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  1. Name: RJI Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198092401654/ In-game name: RJI Why do you want it: It will be fun being a jedi and it can get me more active on the reg and I can expierence gateway better by being a jedi
  2. RJI

    CT 3165 RJI

    this is all from memory I still remember joining the server and a navy member showing me around anaxes and a jedi helping me find a reg
  3. you did make it your profile when it was a work in progress but you didn't say anything to me and it was my work so I said "REMOVE IT NOW!"
  4. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: CT 3165 RJI Known Alias’/Nicknames: none Previous Occupations: Galactic marines 501st 91st pilots shadow Current Occupation: Dooms unit Known Languages: Galactic Hobbies: flying Alignment: calm neutral PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: sane Mental Disabilities: none Likes: flying shooting shield placement playing chess Dislikes: having a bad communicator PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES [REDACTED] (I just need to fix grammar and spelling mistakes and it will be finished) BACK STORY When I joined the great army of the republic I was still in training. I haven't been in combat or have skills in the battle field I likely only survived by my first regiment the Galactic marines and having the best weapons in the Republic arsenal but the reg was dying having too many causalities in the field and no one new the reg was starting to disband. I was kicked out of the reg before it was disbanded after I was kicked I joined the 501st but me relying on the powerful weaponry and going on my own I wasn't a 501st trooper a battle of being in the 501st I left and went to kamino to train and get use with any weaponry I have. When I went back to the great army of the republic I wasn't in any reg I was called a shiny even though I was trained before but when I was fighting I saw Dooms unit using their shields I was fascinated with them and joined them in that battle when we went back to base I was joined into Dooms unit I still know people from back then and some joined back to the new Dooms unit. When I was rising the ranks in Dooms unit I joined a sub company Fang company I liked being in Fang company have the cool suit and finding out my ability of accuracy but when Fang company disbanded I soon left again. With my skills with a sniper I soon joined 91st but it didn't soute me until I heard pilots were recruiting I went to them and ask can I join a hour latter I was in the Republic star fighter corps. I was happy being a pilot I was skilled in shooting climb swep and now flying but with pilots only doing flying my ability to do climb swep decreased but I was a good flyer I still know people who left and joined pilots some that I never in the great army of the republic and I reached officer the highest rank I had but pilots went weird and navy was responsible Pilots were more recognized we were the only people doing work it looked like the Pilot CO was the head of navy he was the one who is trying to keep navy alive then Hackety came and he made navy better at least for pilots of not being the only navy members doing WORK! and Hackety did a good job. Soon Navy (mostly pilots) got regiment of the week and they said nothing about us of helping them and maybe the reason of them getting it I would leave but I didn't I will soon. A couple of weeks latter in a operation I didn't have a ship so I had to be with the other clones I was running through the desert and a navy member singing a song a couple minutes later it turned into chaos everybody talking I was in a house with citizens and arc command was talking and what made it worse I was dragged into another comms and navy reps said there can only be one officer and I was S-2 so I was demoted and it was the limit I couldn't stay any longer in navy and deal with something bad like that after 2 days I said I am leaving all of pilots and use of pilots saw me fly off and I went back into Kamino. The next day I was sent back but as a Shiny once again but I wanted to be something else I was talking to the CO of shadow a used to be pilot RC and Fox when I was a pilot I knew Fox and the RC by one of them being a pilot and doing a training with Cosmos/Doom and Jek/Fox (I am not sure if he was Fox when I left pilots) but RC was full and CG but shadow wasn't so I did my tryouts and I became a shadow member and outside the door CG had a slot free and the next day RC had one too but I was happy being shadow until the regiment was disbanded. I was thinking of joining another reg like 91st again but I saw Dooms unit was back and most of the people I knew was there even Cosmos was the CO of Dooms unit when I said can I join they immediately said get this old dooms unit back into Dooms unit and I was happy being back I rose up the ranks again dealing with cadets and other things and even doing things not in combat like chess gambling and raiding R sec and I became captain the first time and having a CO role my first CO role of the core troopers. Hopefully Dooms unit will stay being great and being a recognized reg for the entire army of the republic. END OF BACK STORY
  5. RJI

    My player model in piskel

    I was making a game RP game so I have a-lot of star wars piskels I was still new with piskel back then and the game was very big even though I coudnt finnish but I still get bored so I add a new clone like CG 7th sky a ARC trooper and a couple of others
  6. RJI

    My player model in piskel

    and I have 23 more of piskels of clones a droid and 2 jedi (If you want I can post them as well)
  7. ( It is a gif but any other slide of it is very bad mostly its legs and I didnt do any shading)
  8. Hoi4 is $57 and this game is old and I was sugesting if anyone has it so I can play with them because I pissed of Gregor and Cosmos of me using a cheasy strat and acouple of games earlyer they used a cheasy strat
  9. RJI

    612th Field Surgery

    can you do one with Dooms unit with there shields
  10. its +700 frames and any computer I try to edit or even view on it lags me just adding one frame of the officer doom helmet took maybe 10 minutes to do mostly it was laging I cant make it my profile picture for forums of how big it is
  11. don't know why its so little helmets in order: Shiney=Gm=GM endangerment=501st=Doom=Doom Fang company=91st=pilots=shadow company=91st=Doom=Doom officer
  12. Game:Age of empires 3 maximum players: 8 Platfrom: Steam (or disk if you already have it) Price:$56.95 Description: a old real time strategy game that starts from the founding/colinization of america to the growth of the USA reason: I pissed of Gregor and Doom by spaming bombards so I might need new people to play with and it would be cool if we can get a 8 player game going
  13. RJI

    Best Meals

    BBQ pork ribs
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