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  1. Actually a good idea cuz, this shit should be in. This way I can avoid being on Anaxes and Jania every single month. @Cryo @Cryo @[email protected] @Cryo @Cryo @Cryo @Cryo @Cryo @Cryo @Cryo @Cryo @Cryo @Cryo @Cryo @Cryo
  2. Dear Russia, I hope our chat was insightful and it is with a head held high I can say that I believe our meeting was met with absolute mirth and splendor. During the meeting I admit the questions were very interrogative, after wiping a big load of sweat from my brow I was able to answer (hopefully) to the best of my ability all of the inquisitive conundrums you had for me. We've got a business future together Russia 2, I hope using our combined skills we can this regiment one to remember. Must I complete to form as well? Or am I exempt from this requirement? Good luck to all other applicants, I understand that there is a mountain of requests concurrently alongside mine and I hope all are reviewed in a similar fashion to my own. May Jesus Watch You, Jazza
  3. @Nexoit hey man when are the arc screenings
  4. russia it is time for your second interview, are you ready to prove whether the allegations of a relationship between you and another gateway gaming member are true
  5. @Solid Snake Rock hard hey can I get $14 for subscription
  6. Getting out for good now champs. Big kiss on the lips for the following esteemed gentlemen: @Katarn - the biggest wiener known to man that has ever been held by a 501st CO goes to you @Winter. - the biggest cantaloupes known to man that has ever been held by a 501st 2IC @Godkiin -Hero of the modern world, cheers for being in the most fun I've had on gmod during 501st @Knotts -Reason why I even stayed on the server back in 2019, after your countless times of killing civilians I was captivated by the court trial that was put on back in 2019. One of the few people who have returned to 501st more times than me. @Joe - Creation of the tri-engineer council of the mechanitron, crazy ass times were had mad-lad. Don Carleone sends his regards wise guy. @Robb - Best alcoholic ENG CO and best alcoholic UA CO. Keep on showing the dupe you made last Saturday. @Vash - Held the esteemed ranks of Commander Dookie and basically just an overall massive chad. Member of the Colombo Crime Family. @Babatunde - OG member of the Tri-Engineer Council @Trotsky - most inactive Navy CO yet still the best, also pre-decent ISB until u got demoted 9 ranks fkn lol @Gforce and @Quebix - Absolute units, our CF-99 was absolutely elite. Not even an RC squad. @Eclipse - Petrol @Zac - Bar Mitzvah @bones - omg....:) definitely a scorpio @Sharky - Thanks for getting me in 501st, wouldn't of stayed if it hadn't of happened @Goose - Good lad who I met on me first day, I tip my hat off to you. I could barely understand you from your mic but you were a gamer nonetheless. @Tesla - you a cool dood @Decker - 'management fcked me dude' @Cryo - Unironically best EM and real neat RHC, old guard who knows the ways of having fun @Gambit - i've never laughed so hard at a man pac3 combat rolling while screaming into his microphone @Galax - Peaced out a while ago but I've got some fond memories from when you were in CG @Choog - hello @Cappa - shut up chappa @Kandy - Good job getting gold bro, remember who taught you climbswep @Unwanted - Ewok jedi telling people to fuck off @Bobby-1 - when edp445 finds the cupcake @Rocky - Will not pay you back 3,000 credits, soz @Me nam e Jeff - I remember being a tusken raider EC and fucking up my throat while trying to give you directions. One of the funniest guys on gateway easily. (P.S Sorry for leaving MFDoom like in one day like twice) @LateAxe - remember this dude lmao there is no way he was actually deaf bahaha what a silly sausage @Nexoit - Sorry for eliminating the union by spamming arabic comms and taking the piss out of ARC screenings @Bullet, @Spoonj, @Buck :), @Centurion, @Pab (vomit), @Veldt, @Rainn, @ShuaDaddy, @Sas, @Squishy - ARC fellas Have had a hell of a time on gateway since 2019-2020, when I first joined I was just gonna shoot a bunch of fools up with my DC-15s but instead I found a pretty unique server that was really fun and into it. I don't think it is that kind of place anymore, but that's just my opinion. If I missed anyone soz. Laters!
  7. Format: Name: Jazza Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198086379846/ In-game Name: Brandon Server: (Clone Wars RP / Imperial RP) Why do you want it: because jedi look funny
  8. Day 2 of requesting to be the clone that falls out of the LAAT all alone with padme
  9. Day 1 of requesting to be the clone that falls out of the LAAT all alone with padme
  10. rdm'd me more times than i can count +1
  11. Gateway Gaming Clone Wars RP | Unban Appeal Template Use the template below or your appeal will be void. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Your In-game Name: Corporal 2512 Battle-Pass/Corporal 2121 Shart Your Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198086379846/ Your Steam ID (Find it here) STEAM_0:0:63057059 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Who banned you? Private Pab/ (((Bread))) Length of the ban? 5 days Reason of the ban? RDM | Mic Spam | Staff Disrespect + Fisticuffs with a chap who was being unreasonable Why should we unban you? I could not understand the person issuing the ban I think he had many issues with his microphone and or voice. The next boy that came to try and talk to me about what I was doing wrong had a strange accent (arabic?) which is no fault of his own but really i couldn't understand it. Nek minnut I was banned for 5 days for staff disrespect, rdm, micspam which i frankly find kind of queer, seeing as I had not disrespected a soul upon joining the server. The rdm was a little sloppy i digress, as it was a friendly bit of combat between a Coruscant Guard member of the name 'Carter' (unsure of his heritage). This miscommunication was brought up within the interrogation with Private Pab, alas no reasonable conclusion was made. I will admit, the micspam was not my proudest moment, but it should be taken at face value. I deeply apologize as I wasn't taking my anti-depressant medication at this time which I had not taken for a week at most. If i am banned for a week that will be same amount of time I haven't taken my meds, please take this into consideration.
  12. Jazza

    Phasma Appeal

    Feel like I should add that all his bans were in a span of a few months, as opposed to the years of which he has been playing. I personally think he should be allowed to have a final chance to show his willingness to play, as he has demonstrated it before on multiple occasions.
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