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  1. Got to disagree with the event idea, It’s so unoriginal, RP and setting a bomb of like that’s is really easy but I’m not RC so who knows. But Respawn timers would be awesome some sort of punishment for dying
  2. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database Personal Information Mental State: Stable, Focused, Determined Languages: Galactic Basic, Twi'leki. Likes: Exploring, Piloting, Crafting. Dislikes: Cad Bane Personality: Stubborn, Has a strong Mindset tilting her Close to the Dark Side. Wishes to learn everything. Physical Information Physical State: Strong, Fast and Strong Age: 27 Weight: 56 kilograms Look: Green Skin, Serious Look, Never off Guard. Build: Medium, Strong but Slim. Disabilities: None JEDI/PERSONAL INFORMATION Rank: Knight Master: Darkai Valentina (Nautolan) Light Saber: Pike, Pure Green Colour Fighting Style: Makashi, Precise, Quick. Life before the Order The Life on Rhyloth for Tigress was different to most living on the home planet of the Twi'leks. Tigress was born on Rhyloth in a large jungle miles away from the main City, Her birth was complicated as Tigress's Mother went into labour while on a hunt for an ancient temple hidden in the dark, depths of the forest. Tigress's mother Valkyrie and Father Lyn rushed back to there hand crafted tree house which sat high in the jungle's trees. Around 5 years later Tigress discovered her force abilities, Strong Force abilities. At the age of 6 Tigress could sense incoming dangers and could sense what she couldn't see. Tigress's Mother was Pregnant once again about to give birth, she could sense the gender of a male. Tigress's Brother was born and was named Xiann, Xiann was strong and born with a stronger body then most. Weighing about 62 Kilograms and had the strength of lifting heavy objects at the age of 2, Lyn and Valkyrie expected him to have the same gifts as there Daughter Tigress. Another 3 years later, Word Spread of the Force Gifted Children bring attention to their family. Eventually as time went on they forgot about them allowing Tigress to embrace her full Force powers, That's when Tigress had a sudden sense of Secrecy coming from the Western Side of the Jungle, Tigress Told her Parents so the Family of four moved East to find nothing. Tigress's Parents upset with this hoping to find the Ancient temple they decided to return back home. On the way Xiann Tripped over a Rock, But Green Smoke rised from the damage. Tigress used the force to clear the Dirt and vines from the rock and only to discover a hatch to a dark corridor. They Decided to go down so they moved along a mossy, dark corridor leading into what they hoped infinite amounts of gold and treasures. They finally reached a room full of gold and Credits to sustain them for life. Lyn and Valkyrie filled their bags with as much as they could carry and finally ran back to the Hatch to exit the Temple. The gaze of light was blocked by 3 figures which stood over the hatch looking down upon them with guns in hands. The Family exited the Temple standing there with there hands on their heads. There eyes finally adjusted revealing the identity of the figure. Cad Bane the well-known Bounty Hunter, He was there for the Children to collect them for a Bounty. Lyn and Valkyrie Tried to negotiate the treasures for the children but unfortunatly Cad Bane took both loading them on the ship and the Temples Treasures on board his ship. As the Tigress and Xiann were being abducted, Lyn could not stand to let this happen so he grabbed his wooden staff to challenge one of the Bounty Hunters. Cad Bane did not care for him so he left the Bounty Hunter and took off the ship to take the Children to the Anonymous Person. The Children reached a Outpost on a planet called Gulage surrounded by Shadows and no escape. Tigress and Xiann were experimented on and trained in using the force and combat, a few weeks into the horrible conditions a guard handed them weirdly shaped Light Sabers, They suspected the Scientist created them. The Scientist who set the bounty on them was finally revealed to them, They discovered that they were being trained because the Unknown Scientist wanted to somehow collect there force powers and by training them, he would be able to extract more. 1 years later of being Experimented on by this anonymous Scientist, Tigress saw an opportunity to leave the horrible place they had to call home! Tigress expressed this idea to Xiann, Xiann Declined to leave as he secretly enjoyed having power. Tigress was shocked and had to leave by herself. It was the night of escape it was Dark, Raining where there was a anonymous delivery ship delivering unknown supplies. Tigress attempted to sneak out of the temple past the guards, hiding in the shadows where the wall torches did not glow. Tigress reached to landing platform reaching the ship to find it unoccupied she slowly moved closer to it. She then sensed a lost soul running down the crosswalk towards the Landing pad. It was her brother and 2 Guards of the Outpost. Xiann Yelled "I Can't Let you leave!" "What are you saying?" Replied Tigress "You must die then!" Replied Xiann. Tigress knew she lost her brother, Xiann ignited his homemade saber, before beginning the battle Tigress Force pushed both of the guard off the platform into the unknown Dark Abyss Below leaving just her and her brother. Tigress ignited her Strange Saber ashamed. They ran towards each other. Tears running down Tigresses face they collide light sabers. "Weak!" Yelled Xiann. Tigress force pushed Xiann away knowing he has no force powers she ran towards the ship, starting up and flying away, leaving her lost brother behind. Tigress flew back to her home on Rhyloth to her parents which were still alive and living in the same spot. They reunited but