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  1. Name: Bepsi Backstory: Mass breed by greedy breeders and distributed among the masses, Bepsi's brethren had become apart of many families and drug traders protection groups. Bepsi has a great taste and refreshing bubbles that come along with his ravenous appetite and saliva. Bepsi has found himself in the hands of some GM troopers who uncovered him within a cave and took him under their wing.
  2. A massive improvement from your other app but there are still things that could be fixed up. I can see quite a few cases where grammar is pretty poor as well as making sure you have filled out the whole criteria such as time played. Great work on taking that feedback on board though.
  3. There are some severe issues that have already been pointed out in your apps structure and substance but my other concern would be that you may be a little young. I've had a chat with you and you seem like a mature person but I'd just have concerns as to how people may react in events. Good luck in fixing the rest of the issues in your app but for now I'm Neutral
  4. o7 you beautiful furry bastard
  5. Having had Pab in my regiment for quite a long time, he has shown me his tireless dedication to the server and has an understanding of where the line between appropriate and rule breaking sits. Your app clearly shows an in depth understanding of commands and a level headed approach to all situations. My one piece of advice would maybe be to branch out a little more but all things considered, I think you'd make a good member of staff. +1
  6. A really well structured and clearly thought out application. My experiences with Flea on the server have all been positive, he's active and dedicated with both his current Jedi slot and and previous pilot CO role but most importantly I've only ever seen him calm and collected which are really good traits for a member of staff to have. +1
  7. You are an absolute lad Pepsi, a great member of GM and absolutely cultural. o7
  8. Having had you in Galactic Marines for a while now, you've clearly demonstrated to me your dedication and willingness to help out the community whenever you can. The big thing would be getting yourself out there into the wider community rather then just a few groups but apart from that I truly believe you'd make an excellent member of staff. +1
  9. I don't think I've really ever talked to Rippa which can definitely be on my end but I think it'd be great to hop around the ts channels a bit more and interact with the wider community a little more often. So I'll be neutral for now. Good Luck!
  10. A really good staff member, he's actively engaged in the community and has jumped in our ts channels from time to time which is great to see. He gave me constructive criticism with clear points to what I could improve in my staff app where he demonstrated his clear willingness to help out as well as immense patience and knowledge. Massive +1
  11. Minges on the server have been hit hard now that you're gone. Cya later Joe
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