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  1. Name:HappeeSteam Profile Linkhttps://steamcommunity.com/id/my_name_jeff_XD/In-game Name:HappeeWhy do you want it: because saber go brrrr
  2. So when do I get on my knees?
  3. I agree with this, alongside grunts having less than 100 hp and in massive swarms, just like the tv show and the movies
  4. now this is epic, @Aix - Fireball is a good and trustworthy person, and i think these pac3 images don't show what he can fully do with it, overall awesome pac and i'm happy to see you doing a application +1 stev.jfif
  5. Now this is really a epic gamer moment
  6. Your Name / Nominated Players Name: 7282 Epsilon Your in-game Name: 9009 Midas Your Regiment: 104th Wolfpack
  7. This is the most trustworthy person i know, i feel some answers are a bit short but other than that amazing job dude keep it up. +1
  8. Name: Happee i frikin play on imperial
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