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  1. We've just been Cyber cucked (~:
  2. thanks for the heads up
  3. General Category Player of the Year - @Jazza, @Sloppy, @Cappa (~: Best Artist/Content Creator - @Buck :), @Budds Best Meme - Straightway Gaming, Nearly Abs, ARC has fundamental flaws and nobody is willing to challenge them Best Newcomer - @Pluto Most Memorable Player - @Jazza Best Username - Cadet 4629 SpaceISIS Captain Muhammed Abu Hajar Alibaba Kumar Al Kindi The Third, @Choog Most Skilled Player - @Kandy Most Improved/Redeemed Player - @Kandy Best Builder - @Rover, @Tags Roleplay Category Commander of the Year - Ganit, @Jazza Regiment of the Year - @Babatunde's 442nd. Best Roleplayer - @Tags, @Jazza, Ganit Best Duelist - @Buck :) Staff and Event Category Most Active Staff - @Pab Most Helpful Staff - @Centurion Best Staff Newcomer - @Pab Best Developer - @Buck :), @Budds Best Event Master - @Buck :), @Pluto Best Campaign 2020 - The JEM Campaign
  4. Back when you were an EM your events were always my favourite to play. They were super creative and unique. Easiest +1 ever.
  5. This ban appeal seems genuine and if the ban was from 2018 you've had more than enough time to earn a second chance. +1.
  6. I don't really understand the hype either but I think most of it it has to do with the developers. After making the Witcher games CD Projekt red have a really good track record of making good games, so I think people are just hyped that they are making something that isn't the Witcher. Plus the game has had a lot of time to generate hype since it's initial trailer was released in 2013 so their fans have pretty much been hyping it up for 7 years. It also just looks pretty epic.
  7. You'll jump in a channel with me every now and again, from speaking to you, you seem like you'd be a fairly decent moderator. You are very active on the server as well as the team speak and generally seem like you have the right mindset for a moderator position. Your application seems pretty detailed but I think you should add more scenarios to your answers, not every sit will play out perfectly and they are almost never this straight forward. Add a bit to your responses and you'll be golden.
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