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  1. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Zolt Katarn Known Alias’/Nicknames: Zolt Previous Occupation: Citizen of Alderaan Current Occupation: Jedi Known Languages: Galactic Basic Hobbies: Learning in the Archives Alignment: Galactic Republic PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Sane Mental Disabilities: None Likes: Playing Games, Making Jokes and being an annoyance. Dislikes: Arrogance Personality: Playful PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Physically able Age: 18 Weight: 80kg Build: slim build Disabilities: Bad hand eye coordination (terrible at duelling) Appearance: brown hair with blue eyes. Small armour attachments and a holster for equipment and his light saber. JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): Master Quinlan Vos Lightsaber details: Simple with a green Kyber crystal. Combat style: Form I. BACKSTORY Zolt was born in Alderaan, Zolt was found early in his life, an infant barely 30 months old. Taken up into the order willingly, his family proud that he would become a Jedi Knight told in stories. His first contact with The Force was when a storm over the city in the night started to crackle and frighten the locals. Zolt unknowingly calmed the weather for a brief moment. That moment was enough for a nearby sentinel who was surveying the ruins underneath the city sensed his presence and directed Jedi Pathfinders to him. In these moments the city quietened and with a proper attitude directed the Jedi Knights to bring up Zolt in the Force to become a Jedi. RELATIONSHIPS Zolt believes no one should be put in these Relationships as no beings should be put above any other. Doubts about others leads to Emotion and that is a path to the dark side. “Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.” — Yoda “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” — Yoda Dead| Death Wish | Hatred | Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend |
  2. +1 Good PAC creation, the only problem I can see is that it's basic but I'm sure you'll learn how to use PAC in new and creative ways as you play
  3. Welcome Back, sorry about the other post, didn't mean to be interpreted that way. Forgive me.
  4. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable Mental Disabilities: N/A Likes: Learning, Training, Thinking, Perfecting Arts, Being Alone, Meditating, Thinking about past and Helping to resolve conflicts. Dislikes: Bugs, Not knowing the Answer, Crowds, Incompetence and People that are sick. Personality: Kind spirited, Always looking to grasp more Knowledge of the Arts, Can sometimes lose focus on things and can be silent for days if he chooses. PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: In shape, Focuses more on the physical aspects of being a Jedi. Age: 16 Weight: 55 KG Build: Sturdy Disabilities: N/A Appearance: Pale Skin with a set of Orange Battle Armour, having a small robe atop. Midnight eyes, Clean Shave and Bald. JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): Previously Master Kala Ry Lightsaber details: The single sided lightsaber was made using the material named Electrum-plated alloy for its gold appearance the saber was well rounded and had black grooves for where the hand was placed during combat. Combat style: During Lightsaber to Lightsaber combat He would focus on Forms II and I. During droid attack he would rely on closing the gap using Form III to get close enough for a standard Lightsaber attack. If the options limit him from closing the gap he will rely on Form V BACKSTORY Before Jedi Training: Poseidon Helikonios was born 36 BBY on the densely populated planet of Naboo and was relocated at birth to the unknown moon of Endor, a forested planet covered in dense woodlands, tall mountains, and savannas. Born very unfortunate, his family gave Poseidon to the tribe of Ewoks. They taught him, raised him and loved him. Poseidon spent time watching the hunters go back and forth bringing supplies from across the river back to the treetops using ponies to carry the load, eating three meals every day plus living in a redwood hut containing multiple storage rooms and a personal cooking pit, which was right next to where he slept. Every morning of the beginning of his life was spent eating and playing with the other Ewoks until the incident happened. At the age of two Poseidon wandered towards the family hut until a heavy wind pushed the bridge and made it sway forcefully up and down and as Poseidon went to reach for the handles, he felt his feet slip and began to descend. Breaking branches he covered his face with his hands bracing for impact, with a moment before impact he felt himself come to a slow halt before slamming