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  1. Will fondly remember our elite mod challenges together. o7
  2. Those younglings won't see it coming.
  3. That's what I get for having a regi in the first half of the year
  4. A one week ban for turning off the reactor is super extreme. Sure, a couple day ban potentially but it is completely ridiculous to justify him being banned for a whole week just because he is past staff without any previous warns.
  5. General Category Player of the Year @Jazza Best Artist/Content Creator @Buck :) Best Meme Darkai / Nearly Abs Most Memorable Player @Pepsi Staff and Event Category Most Active Staff @Noc @Pab @Stingel Most Helpful Staff @Pab @Noc Best Staff Newcomer @Pab Best Event Master @Sloth @Buck :) Best Campaign 2020 TBD Most Friendly Staff Member @Noc
  6. You're an absolute legend, now you can come and join the retired boomers. o7
  7. Absolute legend, Pluto is always friendly and level headed and clearly understands what is appropriate behaviour. Answers are fleshed out and demonstrate an understanding of the commands. +1
  8. A good bloke, he has a clear understanding of where appropriate and inappropriate behaviour is drawn and is always a friendly an approachable person. Answers are generally well written and I think he'd make a good t-mod. Best of luck. +1
  9. Responses are pretty solid and demonstrate a clear understanding of the commands. From my experience with you previously, you are a calm and collected individual that at the same time understands the line between having a joke around and massive minging. I reckon you'd do quite well as a staff member and so +1. Best of luck
  10. It's been an absolutely fantastic journey but it's time I take a break for a while to do some other things. From my beginnings in late December last year, I was absolutely hooked and have been playing ever since. From starting off as a mingy shiny with no intention to role play, to joining GM, which was being run by a jedi knight since both the commander and 2/ic were playing competitive rocket league, to becoming a sergeant and being offered the position as Bacara. It was a wild and questionable experience as the GM gang stumbled along trying to figure out what we were doing, yet somehow we managed and seemed to be fairly alright. I've had a blast in different roles with being server staff and then RHC and I wouldn't change it for the world and I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to the amazing community that is Gateway since I wouldn't have stuck around as long if it wasn't for you minges. Shout out to the following people (Sorry if I've forgotten anyone) All my GM lads, you were the best troopers I could have ever asked for @Joe - Minge, drill goes brrrrrrr @Trotsky - Minge Connoisseur @Robb - What an absolute great bloke @Decker - The man has the patience of a god @Jazza - +1 Jazza for Shiny CO @Babatunde - Seriously a great bloke, best of luck in the future @Rambo - A lad, keep it up @Corvus - All began with you, best of luck with Yoda @[email protected][email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@Manhattan - Best guys I could ever ask for helping with GM. @[email protected]@[email protected] - Best of luck I've lost my nearly abs so I must be off to grind on at the gym. o7
  11. Cya later big man, I'll see you around.
  12. You are incredibly active as seen by your game tracker and your responses are well written and detailed with your use of commands and situations. My only concern would be that you haven't been around for a huge amount of time, not even a month at this point and so for the time being I would suggest hopping around to different TS channels and getting your name out there. I'm neutral for the time being but definitely inclined to a +1 if you keep up your activity and presence.
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