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  1. You are incredibly active as seen by your game tracker and your responses are well written and detailed with your use of commands and situations. My only concern would be that you haven't been around for a huge amount of time, not even a month at this point and so for the time being I would suggest hopping around to different TS channels and getting your name out there. I'm neutral for the time being but definitely inclined to a +1 if you keep up your activity and presence.
  2. A really good guy who is back and active in the community, your application is detailed and demonstrates a good grasp on commands and the correct response to situations. +1
  3. The man has been around for a while now and has always been a consistently friendly and active person who is actively engaged in the community. The application itself is quite bare so I'd like to see some more commands and a deeper exploration of each question but I know that'd you'd make a good member of staff so I am happy to give a +1.
  4. After quite a while of deliberating, RHC have decided that Babatunde will be taking up the position as Unassigned Commander. Congratulations too all those who applied as there were numerous strong contenders.
  5. The Unassigned Commanding Officer application is now closed.
  6. My main point of concern, like Noc said, is your age. Of course you may be mature for your age but from what I've seen of you it may be better to hold of for a little while and come back in a few months time.
  7. The Unassigned Commander Application will close after the Commander's Meeting on Saturday 25/7. If you are interested then make sure that you have your application in before then or you will have missed out on your chance. Best of Luck
  8. Hello Everyone, Unwanted has stepped down from his position as the Unassigned Commander and as such RHC are looking externally for someone to take up the mantle as the leader of the unassigned. All applications will be looked at seriously and as such please refrain from making any inappropriate or joke applications. Role: As the Unassigned Commander, you have a critical role to play as you are likely one of the first individuals a new player will encounter and as such need to be able to mentor and help them find a regiment. This of course means that you as an individual must be patient and willing to deal with all challenges that will arise as the Unassigned Commander and ideally will be staying in that role for the foreseeable future. Application Prerequisites 1. You must hold the rank of Drill Sergeant or higher, OR have held the rank of 2nd Lieutenant or higher in the past. 2. A minimum of 75 hours of playtime on the server. 3. Not have any more than 5 outstanding warnings from Server Staff. Do you meet these requirements? Please comment with the following Format: In-game name: (eg; 2343 Jimmy) In-game Rank: (eg; Warrant Officer (WO)). Steam Link & ID: (STEAM:0_0:00000) Discord Name (Jimmy#1234) Why you want the role, & what will make you a viable candidate: (I want it for these reasons. I will be viable for these reasons.) All those who apply will be contacted by RHC. Good Luck to you all.
  9. Boy do I have some news for you
  10. Sad to see you officially go, You were a really cool dude and as much as people gave you shit for navy, you still put your heart and soul into it and that's all anyone can ask at the end of the day. Best of luck to wherever life takes you next. o7
  11. Cya Later Big Man o7
  12. If you need any help, feel free to hit me up on the TS or contact me on discord. Always happy to help out.
  13. Your app is reasonably detailed but I would like to see a deeper exploration of scenarios such as question 2, how would you approach the situation if you still believe the warn should stay and alternatively how you would approach a situation where you believe you've made a mistake? In terms of your presence on the server, I personally haven't seen you very much, try hopping on the TS and popping around to a few channels here and there to make yourself more well known. For the time being I'll be Neutral, best of luck.
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