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  1. Sometimes in events or when I use my gun it dosent go in my hands or I hold it rather it goes inside my body or disappears like the basic riflle most regiments get like shineys 501st doom it goes in my body around my pelvis and is side ways the smg? Or the gun that every reg has disappears ecsept the atatchments were it points to my side around the pelvis and every gun does this it happened when I was in pilots and it happend on the 4:30 event not sure if its just me or other people have it but can you fix it it gets really anoying when im trying to shoot droids when my gun disappears
  2. RJI

    Jedi Giveaway #2

    name RJI In game name RJI (S-5) regiment:pilots
  3. +1 trust worthy and its better seing who is the leader of shadow squadron in a vihcle with something what he puts on like black or grey areas on the colored areas so when he saids follow me we know who it is ecsept coloring the ship and when he crashes nearly every body crashes
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