against a prickly bush. Only being able to see the dark green leaves and the sharp thorns that reflected back at him revealing themselves he attempted to stand, Hopeless. Poseidon, lost, alone and helpless was prone to the vicious world that once was under him now surrounding him. Barely being able to open his eyes he saw two large legs walk curiously closer towards him. The green figure then reached out his arms picking up Poseidon and began to speak inaudible screeches and tightly gripped the Ewok and aggressively ran towards the Swamp which it lives. About half an hour since Poseidon disappearance the Ewok tribe noticed that Poseidon wasn’t anywhere to be found so they then called an urgent meeting, resulting in multiple hunters to track what could’ve happened to him. After locating the fall which they spotted multiple broken branches they assumed he couldn’t recover from the fall, once they reached the bottom they found nothing except footprints of a Dulok. Knowing the worst the followed the Footprints towards the swamp. Poseidon was being held to the body of the Dulok with a sharpened stick being held against his head. Looking around Poseidon saw nothing but fallen trees and sticky mud that sank below them. The Dulok, adaptive to the environment traversed the muddy swamp and heard a rustling, then again louder and louder, closer and closer. He knew that the Ewoks were upon him. Without any clues to the number of Ewoks were there he was at a disadvantage. Multiple Ewoks were closing in on him. He heard the rustling cease and he shakily looked around for anywhere to hide but Poseidon roared out a deafening scream which left the Dulok dazed and confused. The Ewoks began to circle the Dulok and demanded the infant to be let go and returned back to his tribe, the Dulok tried to explain the situation how he needed a sacrifice to stop the monsters that destroyed his village from returning. The Ewoks knew that Duloks are the type to lie as they lacked the intelligence so they offered to help him, once Poseidon was returned to the hunter named Troy who tended to his wounds on a log which was exposed above the mud, first removing the exposed thorns then Troy applied the medical cream on the roughened, discolored skin. The hunter then wrapped him around his back, wrapped clothes and rags around him and secured him. Upon reaching what looks to be a lost, forgotten ruin. The Dulok explained that this was once a thriving area that his tribe once called home. The members of such tribe fled however some did not make it, many bodies were left scattered around the place like bets on a Pod race. The Dulok knew his options were limited so he showed the Ewoks where the beasts went. The Ewoks followed the path upon finding a clue, the outline within the mud was a circle consisting of spikes pointing outward from the center. Instantly the hunters knew the beast. It was mammoth in size with a bristled back and large, sharp teeth. It was Boar-Wolf. Many living creatures, sentient or not knew that to take this beast down needed a trap, a way of trapping such creature was no easy task. Many Ewoks took months preparing ways to capture or subdue the beast. Right now they only had a couple of moments. Poseidon still healing from his wounds put in his efforts and shakily extended his arm pointing towards what looked to be a dip in a close mountain, the hunters knew what point he was trying to male and looked around for anything with enough size to block the escape. The hunters found medium-sized rocks located near the sides of the mountain that could be pushed to either hit the Beast or create a blockade. With all the preparations set someone had to lure the Boar-Wolf in. The Dulok being the most logical reason considering their speed within the swamp volunteered. Knowing the risks the Dulok braced for the worst and followed the tracks. Cautiously the Dulok walked slower and slower towards the cave until he heard a snarl. Then a huff, then a roar. The beast was after him. As if he were jumping through hyperspace he dashed, past the fallen logs, jumping over fallen branches which the Beast bruited through, he saw the dip. The beast only inches away started to slip but the Dulok, no, he jumped. Gripping onto a rope as the hunters pulled the rope across, raising the Dulok up and away from the beast. The others used ropes tied up around multiple rocks the Ewoks gave it a little jolt. One of the rocks loosely untangled the rope and was sent in a spiraling descend towards the Beast. The rocks left bruises along the face however the main boulders were sent not to hit the beast, but trap it. The boulders that had fallen landed almost compacted to each other and stopped the beast from escaping which was then left