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  1. Is the 4th member the brains, or singular brain, of the operation
  2. Sparx

    Regiments Photo shoot

    I would love to see some for RC, be it individual squads, or all of RC together
  3. Yeah wasn't sure about the age but Coric seemed to think it would be feesible when I asked him what he thought, so ion know
  4. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Wahkhet Khalith Known Alias’/Nicknames: Wahkhet, Wahk Previous Occupation: Hunter Current Occupation: Jedi Padawan Known Languages: Shyriiwook, Galactic Basic, Jawa Trade Talk, Twi'leki Hobbies: Hunting, Fighting, Exercise, Dueling Alignment: Galactic Republic, GAR, Jedi Order PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Mostly Sane Mental Disabilities: PTSD Likes: Training, Dueling, Leading, Commanding, Combat Dislikes: Tatooine inhabitaints (Native or not) Personality: Friendly, Caring, Self-Righteous PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Healthy Male, Muscular, Well Built. Age: 27 Weight: 175KG Build: Muscular, 2.48m, Defined, Strong Disabilities: None (May be subject to change as character develops) Appearance: Brown and Black fur Silverback Wookie JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): Knight A'Sharad Hett Lightsaber details: Standard issue Consular saber. Green Crystal (Subject to change based on future endeavours) Combat style: Aggressive in duels, Guerrilla on the battlefield BACKSTORY https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dRgw_hRyCrOLoSkuJRmOGm5h7AsCkdnf1dmTgCnjgHY/edit?usp=sharing RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Dead - Both Wahkhet's Mother and Father passed away during his youth Hatred - Wahkhet holds a deep hatred for Tusken Raiders, as they tormented him while he lived on Tatooine. However Wahkhet holds one exception. Untrusted - Wahkhet does not trust A'Sharad Hett, he does however respect him. Acquaintance - Wahkhet is well acquainted with Grand Master Yoda, and holds an extremely high amount of respect for him. Please note: Information in this biography directly relates to an attempt to apply for one of positions as a Wookie Jedi. Information in the biography is not currently accurate to my character, nor is it guaranteed it ever will be. Information is subject to change, or to be completely revoked.
  5. So uh yeah We outtie but I guess I should give my goodbyes Since I wasn't here for long (Joined 2 weeks before imp shutdown) there aren't a lot and most of you don't know me, but for reference I was an Acolyte in the Inquisitors (Ra Sha'Dan) and the Captain of the Stormtroopers so without further adieu @Buggzy - I legit joined a TS channel having never spoken to you and we immediately started talking, to the point you used my private channel more than me. So we better be playing together some time soon on GTA. And stop wasting your centerlink money on headsets @Karm - I take it you don't play here but real G. Loved that you were willing to dedicate your time as Ninth Sister to train me, and despite my incompetence, gave me a chance in INF, cheers homie and see you around @Alluh - I loved imperial and how much good you did with it, same goes to s8n but like I think I spoke to him once, whereas I actually spoke to you a few times so... @Shush - Sorry if I tagged the wrong person, but even though we spoke once, you were actually nice to me, cheers G Everyone else - I don't know you, so like L If I come back then ok
  6. Capn Morgans n Coke Lemon Lime UDLs CCs Bicardi and Coke Jaegerbombs Vodka and Ket
  7. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Kragief Sha-Sha Lyn Known Alias’/Nicknames: Sha-Sha Previous Occupation: N/A Current Occupation: Jedi Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Gunganese Hobbies: Dueling, Combat, Fishing Alignment: Republic, Jedi Order, GAR, GGA PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Sane, Suffers minor emotional trauma Mental Disabilities: N/A Likes: Mediation, Flying, Swimming, Fishing Dislikes: Sith/Dark Side Users, Bugs, Droids, CIS Personality: Friendly, Can be aggressive to those he doesn't like PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Healthy Male Age: 17 Weight: 73kg Build: Slim, 203cm Tall Disabilities: Blindness in the left eye, Damaged voice box (Replaced with modulator) Appearance: Orange and Blue skinned Gungan, has scarring on his left eye JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): Sloppy Lightsaber details: Yellow Crystal, Basic Hilt (Yet to create personal saber) Combat style: Defensive BACKSTORY Kragief Sha-Sha Lyn was born on Hellmoro with his brother Darkai Gi-Gi Lyn (Formerly Centurion La-La Lyn), and his father Cus-Cus Lyn. When Kragief was 4, his brother went missing near the lighthouse the lived in, and was left behind when Cus-Cus and his late mother, Yumbam, moved with Kragief to Naboo. Unforunately, Cus-Cus, having moved to Otoh Gunga, was forced to join the Grand Gungan Army. During the Battle of Naboo, Cus-Cus was severly injured and left for dead at the hands of the Trade Federation droids. Yumbam was distraught and turned to a spice addiction, which slowly pushed her away from Kragief, leading to him going out on his own at the age of 5. With the battle of Naboo being over, the Jedi Order had sent people to be garrisoned there who discovered Kragief and became friends with him. Getting to know a young Padawan named Sloppy, Kragief tried to display his knowledge in hopes of his approval, however was quickly noticed to be force sensitive. Kragief was brought into the Jedi Temple and tested for his aptitude, brought in front of the Jedi Council. Having proven his skill and ability, Kragief was brought into the Jedi Order as a youngling, training and learning the ways of the force so he could progress. During the