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  1. Pluto

    Im back gamers

    - Ah yess.... welcome back
  2. Ill always treasure that time we did that retarded mini event where we were like grievous and dooku... best rp ever
  3. CR(NGECrAFt!
  4. Pluto


  5. Hahah hell yeah man, the RP with you yesterday was extremely fun, nice to have you on the server (I was the Elijah dude btw)
  6. Hey Sevy, fantastic to see you have taken on board all the feedback you have received, great attitude. First question is a great improvement, except you wrote 'massrdm', not really necessary unless he did kill that many people but the question doesn't say so, so just stick with 'RDM', however, it isn't a big issue at all. Second question is definitely an improvement, but I would still just discuss it a bit more because you probably don't want to go straight to gagging him, discuss how you would try and speak it through with him and only if he did start disrespecting you would you gag him. The commander and lieutenant question is a great improvement, nice work. Lastly, the Cadet question is also a definite improvement, could still have some more detail but not bad. All in all Sevy, I am very impressed you have taken all this feedback and greatly improved your application, due to that I will definitely be changing to a +1. Good work Sevy, all I can say now is, try and improve your activity a bit and hop around TS a bit more, get to know people, but that isn't a big issue, best of luck
  7. OkAy buddy! this is literally u
  8. Hello all, in case you haven't heard, RSB has now replaced SIS. For future members, you will be required to fill out this form if you are interested in joining. Please take your time with it and just have honest answers where you can. Feel free to contact one of us if you are confused about a certain question. People to contact can include @Coppermate, @Macka, @Pluto, @Snickerss. Thank you, and we are excited to see where this takes us. https://forms.gle/kZ5vSFd3xNAjHU2p6
  9. Hey Sevy, This is a decent application. Since I've got to know you a lot more, you are a great dude and I think you'd fit the staff team well. This being said I think the application needs some improvements, for example.. - The first question is quite a significant one, I think you should provide more detail about how you would handle the actual sit, it seems you drifted a bit from this, we need to know how you would take control of the situation and how you would question/speak to the people, both the accuser and the accused. You should also discuss the disrespectful aspect a lot more, you sort of have disregarded this. - Second question could use some more detail, also you said [CADETNAME], I believe this was just a small error but it is not cadet related, just any user. Despite that, you need to discuss the sit process in more detail once again, say how you would handle it and what you would do for various situations the sit could go. - The commander and lieutenant question is a great start, but you need to dive more in to the punishments situation if you were to give punishments, or just have a nice conclusion to the question because it just sort of ends a bit abruptly, you need to discuss how you would resolve the situation. - Lastly, the final question definitely requires more detail, one sentence isn't enough sorry, just try and think the scenario through and discuss how you would handle the Cadet depending on what he does. If he continues to minge after various warnings what you would do? If you verbally warn him once and then acts really good for the rest of the training, what would you do? I think you get the idea. In general though, you just need to add this level of detail in the questions, some of them are missing important features, don't be afraid to use past applications as inspiration, good luck. For now my positioning on this application is Neutral until you fix some of these gaps.
  10. yep... oh god, the nightmares..
  11. The fucking episode in like season 2 with the crazy scientist guy... fuck me, I despise that episode or two.. the virus shit if you know what I mean.. holy crap.
  12. youve always supported my bios lmfao
  13. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: W. White Known Alias’/Nicknames: Mr. White, Big W, White Previous Occupation: Illegally employed otherwise, unemployed. Current Occupation: Jedi Padawan Known Languages: Galactic Basis - knows a bit on some other languages due to growing up around many different species. Hobbies: Researching high tech weapons/technology, experimentation with a variety of flora, duelling Alignment: Galactic Republic/Pantoran Background PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Intelligent, little crazy, mostly healthy Mental Disabilities: Can sometimes show signs of Bi-Polar, this can affect his ability to handle certain situations. Also shows signs of some PTSD due to a rough history. Likes: Technology, weapons, relaxing at canteens/restaurants, duelling, practicing the force Dislikes: - Can easily not get along with some people, enemy droids, black market dealers as this reminds him of his own past. - Particularly is not fond of