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  1. Your Active as heck, managing to balance out being moderately high roles in both 41st and navy. Your application was well put together and it proves that, If you get the EM rank, that you would perform incredibly well, and would ensure an fun and immersive experience with every event you do. That’s a definite +1 from me
  2. You show clear capabilities to assert yourself as an authority figure that can be relied on. If given the staff rank not only would you approach situations with an unbiased mindset, but You would also use all the resources you would be given to achieve the most sensible and fair outcome. I think you would excel as a staff member Mega +1
  3. Name: Engie Turtle In-game name: 2552 Fredrick regiment: 501st legion
  4. Name: Engie Turtle ( Fredrick in game ) What server I play: Clone wars i made one as a quest, I forgot to make an account
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