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  1. No experience with EM but as Pluto said, you need to throw in some more detail to each questions. Even copy and pasting previous EM applications to better present your application. I can also suggest asking other EMs to further enhance the overall application. Put yourself out there a bit more on the server and teamspeak. Good luck legend.
  2. As said, you are definitely reformed from your past mingy behaviour. Great to see you have been putting yourself out there on the server and team speak. I can only suggest to keep that consistent. In regards to your application. I don't see any problems. It's presented nicely, you have great word use and it overall makes sense. Your responses to all of the scenarios are detailed enough to express a very high level of understanding of the various commands and how to deal with each scenario, even with the additional path scenarios. Your response to this question is great. I can only suggest adding more to enhance it further. (I do realise you have added more to this answer from previous feedback) Big +1 from me, Pab Goodluck mate
  3. @Coric is relieved. No more "Size Me" tickets. Goodbye
  4. Hey Lead! In regards to your application, it clearly expresses a basic knowledge of commands and ways to solve or deal with each scenario. Followed are some suggestions, - As I can imagine it being a pain, you need to read over your application in order to refine it. This being, some grammatical issues and overall sentences that may not be clear or make sense to others. Also, use more commas and full stops. e.g. Ban then warn? - Increasing your efforts with detail and specifics can only benefit. Use more quotations, expand on or create more branch scenarios e.g. - In regards to 'Scenario 2', your issued warns will and should be initially 'fair'. I would suggest including the use of another staff member in this sit. Another staff member can assist in expressing the 'fairness' to the warned user. Reassuring this user that the warn was 'fair'. - In regards to the questions prior to the 'Scenarios', I would suggest including more detail in any way possible. Use past experiences and personal characteristics or traits to enhance your keenness, formality and the factor of why you should be chosen into the staff team. In regards to your activity and your intention to put your self out there, there is always room for improvement. From what I can see, you are active and see you hopping around channels in team speak. But I can definitely suggest to increase and drive your activity and interaction with the community to a much higher point. From my view, no negativity has came from your application or general interaction in the Gateway community. You seem keen, so it's a +1 from me. Please let me know of any questions or general guidance you might need by finding me in team speak or the server. I'm always happy to help or just have a chat.
  5. Hey legend, As Ace said, you definitely have higher understanding of the appropriate actions with all of these situations.. You have the basics (and a bit more) locked down. Your application could definitely include some more detail to express more of an understanding and keenness for this staff role. Some suggestions: - In regards to questions before 'Scenarios', include more than a line of text. Incorporate some personal characteristics and personal experiences that you feel reflects each question. This will only increase the effectiveness of expression in regards to your keenness toward the role and more importantly, make you stand out from the rest. e.g. Are you willing to test your stress? I believe i act well under stress and would like to improve/test it I think you could enhance your answer here to better express your capabilities to overcome or test your stress. Same goes with other questions. -Keep adding to your application. Scenarios, specific speech (quotations) and additional commands can only help the expression of your understanding and why you should be picked for the staff role. Most importantly, I cannot recall any interaction with yourself unless I have been mixed up with names. The most beneficial thing you could do (and for a +1 from me) is to get yourself out there more. I would suggest more communication in OOC, asking simple questions and most importantly, jumping around the TS servers to just have a chat or ask questions. I'm keen to help you out if you have any questions about my stated suggestions. Or even just to have a chat on the server or team speak. Good luck Snow Neutral at the moment.
  6. The Council Room now smells of fish.
  7. @Fluxy @Pluto @Snickerss @Ratatouille @Spoonj @Zac Thanks heaps legends ❤ Means alot.
