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  1. I have to agree with Spirit, although your activity could use some work, you have always been an extremely helpful asset to the staff team. You bring fantastic insight and ideas to the team, whenever and wherever you make contributions, they are always worthwhile and you are supportive to your fellow staff members. I do think you could be a bit more interactive with some of the staff members however for as long as I've known you, you are respectful, kind and overall a very knowledgeable staff member. Best of luck Noc. blus 1 - Pluto
  2. +1 Flea no doubt in my mind deserves the role of Senior Admin. Ever since proving many wrong when he first became a Trial-Mod, to now, where he is a fantastic Admin, Flea has always been an amazing staff member and community player in general. With his large amount of experience and knowledge of being a staff member, I know he will do great as a SA. Best of luck Flea! - Pluto
  3. I believe its Russian, and he has TS so I assume he got it working, hopefully haha.
  4. General Category Player of the Year - @Mconnell @Epsilon Best Artist/Content Creator - @Buck :) @Tags also, just adding @Hellfire because of this photo he took recently, its brilliant haha. Best Meme - Anything Mon'kee related. Best Newcomer - @Gecko @Soap @Epsilon Most Memorable Player - TBD Best Username - Narc ( @Pab ) Most Skilled Player - @Sloppy Most Improved/Redeemed Player - @Nexoit Best Builder - @Tags @Buck :) Roleplay Category Commander of the Year - @Tango @Stingel Regiment of the Year - 187th, 917th Best Roleplayer - @Tags @Akali @Corvus Best Duelist - @Buck :) (ouvwuvwemembabshda) @Pasha @Akali Staff and Event Category Most Active Staff - @Stingel @Pab Most Helpful Staff - @Sloth @Stingel @Spirit Best Staff Newcomer - @Flea @Pab Best Developer - @Merc @Linguine @Aussi Best Event Master - @Buck :) @Andy @ItsGary Best Campaign 2020 - Directorate part II Most Friendly Staff Member - @ShuaDaddy @Hellfire @Winter.
  5. That last 20 seconds was the best lmfaooo
  6. Would be quite silly in my opinion, having those 3 set times of 4:30, 6:30 and 8:30 has always worked and seems to be fine... having the 6:30 main imo is a pain in the ass for both the EM and player (this is my perspective) for me, it just gets in the way and I feel that moving it to 8:30, we will have more breathing time before then to do more main server stuff like training and all that. I mean in all honesty, I could do without main server events at all but at least with the 8:30, it just gives more time before then and overall I think it will work better, my only worry is if EMs will be available for two late ones constantly.
  7. Damn, just seeing this post now, thank you for this Budds. Best of luck to all other entries... can't wait for this game to make me even more of a no-life : D
  8. I agree with you. But incase that can't be fixed (which I am sure it can be) there wasn't really any issue with the old system.
  9. I pretty much agree with what has been said, I understand management like the current system but I didn't see anything wrong with the older one. Unless some of these issues can be fixed, I think it would be much simpler going back to the old system, that probably won't happen though.
  10. Hey Flame, Got to be honest with you, when you were an EM, you did a decent job and I remember playing one of your events and enjoying them. However, once you left, I never expected you to return, you didn't seem to enjoy the EM role all that much and this application is fairly lackluster. You need to make some heavy edits on this app to be even considered, also I don't know about everything said above, some of it I agree with but I am unsure of the whole story. For now, I will be giving a -1... I recommend putting more detail in your application and speaking with current EMs and possibly providing an apology or personal statement if you truly are passionate about coming back. - Pluto
  11. @Gecko Dont stress bro, cheap and good
  12. Definitely going to be giving a +1, the fact you took the opportunity to ask for feedback from multiple staff members is a great start to present yourself to be worthy of the moderator position. You took on my feedback and others and have made a solid application. Also, seeing the above comments, you have obviously made a good standing with other members of the community so I wish you the best of luck, good work and good luck : ) +1 - Pluto
  13. Hey Russia, I won't carry on because I agree with what most others said, especially @Andy , Unfortunately Russia, I do not think you are ready for a position such as this. You don't have a great reputation with staff matters and that is already a bad position to be in if going for EM. I like some of the RP you try and do on the server and all but generally I just don't think you are ready for the position Russia, sorry mate, I would recommend trying again when you have reached the required age. -1 Good luck : ) - Pluto
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