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  1. The application is well structured and has a good amount of detail. I have no issues with it. Your active on ts and have the ability to be a good mod, you are a good guy and have a good presence on the server. Helpfull to community members and has a bright future. +1
  2. +1 Good man. In the past he has been an excellent mod, admin and SA. Would make a nice addition to the team. Very friendly
  3. Seen you on the server quite abit. You also have been previous staff and your application looks good. Good man, friendly to talk to. +1
  4. +1 The stuff youve done looks good Cringe this you drawing?
  5. Goodbye my Malaysian brother. You were the best admin Mashallah. Inshallah I will see you again on the server.
  6. Squsihy is a good guy. Well known by the community and acttive within it. Helpfull to community members and has a bright future. You also look like you have good knowladge of Ulx and have a solid application. Good luck B) +1
  7. Thick +1 known macca for quite awhile. He ticks all the boxes for what would make a good Moderator. No issue with the application and are very active within the community GOOD LUCK B)
  8. +1 bread. Your a good and freindly bloke and have no issue with ya. Your active and are helpfull. Seem to know your ulx command too. No issue with the application. Good luck B)
  9. Man has been staff before and was amazing. Only heard good things about you and I think you would make an amazing staff member. 𝕋𝕙𝕚𝕔𝕜 +1
  10. Name: PabSteam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198068866217In-game Name: DT-036Server: (Imperial RP)Why do you want it: Wanna kill some blokes
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