  8. Clone Wars Moderator Application Template Prerequisites: Do you have Teamspeak 3 Installed? Yes. I now use it more often. Do you enjoy helping other people? Helping others is one of my passions and has always been a personal characteristic of mine. My moral simply does not let me refuse or decline assistance when a person is in need. If my ability cannot help that person, I refer to asking those who can. I am always keen and exited to help those who I know or new people. Are you willing to test your stress? I have definitely experienced times of major stress that I have overcome. I believe I can carry this over to the role of staff of the server. Age? (Minimum of 14 years of age.): 18 List your current playtime (Minimum of 80 Hours): (Click Here) 471.5 Hours Are you willing to learn new ways to approach situations? I am always keen to learn. Especially in areas that I excel or a role that I am exited to fulfil (This one). In regards to learning the ways of a trial moderator. I understand it's necessity and importance. Do you have any active warns? I do not. Do you have a problem with any of our current staff members? Not at all. I have grown relationships with some members of staff and always like interacting weather it be simply saying hello, during RP, having a laugh or just having a chat. Requirements: Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:52340217 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/littlepeaflea Current in game alias / rank: Recently left the role of Pilot CO -> PVT 3330 Flea Trial Council General Pea How known are you on a scale of 1-10 (10 being everyone knows you): 8 How will you becoming a moderator make an impact on the community? I believe my passion for helping those who ask or are in need will greatly benefit the community in addition to how to interact with others. I do not stand for those who disrespect/put down those who are 'different' or who have reformed from their mistakes. We are all here to have fun and role play. Of coarse, all while assisting the staff teams with those who do not intend to play the server in a rightful manner and those who are simply in need of tools or a whitelist. A prime example is the high demand of whitelisting and XP from those in the Jedi Order/Regiment. Another is the occasional group of players that join the server with no intent to RP. I believe I can contribute to reforming these players to enjoy and properly play the server with intent to RP /OR/ deal with them accordingly to reduce risk of verbal abuse to others, especially those who are vulnerable. Do you believe you're able to deal with individuals and situations in a completely unbiased manner? Of coarse. I understand some situations will tempt me to be lenient to those I know on the server. But I understand that if I do this job in bias way or I am too lenient, i am risking my position as a staff member, the reputation of the server and larger future punishments for those who I may have been too lenient to. Do you use our Teamspeak server often? Yes. This is the only server I use on TS. Do you understand that as a member of the Staff Team, your position may be subject to change and / or termination should you not be performing to the degree stipulated? I fully understand this as I have experienced similar in other leadership positions such as Pilot CO and currently, a Council Member. I understand standards and how they are kept effectively. Small things matter and can easily build up. I do not cut corners, as then, my future path on this role would inherit terminations, negative changes and just speed bumps that I would not want. Situations: LEGEND: ULX/Server Commands Rule Broken/Crime Speech (Not all Quoted Speech) Additional Actions Punishment Scenario 1. A user is RDMing and insulting other users. You are the only staff available to deal with the situation. What do you do? Assuming this player has been reported via /ticket or multiple users have been reporting this in /ooc OR seen by myself, I would... Firstly, open !logs to make sure the reported user is or has been RDMing. I would do this with haste to reduce risk of further rule breaking or increased RDM, which would in turn interfere with any current role play. I would then use !administrate to no-clip to a part of the map that would not interfere with other players or role play. I would use !bring [Name/ID] and !freeze [Name/ID]. I would then ask "Do you know why I have brought you to this staff sit?" The user admits to RDM and or player disrespect. In this case, I would give them the opportunity to give their reasoning for the RDM and player disrespect ("Do you have any reasoning to the breaking of these rules?"). I would then use !logs to identify where, who and the amount of times this user has RDMed. If a /ticket(s)/proof has been made against the user in regards to player disrespect/no intention of RP, I would !bring [Name/ID] the victim(s) to then ask "What was your experience with this user? Was he verbally insulting/disrespecting you out of character?" -If the user has both insulted/disrespected and RDMed a limited (1-3) amount of times towards one player, I would issue a warn for disrespect/insulting and a warn for RDM. These would be issued via !warn [Name/ID] [RDM]/[Player Disrespect] -If the user has both insulted/disrespected and RDMed to be considered 'mass' on one or more others, I would issue a 3 day ban via !ban [Name/ID] 3d Mass RDM, Player Disrespect Before issuing the punishments, I would inform them of the punishment and inform them of the appeal policy on the forums. The user is unsure. I would simply inform the user that they have been reported for insulting/disrespect and that the server logs show that RDM was prevalent. I would then punish accordingly. *Refer to the above* The user then denies the RDM and insulting/disrespect. *Refer to Question Two* If I suspect or the attitude of the warned user suggests that further rule breaking might occur, I would use !spectate [Name/ID] or !administrate to overlook his actions after being warned. I would deal and issue a punishment accordingly. 