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  1. Pab


    Should be Good B)
  2. The application is well structured and has a good amount of detail. I have no issues with it. Your active on ts and have the ability to be a good mod. GRAPE APP +1
  3. THE TRANDO WARS Backstory: A trando clan allied with CIS named Marnoc has been harassing a trando clan allied with the Republic named Ratukaan. The Ratukaan Clan and Marnoc clan both have access to advanced shielding technology. The republic needs to intervene in this war to stop the CIS and Marnoc from achieving mass production of these shielding technologies. Information: Date: 14th November (Saturday) Time: 2:30pm AEST Daylight saving- Ends 11:00pm. (You will be off base the whole Campaign) Discord:https://discord.gg/3fnazpVpxz (Join if want to contribute or be EC) Brought to you by the Backup EM TEAM: @Pab @Pluto @Siff @Stingel with emotional support from @Spirit and @Buck :) for making logo
  4. I like it. Good event idea and well detailed and structured app. But in reality "what's a tn?" +1
  5. General Category Player of the Year- @Me nam e Jeff, @Sloppy, @Veldt Best Artist/Content Creator- @Buck :) Best Meme- Darkai (Nearly abs), @Smiddy ARC Has fundamental flaws and nobody is willing to challenge them. Best Newcomer- @Me nam e Jeff Most Memorable Player- Darkai, @Jazza , @Coric Best Username- @Fluxy Most Skilled Player- @Rainn Most Improved/Redeemed Player- TBD Best Builder- @Tags, @Cazzete, @Buck :) Roleplay Category Commander of the Year- @Pluto, @Stingel, @Fluxy Regiment of the Year- @Fluxy GM, @Stingel 187th Best Roleplayer- @Corvus, @Tags Best Duelist- @Pasha, @johnson, @Akali Staff and Event Category Most Active Staff - @Siff, @Stingel, @Pluto Most Helpful Staff- @Noc, @Centurion Best Staff Newcomer- @Pluto Best Developer- @Aussi, @Rhinous, @Merc Best Event Master- @Buck :), @Andy, @Spoonj Best Campaign 2020- TBD Most Friendly Staff Member- @Noc, @Pluto, @ShuaDaddy
  6. If you guys do 6:30 expect more Pab events because I'm one of the only ones which do them B). Pick 8:30 for my sanity.
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