until the Ewoks returned with weapons that could cut through the bristled back. Later Poseidon returned and found a curious man wander into their village. As Poseidon was the only one who knew how to speak Basic he stood near Poseidon as he could be a translator for the Ewoks. The man, or more accurately Nico Okarr mentioned that he worked with a tribe of Ewoks long before the senate and required help from the village to lay low until the bounty hunters stopped looking to claim his head. In return, he offered his skills as a hunter and blaster for protection. Hours after negotiations began, they settled with an agreement, Poseidon was unable to know this Agreement until he was sent to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Four months later and Poseidon was learning skills faster than anyone before him. Nico was impressed, not with the skills he learned, but with the dedication towards them. Suddenly past the distant trees, a loud echoing noise was heard. Investigating the scene the Ewoks found a small group of people all wearing masks. These people whos name never mentioned held a tracker beacon which they followed with haste. Considering they ignored the Ewoks they prepared for the worst. Nico, who was chopping logs for the Ewoks heard a faint cracking of a stick behind the bushes and almost immediately drew his blaster expecting for a fight when Poseidon walked out with more logs. Withdrawing his gun back into his holster the same group of masked men surrounded him. Poseidon fearing the blasters drawn aiming at Nico he felt something inside himself he had not felt since the incident and as the group shot he held out his hands unintentionally and Nico falling back to the floor looked in astonishment and knew that the Elder was right. He was Force Sensitive. Still, conscious Poseidon then reflects a grapple directed at Nico Okarr back towards the Mandalorian disarming him. and went into an unconscious state. Poseidon, waking up to Nico surrounded by the group he attempted to help however Nico walked casually towards Poseidon and picked him up revealing that the group who had hunted him were in fact not hostile. Later that day Poseidon saw Nico and the others shake hands then Nico willingly went with the group towards the village. At the village, Poseidon noticed Nico talking about something to do with Jedi knights and the elder, shed a tear and grabbed Nico with both hands and wished to meet again. Nico then turned to Poseidon and held out his hands and asked him if he wanted to learn the force. Curious at first Poseidon questioned left left-right and center until night settled and Poseidon agreed. Moving towards the group he noticed that they offered him comfort and food. Hours past, they arrived at Coruscant where Nico said farewell. The group did some kind of trade with the man in blue. Then the group still having Nico raised the engines and set off to an unknown buyer of Nico. Walking with the blue man he explained the Jedi Order and how much of an honor it is to learn the ways of the force. By the time he stopped talking Poseidon saw massive yellow statues and men in overall covering their faces with masks. the masked individuals held Poseidon and then escorted him to the Temple. Youngling Life: RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred | Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | N/A | Hatred | Does not feel right about having someone who he Hates. Thuss Lito / Commander Thuss | Untrusted | Keeps as if we are two continents apart, Unable to communicate. Cor Wrod / General Crix | Acquaintance | Has interacted with him but nothing other. Obi-Wan Kenobi / General Kenobi | Liked | Hasn't Communicated or engaged in a conversation however, Poseidon knows of his remarkable achievements and looks up to him. Padawan Broden | Friend | Completes missions together and has good chemistry. Clones | Friend | Work well Together. N/A | Best Friend | Believes that no one should be put above anyone in this regard all of his friends are equal.
  5. Its up to your personal preference.
  6. Who, insert someone inbetween "when" and "started". Other then that, Its good! Thanks for talking about me
  7. Hello my name is Myth but in-game you can find me as RC-5530 LCP 'Hex' or Jedi Padawan Rol Olgkru. I've been around many servers however Gateway is where I intend to stay. I'll mainly be playing on my jedi but during events i will be on my RC. When I first joined the server I didnt expect to find a welcoming community and a prestigious Role play experience. When I first started to play Garry's Mod I looked into the Imperial RP but now it's becoming clear to me that Clone Wars is where I belong. Thank You.
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