2. A user has contested a warn you have given him and proceeds to verbally abuse you, what do you do? I would !administrate, !bring [Name/ID] to a staff sit away from other players or areas of RP. I would then !freeze [Name/ID]. I would then ask "Are you contesting the warn I had given you?" Assuming he progresses with verbal abuse, I would give him a verbal warning to stop verbally abusing me and discuss the previous warn. -If he continues, I would inform and issue him with a warn via !warn [Name/ID] Continued verbal abuse to a member of staff. -If he stops the abuse, I would then ask @/Staff Chat if there is an available higher member of staff to assist. This member of staff will inform the user if I had wrongfully warned the user OR if the warn is justified and right, of coarse showing this warn would be issued even if this higher staff member had firstly warned the user. 3. A user has threatened to DDos and take down the server. What do you do? With haste, I would !administrate, !bring [Name/ID] to a staff sit away from other players or areas of RP. I would then !freeze [Name/ID]. I would immediately use @/Staff Chat to inform all staff that there has been a threat to DDos the server assuming one will tell the community owners or a higher member of staff. If I am the only staff member online/I am to deal with the player, I would firstly try to delay the user for member of high management/staff to secure the server, prepare for the DDos or somehow use the user's IP to restrict his ability to DDos the server. I would delay the user by simply talking and asking questions, whilst communicating with @/Staff Chat/Discord/TeamSpeak. Even if this was intended as a joke, this offence is illegal. I would issue a permanent ban to the user via !ban [Name/ID] Threatening to DDos/Shut down server. 4. A Commander and Lieutenant are arguing in front of debrief. It is getting quite heated. The context to the argument is unknown to you. What do you do? I would immediately tell them to stop the argument via voice chat and or !p. If they continue, I would then, with haste, to reduce the risk of others getting involved or it the situation escalating, !administrate, !bring [Names/IDs] to a staff sit away from other players or areas of RP. I would then !freeze [Names/IDs]. If it is necessary (they continue arguing), I would !gag/gimp/mute [Names/IDs]. If available, I would use @/Staff Chat to ask if another/higher member of staff would assist in the sit to determine the necessary punishment if deserved FROM hearing the sides from both users. -If they stop arguing when brought or are muted, I would ask "What is the context of this argument?", allowing both sides to be heard from each user without the other interrupting (toggling !mute/gimp/gag if necessary). If the argument has made out to be started from verbal abuse/disrespect and it is evident that both of them had been abusing/disrespecting each other during the debriefing, a warn would be informed and issued to each of the users via !warn [Name/ID] Player Abuse/Disrespect. -If they continue to argue and ignore me and the other staff member, I would issue them with a 1 Day Ban via !ban [Name/ID] 1d Player Disrespect/Continuous ignorance and disrespect. 5. A Cadet has been complaining and wandering around because he hasn't been trained yet. He doesn't appear to have any intent to role play. What do you do? I would first !administrate, no clip to the cadet area and !bring [Name/ID] the cadet. I would use !freeze [Name/ID] if necessary. In a kind, welcoming manner, I would ask "Hello, are you intending to play this role play server? Are you wanting to be trained?" -If the user does intend to play the server, I would immediately use /ooc or /comms to inform others that there is a cadet that needs to be trained immediately. While waiting, I would have a friendly chat to the cadet. Asking questions regarding to previous role play or GMod server experiences... If no one responds or no trooper shows up, I would use /ooc or /comms to inform that I will !bring a random SGT+ to train the cadet. -If the user does not intend to play the server and appears to be a minge/careless player, I would suggest to the user to leave the server and or verbally warn him not to roam the map unless trained and avoid the use of vulgar or racist language in chat or to to others. I would also verbally warn him not to RDM if he decides to be trained and inform that more severe punishments will be given if he RDMs when trained. More specifically, I would issue this user with a 1 Day Ban if he progresses to RDM and NIRP via !ban [Name/ID] 1d NITP/RDM. I am always keen to hear suggestions, feedback and support. Always up for a chat about anything.
  9. You bastard. How dare you leave us.
  10. Epic +1 Working close with Pluto he's well into his RP and always expressing his interest and keenness in the event master field... Also shown by the effort put into this application. Idea has been done before but the written execution definitely makes it unique. Really keen to see Pluto's ideas for events as trial EM. Answers from each question (regarding issues/abuse/complaints) are really thorough and well answered... demonstrating a pretty clear understanding of each scenario. :)
  11. Flea

    Jedi Giveway.

    Why: Really an investment for Jedi - Pluto's RP, with jedi being an RP based regiment, is on very high level. Also a great bloke. Gimme Gimme
  12. EDIT: Added Fusion Cutter Animation. 13/2 EDIT: Added 2nd Meditation Animation
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