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  1. +1 I mean he is the chess tournament champion 2020 what can I say
  2. General Category Player of the Year [No Staff] @Decker Best Artist/Content Creator @Buck :) Best Meme 'CF pretty sure you guys arent RC' Best Newcomer [No Staff] @Halves Most Memorable Player @Joe @Robb @noble Roleplay Category Commander of the Year @Babatunde Regiment of the Year 442nd Siege Battalion Best Roleplayer @Quebix @Akali Best Duelist @Knotts Staff and Event Category Most Active Staff [Server Staff] @Andy Best Event Master [Event Staff] @Buck :) Most Friendly Staff Member [All Staff] @Bullet but NOT @Centurion
  3. shut the fuck up seriously shut the fuck up
  4. Your events from the back in the day were very memorable and unique, evidently because I can still remember some of them. +1
  5. Hey Kandy, I know you've been trying really hard lately but this bio is just not up to standard. This is honestly the worst fucking bio I have ever seen and I am amazed you the huge hairy balls to upload this. I hope next time your bio is better but really this is quite lacking.
  6. A real man with a real plan, knows how to ulx, has past experience. Prime choice +1
  7. hey man just wanted to say this is really cool thread and it is teh epics!!!! kep up the good work gamer
  8. Name: Jazza Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198086379846/ In-game Name: Specialist 'Crosshair' Why do you want it: I believe my excellent roleplay ability would create a phenomenal jedi experience for not only myself but the poor bastards that must share it with me.
  9. Fucking schizo with the prison teardrop tattoo who started early
  10. hey haha just wanted to say this bio is really good nice and cool and good haha
  11. what happened to knoot knoot's love of killing unarmed civilians
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