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  1. Seen your PAC abilities on Clone Wars and on the Imperial Server. Haven't personally had any serious interactions with you and honestly don't think it matters in a PAC application, because in any case it would be a waste for you not to have PAC. +1
  2. Hope you come back mate, from speaking in ts you seem like a sick cunt ay, hope you'll have some fun one way or another on the server.
  3. I fully expected this, as everything you wrote there is correct. I even considered releasing this application a little later because of my recent tomfoolery, yet I've put it in anyways as I am serious about living up to the standards. I've been a bit of fool past the few days, but I can assure I've decided to stop this and move back to being a serious player. I'll be taking your reply into great consideration, and hopefully anyone with the same concerns will see that I am not the type to do this any longer.
  4. Clone Wars Event Master Application Before applying for event master make sure you understand that you must agree with everything in this thread, These are the rules. Remember at gateway gaming we care for the players above all, Passion takes you further than anything else. You may ask players to post their opinions on your application. Begging for +1's will give you a negative reputation. To all players +1'ing remember your +1 must have context and a reason as to why you as giving your +1. Jokes are also not tolerated. Pre-requisites: ○You must be already active. Absolutely, I play most days. ○You must be calm and know how to handle stressful situations as an admin you will get stressed, a lot. Yes. ○You will need to participate in events and in some circumstances, Do events. As well as sits. Yes, I understand this fully. ○You must be 14 years or older, or very mature. I am currently 18 years old. ○You must understand that your rank can be taken from you at any time. Yes. ○You agree that you will participate in play on the server at least every other day for longer then an hour or two. Yes. ○You must understand that as a Trial or otherwise Junior EM, you will be restricted on what you will be allowed to do on word of Senior/High staff, and disrespect to this fact will have consequences. Yes, I understand. ○You must understand that you may not get Admin when applying Yes. ○You must always be aware of event slot times and be active for them Yes. ○You must remember that when you apply for event master that whilst this role may receive the Event Master ulx rank, it is not admin. Yes, I understand this rank is solely restricted to the role of Event Master and will not overstep any boundaries whatsoever. Basic Information Steam Name: What's Cooking? Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:63057059 In game alias: Lieutenant Captain Rex and Private 2471 Jazza Age: 18 Time Played: 294 hours on the server 1,182 hours on Gmod Questions: How will you bring new and creative event ideas to the server?: I will involve events that are inclusive to all regiments in order to give purpose to each persons part in the role-play. The inclusion of lore is incredibly important as well, and is something I would love to implement while also bringing some of my own original ideas for the server. Furthermore I have a great enthusiasm for role-play, and hope to bring that to my events. Have you participated in many of our Events?: Yes I have, for the last 4 months I've played the majority of events and campaigns. Furthermore I also play as an Event Character, being such roles like BX Snipers and Tusken Raiders. Are you familiar with Gmod's wide range of NPC tools?: Indeed I am familiar to a decent extent, mostly through the use of single-player and explanations from others on the server. This being said, there is still stuff that I most definitely need to learn, and I am more than happy to. Name 3 tools that are at an Event Masters disposal within events and leave a small comment detailing each of their uses: Advanced Duplicator 2- One of the most useful tools at the EM's disposal, allows one to create a dupe in single-player that will be crucial and then save it for use on the server during an event. Speedily spawns in the dupe on the map so that the event can be constructed faster without having to make players wait any longer than they already are. Teleporters - Allows the EM to create a teleporter from one location to another on the map. Can be useful for transporting a large amount of player if they were to die from the other side of the map, removing the ailment of having to walk a long distance which can add to player dissatisfaction. Additionally, if player spawns are in the wrong location or not where the EM wants them as people log into the server, a teleporter can be put down to gesture players to the new spawn location. Vanilla's Turbolaser Tool - Shoots turbolasers, has three modes that allow it to be fired from the sky, from the EM's toolgun and also a spawner. The speed, radius, damage, color and number of shots can all be altered from the context menu. During events this can be absolutely destructive, and can be quite intense and intimidating when being fired from the sky. It can be placed to simulate enemy ships bombarding the ground, or a Venator firing upon hostile ships. A very useful tool that can be used as an actual challenge for players in events or for roleplay elements. Are you aware of how much a Gmod server can take or how unstable Gmod truly is?: Absolutely. I've experienced my fair share of crashes on the server and how unpredictable a Gmod server is in regards to certain things you try to execute. Do you understand that you are not allowed to abuse your ULX rank outside of events? Provide 3 examples detailing different situations that would be considered abuse: Modelling with ULX - Changing either other players models or your own in downtime is abuse as it is FailRP. It is a gross misuse of commands and should be solely reserved for certain aspects in events. It can create a variety of mishaps and encourage further mingy behavior. Noclip - Abusing noclip and zooming through walls is abuse during downtime as there is no reason to do it. Noclip should be a privilege that serves its purpose to swiftly move around the map during events, using it during downtime is unacceptable and unnecessary. Slay - Goes without saying, killing players with this command should be extraordinarily limited to certain situations like if a player has accidentally received something they should not have in their kit (i.e a Private getting tools accidentally). A situation in which this could be considered abuse is if one were to slay other players at random and at their own discretion. Counts as RDM and abuse of ULX. Do you have any event experience? e.g. played a key character in an event before: I have played EC's multiple times, for the most part I have participated as civilians, BX Droids, B1 droids and Tusken Raiders. Civilians and Tusken Raiders often include some passive RP in order to gesture the players to certain locations. In one instance playing as the Tusken raider in one of Sharky's events, I would speak in the normal grunts and hollers of a Tusken Raider (destroying my throat in the process) to simulate the inability of most troopers to translate their language. A translator droid or a translator was unavailable so I gestured toward their objective using RP (/me points n such) so that the event would continue. As an Assassin I had to time a shot during a senators speech, when he said a certain word I would fire the shot and kill him resulting in troopers scouring the map to find me. While these may not be 'key' roles per say, I have had some experience in dealing with players in RP and adjusting to certain situations. On a scale of 1-10, how much lore knowledge do you have?: I would most definitely say I have a solid 7 knowledge on lore, and I am consistently increasing my knowledge of it as I enjoy either watching or reading content from Legends and Canon. On a scale of 1-10, how familiar are you with ulx commands?: At the moment most likely a 4. I have been a moderator quite a long time ago, but as of now have lost familiarity with many of the ULX commands that are used nowadays. Make a comment regarding the recent events on our server and how they have inspired you to become an event master: The server consistently brings about both fantastic events and average events. The organization and timing of the events is really well done, and have seen many fantastically executed events which can bring a lot of fun to the community. For me, many of the Jaguar events brought personality and original content to the servers events. It felt as if troopers were really fighting against something. Lately there have been more events that have incorporated slight horror elements also, which are quite creative and has brought new ideas to the table. Events with a sense of urgency seem to create the best environments for players, who scramble to complete their task with efficiency. As of late also, many EM's have been interacting with troopers in RP to a greater extent, which really adds to immersion. However,some events can cater to solely a few regiments while the other reg's in the event are stationed elsewhere with little to no recognition. I understand that it can be quite difficult to juggle every single regiment on the server during an event, and I am inspired to see how to manage this. Do you understand that most events rely mainly on improvisation and mainly nothing goes to plan (ever)?: Definitely, being subject to many events as an EC where the event does not go exactly to plan I understand that most of the time an Event Master must 'go with the flow' and make it work. How confident are you in providing briefings, debriefings, and in ensuring you're able to direct players throughout your events?: I like to think of myself as a very confident speaker with enthusiasm, and should have no trouble directing players throughout events coherently and efficiently. Scenarios: 1. An event doesn't go to plan and General Grievous is crushed by an elevator. Players are laughing at you. What do you do? I would roll with it and claim that General Grievous has escaped through the base's ventilation shaft, and is making his way to the outside area. After this I would !bring General Grievous and make sure he is correctly modelled. There should be no need as he is using the !revent preset for Grievous, although I would check to make sure. I would then put him in a reasonable spot and then direct troopers to his current location so that the mission can continue without issue. 2. A user is bad mouthing your events. How do you react? I don't let such a thing bother me, but I'd be taking his criticisms in to account if they are genuinely valid. If it becomes more like harassment or involves repeated inappropriate language, I'd request to have a staff member look into it. It can be rather easy to tell when someone is being a minge for no reason in terms of bad-mouthing events, yet I would still be completely open to hearing his criticisms directly from the individual. Overall however, I would continue to play the event with no interruption. 3. You have to go AFK in the middle of an event you are running and there are no backups available. What should you have done to avoid this? The easiest way is to make absolutely certain that I can make that event and have no interruptions throughout it. While real life can be unpredictable and things can happen outside of my control, I should still make certain that I am most definitely available. Furthermore, I should've checked up with other EM's if they were online and give them a short yet decent description of my event just in case I had to leave midway. 4. Players and a few staff members are complaining about the amount of lag they're dealing with during your event. How do you resolve this? First I would consider the amount of props I've placed and how many I actually still need at that moment. I would begin cleaning irrelevant props, decreasing the amount of NPC's being spawned and also greatly space out the time in which I spawn in more NPC's. If I see no improvement after taking these steps, I would be deleting more props/dupes yet understand it could also be a server issue outside of my control. To conclude your app. you are required to create and design your own event. This includes planets, maps and stage actions. Include lots of detail in your event design. You are required to involve PassiveRP elements. Example event: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1e0UFiJDhmYVlWZx7Emm12LJex_QE2Oa6GGANdjqHYcE/edit?usp=sharing
  5. Jazza

