or later.
  10. Pluto

    Sean's Apology

    Personally, I am usually pretty quick to accept apologies such as these, and enjoy giving second chances because most deserve it. I am not saying you don't but you left on quite a terrible note, and it doesn't help that I remember that time you returned on another account just to again mess around and cause more shit for the staff team, you didn't do anything shocking but it was still childish as you mentioned. I know you apologized for all of it, but you did cause a lot of crap for a large part of the community. However, the fact you took this time to write what sounds like a pretty genuine apology, I respect. Your maturity shows within this post and at the end of the day, it is a game, but one we don't want people coming on to ruin others fun or be disrespectful towards. But, although it isn't up to me, I do think that maybe you deserve another chance, you would just need to ensure you are on good behaviour and not going to any extremes, otherwise this would probably just lead to another perma ban without any other chances of returning. Before you did cause issues and were perma banned, I remember you being a decent bloke and you were quite friendly and helpful towards others, that is the side we should see return if you do, not the other. Best of luck if you do decide to appeal, this will definitely not be easy to gain everyone's support but at least you're giving it a go and you're actually doing an apology, not even a ban appeal, I respect that. - Pluto
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