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  1. Ello, After careful consideration of your appeal, other staff member's opinions and most importantly your past history of warnings... Your appeal will be accepted. Your RDM and "Aid of a community banned member" was just enough to justify a permanent ban as "Reaching Warning Threshold"... even if evidence did not lead to aid of Sean Bean. So.... your time on the server looking into the future will be monitored closely until the staff team seek your trust and intent to play within the community without breaking any rules. Meaning, someone will bring out the ban hammer if you break any rules, even as small as a tool ban. Welcome back brother
  2. Application DeniedRe-apply in one month. If you wish to gain reasoning and feedback, reach out to myself.
  3. Application DeniedRe-apply in one month. If you wish to gain reasoning and feedback, reach out to myself.
  4. Flea

    unBan Appeal

    You might have had a chance for future appeal... Your actions have most likely resulted in zero to no chance of future appeal. If you continue to disobey community rules, your ban will progress to community wide. I'm available for a chat via discord.
  5. Flea

    Unban Appeal

    I don't understand why your first response to being phys gunned and told (via voice chat, type chat and by multiple staff members) that you need to simply change your name. I don't believe you were lagging. You were shown to have below 100ms of ping, while moving around the map to avoid our instructions. I would have loved to show leniency, but due to your previous warnings, you've had the same experiences before and showed the same lack of attention to staff members and sits. Most of my personal background is foreign to Australia/English. That's a very vulgar remark to make considering the staff team were merely attempting to avoid a simple problem surrounding inappropriate names. Appeal Denied
  6. Flea

    Unban Appeal

    Ello, You should know what you were punished for and the severity of it. You firstly disobeyed staff instruction to rid 3 inappropriate names. These included one of the verge of racial slur and one that included over 2 (not even English) words/names. You then continued to disobey staff by changing slots multiple times from the corresponding staff sit. You used to excuse of "lag" when you could clearly understand "Please change your name" when the staff member was typing and voice chatting. You were under 20ms ping. The severity of a permanent ban is a result of your previous warning and bans. You have, in the past disobeyed staff, showed NITRP and I believe, even multiple RDM cases.
  7. User will undergo a 2-Week trial. Trial initiation will be delayed for 1-Week.
  8. Ello, Firstly, from looking at the currently listed comments and your responses, it seems to me your attitudes to feedback and criticism are unchanged (from poor) from when your previous application was denied. I highly suggest ignoring or improving on criticism made against you and your application instead of back lashing and or pushing aside the feedback in your own favour. This one of the few major characteristics that we look for. Your application is up for discussion for a reason. High and low creditable/ known and unknown users in the community will voice opinion whether factual, bias, or just plainly out of your interest or benefit. If you want to be considered the role of a staff member, to turn -1s into +1s, you need to face these opinions and rid them by improving, in this case, either your application, attitudes and or overall presence in the community. Do this even if you have a high belief of it being untrue or it being way out of your best interest. -Colour code your responses to improve smoothness for the reader. (You should be able to edit the post to apply this) -Jump around the team speak to interact with the entirety of the community. Especially those who have given harsh feedback or criticism. -Everyone can improve and blur their past actions. Your previous application was denied mainly due to your attitudes and behaviour towards other members and again, how you dealt with critics. If people look back on that to shape who you are now, prove them otherwise. Even if you continue these attitudes, I would highly suggest guiding yourself to turn that around considering your interest to join the staff team. Cheers
  9. Application DeniedRe-apply in one month. If you wish to gain reasoning and feedback, reach out to myself.
  10. oh i thought this was a new star wars movie
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