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  1. Sorry for the wait. Was just about to respond to this today. Accepted Make sure you aren't caught with any other warnings. Otherwise a permanent ban will be reinstated.
  2. So you decided to blurt racial slurs. Dunno how that came across as a good idea. It's evident you realise how low that idea was considering you've made a ban appeal for it... Start by fixing this.
  3. That's why he didn't mention me.
  4. User will undergo a 2-Week trial. Commencing 14/6/21
  5. Told Dank to put in an application following his offer to help out the staff team once again... just to officially keep him in the running. We'll keep you posted,
  6. I love the RSB RP going on... It's great to see. I can only imagine it going extremely down hill when there a next 'generation' of members... and the regiment goes dead.
  7. Keep up the work Sevy. We'll most likely bring 2 out of the few applicants forwards of the 7th. Good to see some keenness to help out even w/ the sit side of staff work. Highly suggest moving around team-speak a bit more and just getting yourself out and about on the server. Don't be afraid to annoy staff in regards to asking how you can further improve.
  8. I would suggest including some clips of the animations you've made... unless it's just a single stance. Your best bet is to keep adding to this application... upping your chances when a verdict is presented. Feel free to gain some inspiration from other resolved and current applicants. To push you to do this and show a better understanding, I'll place a friendly -1.
  9. Seeming as though no ones picked up on it and only showing some love... Probably no point in putting this late note in... Chunky came to me to request the best approach possible in regards to showing his interest in the staff team and how to improve before he made up an app considering he's only recently actively joined back. This resulted in a suggestion to put in an application as early as possible so Chunky could have an early start in being looked over as a potential acceptance. Anyway, looks good. We'll keep you posted as well as the others.
  10. Accepted You have no warnings. This was probably a flick ban. Welcome back
  11. Flea

    Destiny 2

    Tempting 70GB tho
  12. Thanks for understanding why we showed a bit of concern with the whole situation. Honestly, your actions and subsequent reasonings were not up to scratch to ease our minds. "Just one more spin", "I am addicted" "I'm not addicted" "Please" "I won't charge back". Just a few examples of your answer to "explain yourself". To be frank, the community doesn't need a bloke sitting in the casino 24/7 because he has a gambling addiction. I'm honestly still confused as to why you chose a clone wars RP server to feed your addiction. Even though, in essence, you were still using real money to buy spins. Do you actually want to RP? If you were to be unbanned... it would highly likely be under the circumstance of restricting you to donate for valueless credits in-game. We also have children included in the community. https://www.ncpgambling.org/help-treatment/national-helpline-1-800-522-4700/#:~:text=The National Council on Problem,help for a gambling problem.
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