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  1. You can't eat something as cheesy as i
  2. was happy to put up with your mingieness since phase 1 sad to see you go but i'll more then likely see you around in other places ;), anyways i'll see you later will miss you scoobs ...want a scooby snack one last time?? jk i'll see you around.
  3. +1 I like the creativity you put into just about each piece of the pacs and i like how the sword is personally made no copy and placed completely made from scratch and it shows a great creativity, i also like the vest and helmet and the personal droid there is also a good touch.
  4. Kurp

    Jedi Giveaway #2

    Your Name / Nominated Players Name: Kurp Your in-game Name: [S-2] 'Flyby' Your Regiment: RSC [Republic Starfighter Corps]
  5. Name; [S-2] 'Flyby' What server I play: Clonewars
  6. Scooby mate I've known ya for a good while haven't talked much but hey thats fine and in my opinion everytime I've seen you, you've been someone to respect this is well written and honestly i haven't seen you minge before in all the time i known you its a big fat +1
  7. Depends what I get along the pizza with the pineapple, gimme lotta pepperoni and we got ourselves a deal!
  8. Sad to see you go mate didnt interact with you much but the times i did see you i couldnt talk for a good bit without my laugh being considered mic spam, have a good one and i hope you can come back in the future one day a big /me salutes to you bro
  9. +1 from me this man can be trustworthy in my opinion and i think these pacs could help in his rp greatly.
  10. gotta say i agree fully with the CW votes good work lads
  11. The audio seems clean as all heck, I like it and personally approve. I think others would enjoy it as well, it's all pretty relaxing not gonna lie.
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