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  1. @Kruger thanks mate! glad this is better. and yes, i did take inspiration from that very episode as I knew that it was relevant to the current timeline! cheers for the time again
  2. @Kruger (Smooth) what do you think of this one?
  3. Cheers Kruger I appreciate you taking the time to give me some advice!
  4. Apologies, it should say Padawan Spompe, was trying to figure out a cool wookiee name that wasn't generic as fuck
  5. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Spompe Known Alias’/Nicknames: Bricey Previous Occupation: Kashyyyk Bartender Current Occupation: Jedi Consular Known Languages: Shyriiwook Hobbies: Drink making (non-alcoholic), Speeder engineering, Riding speeders, combing fur Alignment: Light Side of the Force - Jedi Consular PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable, is a loyal character with typically high morale Mental Disabilities: None on record Likes: Mocktails, Speeders, Yoda, Hugs Dislikes: People who touch his fur, Trandoshans Personality: Kind, approachable, cuddly, strong, tough, loyal PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Lean, tall, strong Age: 15 years old Weight: 160kg Build: Tall and Stocky Disabilities: Scar across right eye, hindered vision Appearance: Large, brown wookie, very furry, 5'7 tall. His eyes are dark black and his cry rings distinctly upon entering battle. JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): Obi-Wan Kenobi Lightsaber details: Traditional green consular blade, standard build Combat style: Proficient in Form I, hoping to learn Form IV BACKSTORY Born on the planet Kashyyyk, Spompe the Wookiee was exiled from hiss home planet and exchanged by his parents to masked scavengers on the planet of Eberon for mere credits to bring their village out of poverty. Now living in a system of the Mid Rim's Mytaranor sector, where many battles of the great galactic war took place, Spompe was constantly bullied and abused for his labour, tagging along with the scavengers in raids and hunts and treated as a mere slave. Frequently, the scavengers would hold a laser rifle to Spompe's cranium if he did not comply with their abuse of him for their sheer amusement. A mere six months ago, Spompe embarked on a raid of Dromund Kaas's cave systems with the scavengers, as there were rumours that the Trandoshan Relic had been located by one of the scavengers' scouts after having been stolen by Lord Zash's apprentice against Darth Skotia during the Cold War. Spompe accompanied the scavengers, as whilst they were abusive, they were the only company he ever knew, and he would have died for them. This encounter was routine, as they had targeted artifacts affiliated with the Sith before. Upon arrival on Dromund Kaas, the scavengers and Spompe arrived at the cave, which was barred by large boulders on the entrance. Their leader, Rees, placed detonating charges on the boulders and opened the cave. Using his Shyriiwook/Galactic Basic Standard translator, Spompe alerted the scavengers that the cave seemed unsteady, and that it appeared to be booby trapped across the front entrance. The scavengers ignored Spompe, and ventured deeper into the cave. However, after having pushed extremely far down into the cave, Spompe noticed a group of Trandoshan scavengers cowering in one of the cave's corners after having heard that Spompe's group was approaching. Rees ruthlessly ordered the squad to mow down the Trandoshans with their DC-15A's (looted from republic clones killed), leaving a small Trandoshan child alive. Keem. Rees approached the trembling Keem and pulled him by his ears to look at his dead comrades, mocking his race's prowess and laughing at the tears falling from Keem's wide eyes. Spompe felt terrible for the youngling but knew what the scavengers would do if he dared to oppose them. In his fear, Keem lashed out aggressively at Rees, biting his face and drawing blood from the front of his mask. Rees instantly withdrew the broad spear from the holster of his woolen robe and stabbed Keem through the stomach and two legs, leaving him to bleed out in a painful heap. As Spompe watched the life slip away from the young Trandoshan, Keem coughed up more blood as his stomach matter began to literally ooze from the incision that Rees had made. Rees laughed maniacally as the young Trandoshan died and ordered his team to continue to traverse down the cavern's rocky path. But Spompe felt compelled to the young Trandoshan, despite his knowledge that the two races had never truly been on good terms. He didn't want the young character to die. He sat with the character for many minutes, watching his painful demise and sorrowing at the disparity of the situation. The Trandoshan's escaped body fluid, high pitched screams and wheezing pain cries sent Spompe into despair. As Spompe's tears ran down his fur, he placed a rag on the leg wounds of the Trandoshan, which were leaking the most blood. Oddly, the Trandoshan did not flinch, rather sighed in relief, as Spompe lifted his hand from the Trandoshan's abdominal wound to find the wound closed. Hope was rekindled by this odd occurence, with the tender swollen skin miraculously sowing back together as a result of an unknwon force. But as Spompe was healing Keem's lower wounds, Rees noticed Spompe's betrayal, and fired the