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  1. Galax

    Borderlands 3

    cheers big boy, won’t hesitate to hit you up for walkthroughs
  2. How to make yourself cry: Hold your eyes open as long as you can. Keeping your eyes open will dry them out and cause them to sting. Eventually, the dryness will trigger your eyes to start watering, so try not to blink until you feel tears start to form. If you’re near a fan, try to stand so that the air is blowing into your eyes, which can make them water. If you can stare at a bright light, your eyes will water even faster.
  3. I am knocking off, its been real. S/O to the following for making my time on gateway fun: @Bootsy @Joe @Sean @Khai @Beatroot @Tenty @Goose @Seeker @Andy @Fluxy @Mumbase @Sloth @Centurion @Decker @ShuaDaddy @Bull @Ratatouille @Budds @Zia @Rover But most importantly, thank you @Chunky, I came onto Gateway to minge and get banned but instead, you let me into CG and I really enjoyed it. "How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard" - Winnie The Pooh Bye
  4. Really cool backstory, man.
  5. Well written application that is easy to read and well formatted. You are a really cool guy who I thoroughly enjoy talking to. Your maturity level is well above what I see out of most people your age. Good luck with your application. +1
  6. Honestly Hacketty, you are one of the best roleplayers I have seen on GG, you have a passion for Navy and your hard work really does show. You seem like a very nice guy that doesn't mind a laugh. As for the application itself, it is well written and very easy to read. Please take this +1. I feel like you'd make a great impact on the server as staff.
  7. welcome to cg dude, hope to see you in tracker soon
  8. thats looks super clean, you've clearly got some skills.
  9. Galax


    wassup g
  10. Looks good dude, wouldn't mind seeing more of your work! +1
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