    wrongful ban

    Not a staff member, but getting banned for 3 days at 2am seems really whack. Ferrero ain't the kind of guy who does mingy stuff on the regular at all.
  6. Absolutely should as there is no reason to not do another one, even better it will bring about the end of a trilogy.
  7. Most definitely a person I can say with upmost certainty that has the ability and maturity required to be a member of staff. Can confidently say +1 solely by seeing how active and dedicated he is to the server. Furthermore he has definitely responded to the previous qualms about TS usage as he is seen quite commonly there now in a few channels which is great to see. Best of luck!
  8. Jazza

    Jedi Giveaway #2

    Your Name / Nominated Players Name: What's Cooking? Your in-game Name: Rex Your Regiment: 501st Legion
  9. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias denied #...Reattempting Alias #...Alias accepted # ... Enter secret #... Secret failed # ... Reattempting secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Sergeant Major 8810 Chump GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Rolf H. Chump Known Alias’/Nicknames: Chump Previous Occupation: Below Average Clone Trooper Current Occupation: Below Average Jaguar Trooper Known Languages: At least half of Galactic Basic (maybe 1/4) Hobbies: Drawing with crayons Alignment: Jaguar Battalion and the Ø2 Militia A rogue trooper who was coerced by Jaguar's charisma and talent for leadership, a stereotypical henchman who can't tell his right hand from his left. PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: IQ below 40 Mental Disabilities: All of them Likes (optional): Eating blusticks, kyber crystals and being a chump Dislikes (optional): Do-gooders PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Slightly overweight but successfully hides it using his armor Age: 22 (Mental Age of a toddler) Weight: 120kg Build: Dad-bod Disabilities: Insane in the membrane RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend |
  10. Name: Jazza (In game: 1119 'Appo' ) What server you play: Clone Wars
  11. Will definitely bring a new fresh change to the server, so yes please that'd be neato.
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