Lyn and Valkeyrie were curious about Xiann wondering where he was. Tigress lied and explained that he died trying to kill Cad Bane before we reached the Outpost. The parents were upset but Tigress knew it was better not to tell them to truth. One month later, Tigress was now at the age of 11 on a beautiful bright day with a sunset glowing the jungle. She saw a ship and sensed truth on it. It was a Jedi Master who was searching for those effected by Cad Bane. When Tigress met the Jedi Master she knew what was going to happen. The Jedi Master named Darkai Valentina, sensed the Force power within Tigress expressing interest on bringing her back to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to teach her as a youngling. Lyn and Valkyrie knew this was the best thing for Tigress, Accepting this offer, she left on the ship of the Jedi Master to Coruscant. On the way Tigress explained what happend with Cad Bane, Showing the Jedi Master that she had major Potential. The Master was interested in the story wanting to know more about who was abducting Force children to teach them the dark ways of the force. Life as a Youngling. Life as a youngling was easy. Tigress avoided most other yonglings staying independent. Tigress mastered the way of the force quickly and was bored of the slowness of the youngling way. Tigress tried to leave the Temple many times attempting to explore the higher areas of Coruscant. Tigress was clever and was never caught but the Council still knew of it. The Council wished to speak to Tigress, that's when the Obi-Wan Kenobi approached her saying we believe that you should be a padawan early. Tigress quickly chose the pathway of Sentinal as she hated those who were evil and wanted to hunt them all. Tigress crafted her lightsaber following the footsteps of the Master who found her. She knew that the Pike was the way she wanted to go. Life as a Padawan. Tigress's life as a Padawan was fast, Tigress learnt quickly and followed in the footsteps of her Master, Master Darkai Valentina to learn all which needed to be. Not Seeing home much, Tigress sneaked out on a ship to Rhyloth to visit her parents which she did. Tigress stayed on Rhyloth for a couple of days. Returning back to Coruscant she was summoned to the Jedi Council, she was expecting to be in trouble for leaving but she was told that her master Perished by a Strange lightsaber which was hunting her. The Killer was then taken into the Council room were she quickly discovered that it was her brother! She was full of hatred and then began to force choke Xiann. She snapped out of it then Xiann quickly was rushed back to the Prison Cells. Looking back at her with Evil Xiann left the room. Grand Master Yoda told Tigress that her master wanted her to have his Pike and wished her to teach others how to use it. She accepted this offer and now carries her Saber pike of her fallen master. A couple of days later she discover that her brother escaped Coruscant. Now on the loose she had the mission to hunt him down and kill him! RELATIONSHIPS Dead | Death Wish | Hatred | Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Family Dead - Darkai Valentina (Master) Death Wish - Brother Xiann Hatred - Cad Bane Disliked - N/A Untrusted - Coruscant Guard for failing to do their job Indifferent - N/A Acquaintance - All members of the Jedi Order and the Clones of the Galactic Republic. Liked - Those who live in the moment Friend - Darkai Valentina (Master) Family - Xiann (Brother)
  3. Thanks Serbo, Unfortunately even after making this, no staff or anyone has came to me to make a statement really shows immaturity and Adtro nor Andy has talked to me or explained anything.
  4. 1. Andy said i could but denies it 2. Jedi turning into Dark Side is fun RP 3. Some actually Enjoyed it
  5. Im sorry but i asked Andy and he warned me for Fail RP so a Jedi joining the Dark side is Fail RP?
  6. Gateway Gaming Clone Wars RP | Staff Report Template Use the template below or your report will be void. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Your In-game Name: Darkai Your Steam Profile Link: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Who are you reporting? I am Reporting Andy Usca or Obi wan Kenobi and Astro or Yoda Why are you reporting them? I am Reporting Yoda due to the fact that he demotes me and warned me in-game due to Sith RP on my Jedi Slot. I am Reporting Andy due to him saying I could do such RP then denying saying that. Astro did not explain anything to me nor warned me previously. He has had it out for me since day one bringing up things that i got in trouble for which i wasn't even online for. Astro constantly says he has evidence bur never provides . Andy has constantly talked down to me and been rude, but thats not the problem. The problem is he gave me permission to run the Sith RP then i got in trouble for it. I then went into he Team speak channel were he admitted to it then said "I haven't got time for you." I then told Astro but he did not reply and ignored all the requests i had to explain my self and for him to explain why i got warned not following admin guidelines. If im wrong here But A jedi turning into a Sith even after a Senior EM Approves is fail RP so a Jedi has never turned into a Dark Side User ? Ever since the new Yoda has came he has been power playing and power happy with it warning everyone and any i have spoke to have agreed in this statement. FOR THOSE WHO DIDNT READ! I DID HAVE PERMISSION FROM ANDY BUT HE DENIED IT What outcome do you wish to see? I wish to see Andy being Demoted Possibly, He is a good Event Master but should not be given any roles of an admin as he acts like one constantly. I wish to see Astro Taken out of the role of Yoda and been put back into a Trial Moderator Stage. Evidence (If possible): I cannot provide as it was all in game.