DC-15A at Keem's head, robbing him of the chance for life again. Enraged at Keem's sudden death, Spompe entered a fired, rouge anger and beat Rees with his open fists with tremendous strength. The force of Spompe's enraged footsteps sent rocks descending from the roof of the cavern, landing on Rees and subsequently killing him. Engulfed by the rage, Spompe then gunned down two more of the quintuplet squad, causing the remaining scavengers to flee. The incident left Spompe deserted and alone on the island of Dromund Kaas. He spent months evading the scavenger reinforcements who had returned to enact vengeance on Spompe for the murders of his rage. But Spompe was able to pick off a group of scavengers and thieve their ship. Using all of the available fuel, he escaped as far as he could from the Kashyyyk system, spontaneously arriving on the planet Toydaria, where his exhausted self was brought before the King, and handed to the clones of the Galactic Republic for assessment by the Jedi after the Toydarian species discovered his remarkable strength. The Jedi sensed great potential in young SPompe and spoke to him, bringing him to the Jedi temple and initiating him as a Padawan of Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. Spompe meets with his master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Master Yoda to curb his anger and meditate for the trauma that he experienced on Dromund Kaas. Spompe is slowly becoming an integral part of the Jedi Order, but he must first learn to manage his anger if he desires full connection into the light side of the force. Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Liked - Commander Tano Friend - Obi-Wan Kenobi Liked - Youngling Jinx Liked - Youngling O-Mer Friend - Padawan Oden Hatred - Former accomplice Rees
  6. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Slightly Unstable Mental Disabilities: Susceptible to pain and anger while meditating at visions of his burning village Likes: Working out, discipline, learning, practicing skills, meditating, visiting Endor to see family, being diplomatic and talking to people, furry memes (Sansama finds them humorous.) Practising spear throwing, Ewok jerky on Afabar Dislikes: Piloting (feet can’t reach pedals unless he uses a special ship), Darth Nihilus, being alone Personality: Humorous and disciplined, yet volatile when reminded of his young infancy PHYSICAL INFORMATION Race: Ewok Physical State: Extremely fit and agile Age: 15, training since very young (Ewok lifespan approx. 45 years) Weight: 45kg Build: Round and stout, yet agile and strong Disabilities: N/A Appearance: 1.22m, furry, dark eyes, with a few spots and strips, large bright eyes, humanoid-like nose and hands that possess two fingers and one opposable thumb JEDI INFORMATION Name: Sansana Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): Knight Vael Kamiris Lightsaber details: Basic padawan lightsaber yet slightly smaller to mitigate the shortness Combat style: Aggressive and agile yet supportive as he is a consular and BACKSTORY RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | General Kala Ry – Liked General Obi-Wan Kenobi – Liked Youngling Luke Skyline – Liked Knight Vael Kamiris – Liked Padawan Barris Offee – Disliked (she always crouches down to him when she sees him and ruffles his furr. Sansama does not like this.) Darth Nihilus – Hatred One summer’s night, the stars were gleaming out in the sky as the treehouse were lively with energy on the forest moon Endor. All the Ewok folk of the town were extremely excited for tonight’s proceedings. One beautiful village Elder, named Peekpa, was giving birth to a beautiful young baby, while her husband Logray stood next to her in sheer joy and awe. As the baby popped out, its scarlet eyes opened wide and stared at all the astounded faces which surrounded it. It was beautiful as it was furry. Peekpa and Logray decided to name it Sansama. Sansama had six years of growing up on Endor, where he underwent his schooling education and university with flying colours (Ewok lifespan is approximately 40 years, so schooling is a lot shorter than humanoid). When Sansama was an adolescent Ewok, he was playing by the rocks one day and throwing them with his friends when they started swerving around him when he raised his hands to them. Although Sansama didn’t think much of it at the time, this was the beginning of fulfilling his true destiny. On the brink of mid-adolescence, Sansama woke up to flames surrounding his village on Endor. He raced up out of his bed and looked out of his window to see a dark-robed masked figure along with Battle droids slaughtering the members of his tribe. Sansama was terrified but managed to pick up a spear and run across the treetop bridges above the forest canopy to travel to his mother and father’s cabin. Sansama walked into their cabin to find them murmuring and huddling in the corner, holding one another for dear life. They were now around 27 years old and were reaching the point where they would become village elders, instead of pillagers/members, and so their bodies would degrade in the coming years. Sansama lead his parents out of the treehouse and rallied up other survivors to retreat into a cavern which was around 2 kilometres away from the village where they could take refuge. Little did Sansama know, he wasn’t alone on this