Zabrak's, due to one causing the death of his mother. Personality: - Impatient with those who have little knowledge (cannot problem solve) - Enjoys alone time to research weapons/technology but also likes relaxing with others - Can get easily angered sometimes, but does like helping people where he can PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Healthy Age: 27 Weight: 75 kg Build: Average Disabilities: - Gets temporary burns/skin damage from tech work or experimentation - Some scars from battles Appearance: - Serious face - Bald - Small beard which he is growing - Usually darker sort of robes - Some scars JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): - Has had a mix of masters, did not set on one (Dank, Scar, Kit Fisto, Hazzi, Lucian) Lightsaber details: - Yellow crystal - Slim, technologically advanced hilt Combat style: - Usually sticks to Form II or III - Enjoys studies of Form V as well in case he feels he needs a more aggressive, heavier style, but primarily sticks to II. BACKSTORY W. White was born on the planet of Pantora. He grew up with a mother and father, although would come to lose both during his younger years. His father dealt in bad business, in general, he was not a good man. White's mother was not in support of his father's choices in life and therefore they did not get along. White at times had to defend his mother from his abusive father. However, one day, during an illegal business deal, White's father was reported shot dead towards the White family. Eventually, White and his mother decided to abandon their planet to leave their rough history behind. With the majority of their money, they bought an illegal ride to the capital planet of Coruscant. Here they began a new life hoping it would be better than the last. Sadly this wasn't exactly the case. Despite living without the burden of their father, matters would just worsen. Most of their time they lived on the lower levels due to their financial status. Additionally, W. White would fall in to his father's bad path as he conducted similar illegal business as he did. W. White was a lot less clumsy than his father and for a while, his illegal black market dealing brought him some success as he earned good credits to take care of himself and his mother. This was a time where W. White was oblivious of what bad he was causing in the world... For example, one time he sold a weapon illegally to a child, White did not consider what such a child might do with a device. It was not until he was in the order that White saw in a meditation what happened to the child, it wasn't pleasant and he knew just how bad his past life was. During his time working in the black market on Coruscant, matters only worsened. White got caught up with the wrong people and one day sadly, during a dodgy deal he got caught up in, White came home to a devastating confrontation. White found his mother laying on the house floor, with a clear bullet shot through her. White knew who had done this, he was furious and angered. White swore he would destroy who had done this. After a few weeks he had made way to a more popular level of Coruscant and eventually saw the man who he believed killed his mother. He found him within a bar and carefully followed the man until he was drunk, alone, in an alleyway at night. The man was a Zabrak and White made his move to violently punch him, unfortunately for White, the Zabrak was tough. He beat white to the ground and just as White felt weak, he thought of his mother and what the Zabrak had done. Out of no where, White built up all his anger and had magically pushed the Zabrak 5 metres away from him.. the Zabrak was shocked. With fear the Zabrak was about to run but suddenly, White picked him up in a force choking hold, neither the Zabrak or White knew what or how he was doing it. White probably would've killed the man if it wasn't for what happened next. Out of no where in the dark alleyway, a hooded man stood. In a courageous voice he yelled 'Let him go!'. White was shocked and did as told. The hooded man let the Zabrak go but not with satisfaction. He explained to White how he had been watching him most of the night, and how he knew he was up to no good. He explained how he was shocked that White was able to utilise such powers. He said to White, "This may not be a good idea, you are dangerous if not controlled... Still, you must come with me, please... trust me.". White followed, and to this day he realizes it was the best decision he made. White still struggles to combat his anger issues and it is definitely something that can affect his decision making and role as a Jedi. Still, White still always tries to do good for the people around him as he knows his past was filled with evil and mistakes. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Friend: - His Masters and Teachers - Some fellow Jedi Hatred - Mother's killer (still roaming free) - Black market dealers Untrusted - The Zabrak race - Certain people unless he gets to know them Disliked - Those who may not be too intelligent - Enemy droids - Criminals Liked - Most Jedi, unless there are traits he dislikes. - Republic
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