  7. Thanks for the Reply. I obviously wont get PAC but i will listen to your feedback and try again thanks
  8. Thanks for the Reply. I obviously wont get PAC but i will listen to your feedback and try again thanks
  9. Cabur himself is not really nice to many people, he handles situations usually by swearing at you and immediately getting quick to anger. If this is how he would handle sits that would not be what Management would want. Cabur does not have a microphone, but that will not affect my feedback its just a factor that you should have. I do not notice you and see you on Team speak or communicating with others trying to build relationships with other parties. The application needs more information the first three questions are just a yes, add some description on why its a yes. Being an Moderator is talking with other players and representing the Management team. So for now its a -1 Try and work on it and my feedback may change.
  10. Stingel is a great guy, he is respectful in all situations. When i talk to him he seems like he actually cares, he has supported me in improving my reputation and i wish for him to be rewarded for all his great work. The Application itself is clear, descriptive and professional. Its an Easy +1
  11. Clone Wars PAC3 Application Template Requirements Steam ID (Use the steam ID doing "status" in console gives you in-game): STEAM_0:0:434920253 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198830106234/ Current in-game alias: Darkai Time Played (Minimum 40 hours played): 210hours Are you a donator? (YES/NO) YES PAC3 Questions Have you used PAC3 before? Yes, I use PAC3 on the daily basis, I practice and create with it frequently and always put effort into my Creations. Why do you want access to PAC3? I want access to PAC3 because it would add more role play to the server and my character. When i use PAC, I will always use it responsibly and use it to influence the servers Role play. How is using PAC3 going to enhance your time on the server? PAC3 will enhance my time on the server due to its ability to allow me to enhance my character looks and personality, to coordinate to my Biography (Jedi). It will enhance my experience by adding unique, exciting scenarios, which PAC can be used to create such scenarios. PAC3 Examples: (Display 4 example screenshots of your Star Wars PAC3 creations) 1- This one is my personal favourite. It would be unoriginal if i didn't add my own twist. The Video Below displays a droid I recoloured to match my future model goal. It took effort to make due to a few complications, but as seen below it worked out. The Droid is obviously following me around but i redesigned it to turn its flashlight on when mine is on. When i am typing it animates next to me and starts repairing which can be used in repair scenarios and the flashlight for dark rooms etc.... This is different because generally they are all separate but in mine they are all in one PAC with different Events. PS: there is a tool gun in his hand when the animation begins the text chat hides it though 2020-04-04_18-41-44.mp4 2- This PAC was difficult but i designed this off the other PAC i created Below. This PAC is a faster Paced version of the one below. To make this i decreased timer time and increased the rate to accelerate the speed of the animation. 2020-04-04_18-36-10.mp4 3- For this one it didn't work exactly as planned but it turned out quite nice. The point of this PAC is to add another option to a flashlight, This PAC would be used in a scenario such as searching bunks or scanning for footprints/fingerprints hence the Black light. This Project took Events, Lights and Custom Animation. 2020-04-04_18-51-28.mp4 4- This PAC is another Simple Custom Animation, It is a Force ability animation to add more Role play when using the force ability (Group Heal). There will be 3 animations to replace force abilities. 2020-04-04_18-41-02.mp4 5 - This PAC is another simple Custom Animation to replace another force ability action. This Animation is to represent Force Heal to give it more realism when performing such ability. 2020-04-04_18-39-11.mp4 6- This PAC is another simple Custom Animation. It is a toggled animation, it is to represent Force pushing to replace standing there, when doing the Force Push ability. I used just Custom Animation for this one. Mind the Video it broke a little, The legs/feet had some movement as well if you can see it. 2020-04-04_18-40-01.mp4 7- This PAC is an Idle Animation, the first I've ever done. This Animation is a female hips stance. It was created with Custom animation with the Stance Parent and Events. 2020-04-04_18-37-12.mp4 8- This PAC not going to lie took a lot of effort. This Animation is a Jedi training with the force by hitting away incoming objects in this case rocks. The process itself was created by using, Event Command for timers; Lots of Models and Custom Animation for each object. (Slow Paced Version) 2020-04-04_18-35-12.mp4 9- This is just a simple PAC, This Animation is just a Coruscant Guard model animating using comms. I used Custom Animation again. 2020-04-04_18-34-10.mp4 10- This is my Hologram PAC of Fox contacting me through a holopad. In the PAC3 i used Timers by using command events and custom animation and obviously models. 2020-04-04_18-33-20.mp4
  12. Hey Everyone. I am writing this to apologise for my behaviour on the server but not only that. I am asking for a fresh start and if you cannot give me one, then i can tell you I am trying to change in Real Life and inside the server. My Behaviour and my attitude needs to change but i don't really know how i can or how. What i am asking for is advice so be brutally honest in the Replys to help me improve. Thanks guys I want to keep this short to not waste your time.
  13. Need a model maker to discuss a custom Model for a Jedi Lore character.
  14. Shush

    Jedi Giveway.

    yep I vote for Tyrell
  15. Cya man shame you couldnt become my Gungan Brother
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