early stages of his training, he was introduced to a Padawan he was sure he knew, so he approached them, only to find out it was his brother Darkai Gi-Gi Lyn (Who he had found to have changed his name from Centurion La-La Lyn). As he slowly worked his way up as a youngling he became more adept with the force and was looking promising for a position as a Padawan. Finally the day came for the gathering, his opportunity to progress. Kragief demonstrated his aptitude with the force and with a saber and was able to progress, finally becoming a Padawan. Needing a master, his old friend, now known as Knight Sloppy was assigned to him, knowing that they had a bond. Kragief was inspired to progress, practicing every day, knowing one day his knight trials would come forth. During his training he came up against a group of commando droids, and onf of them was able to get a clean slice on him, damaging his voice box, leading to the need for a voice modulator, this however did not deter him. As he slowly anticipated his future trials, he dedicated himself to the order, and focused, so he could progress knowing fully well one day he may sit on the council with his master (who had now reached the rank of Master and Council Member), and his brother. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Dead - Cus-Cus Lyn, his father, passed away when he was 4 Death Wish - Kragief has a Deathwish for the seperatist leaders, blaming them for the death of his father, and the splitting of his family Hatred - Kragief hates the CIS and its droid armies, wishing he could be on the front lines to destroy them at any given chance Acquaintance - Kragief is well acquainted with many of the Padawans and knights of the order Friend - Kragief is very close with one of his fellow Padawans, Solan Terrix Best Friend - Kragief is best friends with his brother, Darkai Gi-Gi Lyn DISCLAIMER: Information in the Biography directly relates to an application for a position as a Gungan and is not formalized or set in stone
  8. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable (Deteriorating) Mental Disabilities: N/A Likes: Combat, Meditation, Sleep, Peace Dislikes: The War, Clones, Droids, Separatists Personality: Aggressive, Hostile, Friendly (Once you get to know them) PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Healthy Age: 17 Weight: 86kg Build: Medium Disabilities: N/A Appearance: Brown skinned Quarren (Subject to change) JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): N/A Lightsaber details: Generic lightsaber, Yellow crystal Combat style: Aggressive, Hostile, Powerful, Debilitating BACKSTORY https://docs.google.com/document/d/1prlp_F2NGS33Ghf6QS9cdNOwCTaw15IGsuKPwzRjD48/edit?usp=sharing (Includes mostly information pertaining to time in the Empire, both during the ImperialRP server, and later in the timeline) RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Hatred - Ra Sha'Dan has a deep hatred for the war, and those involved in keeping it alive (RHC and the Seperatists) Dislike - Ra Sha'Dan has a dislike for the clones and the droids due to their involuntary involvement in the war Untrust - Ra Sha'Dan has a serious distrust for the Generals in the Jedi Order due to believing their visions are clouded by the war Acquaintance - Ra Sha'Dan is Acquainted and well standing with another padawan, Solan Terrix Liked - While distrusting their military judgement and involvement, Ra Sha'Dan likes and respects both the Grand Master, and Master of the Order
  9. While I won’t be present for this I commend this sort of thing as it really engages the community, and wish everyone good luck
  10. Hello all, I'm Sparx, the new ST CO, or in game I am Captain [STC-01] Sparx I will be running the Stormtrooper Corps with my 2IC Seccond Lieutenant [STC-02] Buggz ( @Buggzy ) and the remainder of Stormtrooper Command once we get some (Currently hiring, PM me here, in game or on discord Sparx#0911) Stormtrooper Command will be leading Stormtrooper Corps and will be joinable by any SGT+ trooper who wishes to join the ranks of the Stormtroopers (That doesn't mean they have to be a SGT in ST, they just have to be SGT before attempting to join) and help train members. STC responsibilities will be as follows: Being there to train recruits Running training for STs Running general training if they so choose If you are interested in STC or the Stormtrooper Corps in general, please contact me and I look forward to seeing you around
  11. Can I just say Palpatine doesn't just have sex Palpatine F*cks I disliked the film but then again I feel like I just inherently dislike this trilogy
  12. This is IC 01/309 Requesting the presence of Darman, Corr and Rede on the ISD Chimaera. We have urgent duties that must be attended to... I am Sparx, and now IC 01/309 Sergeant Niner, the leader of Imperial Commando Squad 40. We are currently running recruitment. Squad 40 recruitment will consist of a 2 week trial/screening testing you in 4 tests. Those who are interested are urged to contact me in game or on the forums to Squad 40 may be filled and functional. There will be strict rules in place to limit minging and other problems for the squad. I look forward to seeing you all. EOI available now
  13. Great to see people applying for PAC3. Good luck with your application. Now for some comments: User demonstrates understanding of PAC User provides some examples Examples are all basic/generic Answers all extremely short Overall I will be leaving Negative support
  14. Its great to see people applying for staff on the server. Good luck with your application. Now for some notes: User provides adequate detail in all responses User provides adequate demonstration of ULX knowledge User formats application accpetably Overall I will be providing Positive support
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