journey. The masked hooded figure that Sansama saw murdering his people moved through the grass with undetectable stealth and prowess. None of the other Ewoks knew that he was behind the travelling group. As he saw the group with their torches and spear enter the cave, his fist clenched in complete anger and menace. He was going to slaughter them all. Sansama entered the cave and started tending to the wounded. Working efficiently, yet silently, he bandaged up every member of the group and assembled them closely to a steam pocket which was providing warmth as the Endor nights can reach below -50 degrees Celsius. They were safe, or so he thought. Suddenly, he hears an extremely loud yet short whirring sound as he turned around. Amidst all the chaos and secrecy of their hiding spot, they had been found. The masked hooded figure looked dreaded as he ignited his lightsaber and surveyed the group. He only spoke five words, which Sansama will remember for the rest of his life. “you’re all going to die.” The hooded figure moved so fast through the cavern that Sansama could barely see where he was. He picked up one village member in each hand and as he let them go to fall to the ground, they hovered in mid-air, but they were somehow being choked. At the time, Sansama had no idea how the hooded figure was doing this to his tribe. Within seconds, they were dead. Sansama’s heart dropped. He had no idea what to do. All he could feel was pure anger. At this point, there were only five people left in the cave including Sansama and his parents. He lashed out in rage, throwing a sharp spear straight at the figure’s leg while he wasn’t looking. The spear stopped mid-way through its flight and turned around. It was pointed towards the other couple of Ewoks, one of whom was a pregnant ‘wok. But the man didn’t care. He sent the spear straight through her forehead and redirected it back into her husbands. Sansama cried out in fear. As the figure then re-ignited his saber, the family sprinted further into the cavern, into the dark depths. Sansama’s father, thankfully, had a republic distress indicator which was assigned to Sansama’s village on Endor. The family’s last hope, the indicator went off as the republic quickly sent troops to cater for the perishing folks. Until, Sansama heard that voice again. “I will find you.” As the cavern lit up, the figure reappeared but with two battle droids providing light by both of his sides. Suddenly, Peekpa spoke up and said in Ewokese: “If you take me, let my husband and wife go.” Longray and Sansama’s faces filled with dread when the figure gladly accepted the sacrifice and took Peekpa into his arm. He put his saber hilt up to Peekpa’s head and ignited. She was dead. Suddenly, Longray cried to himself as he ran to Peekpa’s body. Showing no mercy, the figure picked up Sansama’s father as well. However this time, he took Sansama’s spear out of his hand and fired it at his father’s chest. Sansama’s father was dead. By his hand. Sansama looked at his hands as he reflected on the deed he had just committed. According to him, he had just killed his father. He went up to the bodies of his parents and cried. The figure spoke once more, giving Sansama a moment of suffering: “I will now kill you. You will have no one to die with. You’re alone. And weak. And as you die into the force, you will eternally remember the name.” Nihilus. Sansama fell to the ground. He was scared. He was terrified. He wanted to die. He cried to himself. The figure approached to Sansama as he stood up, staring at the corpses of his parents. Suddenly, vengeance began to fill him. He stared at the figure, through the mask. Within an instant, Sansama let out a shriek which killed both battle droids as the volcano began to shake. The cave fell to piece and collapsed as Sansama saw the red lightsaber and its holder fly off into the distance. With no food, and no water, he was trapped. The next morning, two men with green and blue sabers entered Sansama’s cave along with a bunch of republic troopers. His father’s distress signal had saved him. Longray’s death was not in vain. As the figure’s approached Sansama, he pushed them away without even touching them. The figures stumbled back and then looked at one another. They knew that he was special. They took Sansama back to what he now knows as the Jedi temple, as he spent years training through being a Jedi initiate to a Padawan. Sansama decided to pursue the Consular path of his training, due to his strong powers and knowledge of the force. Sansama also vows to learn how to stop people from dying. As his knowledge in force healing accentuates, he will become an adept user of it and will learn how to save people from suffering the same fate as his village, of which he was the only survivor. Sansama’s ultimate goal, however, is to face Darth Nihilus one more time, and take his life. Although Sansama can be volatile in controlling his emotions towards Nihilus, he knows that he is doing it for the benefit of the galaxy, and to find inner peace, not to enact revenge or have hatred. He knows that hatred eventually leads to suffering. Sansama is now a humble, yet diligent Ewok who is a great dueller and adept user of the force. As his mastery grows, he will become more at peace with the tragic events of his past.
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