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  1. Look, I understand you guys are mad that you fell for it straight up, but I got you all fair and square you can stop fueling my win. I'm not sure who is the bigger clown here, me for making this post and being a funnyguy or you all continuing to hold on for dear life because there is finally someone to brigade against on the forums. I get that you are all mad, but the more you show it the better it makes me feel. The fact that this was so successful hurts to accept I know, but yeah just give it a rest. You are allowed to believe whatever you like, but the fact is, you are all mad because you got got, and that being so hard for you all to accept is the real joke here. Also for those of you denying it, if you can't prove anything then what's the point of talking? Do you really think I'd reply to a comment like this if there was an underlying purpose outside of pissing people off for an elaborate joke? I think the nail has been hit on the head here, I submitted my final reveal hours ago and there are STILL people replying about how sad they are that they fell for it. Keep it up, I'm making a compilation video when you guys stop.
  2. @Yoho @Vilkas @s8n @Sevens @Evoz Thankyou all for your fantastic points, and I really appreciate you helping me accomplish two things: 1. All my questions about ARC were pretty much answered, somehow I feel like I wouldn't have gotten anything close for an answer if I just asked. The honesty was great. 2. Pulling off the most fantastic April fools joke in Gateway History. I am a SGT in Shiny, and last night I asked if I could attend the CO meeting in order to plant a seed that would go onto being a colossal success. It was a spur of the moment decision last night, but It's one that I really don't regret. I managed to get the entire ARC Leadership and Half of the staff up in arms at me because some random shiny nobody made a post about them, and it was glorious. Do you really think I honestly care about ARC and what they do? Literally never interacted with them in my life (Other than a couple, hi's and hellos here and there). It would not have been any sort of success if nobody replied, and you all danced straight through the front door of this one. I think it was much better with my comment last night at the CO meeting and I'm really glad that I sold it well enough that you could all buy it so easily. Special mention to @Cappa and @Noc for getting the ball rolling earlier on. I thank you all for making this a FANTASTIC success, especially those who got mad at me, and even those who saw it coming a MILE away. I'm baffled with the success. Thankyou and goodnight!
  3. That pretty much clears it up and thank you for that, EXCEPT The ARCs equipment is outright better than everyone else and It's not an unknown fact.
  4. i am still amazed that nobody has even tried to answer the questions i posed this forum post isnt about me or my attitude, and you can call me whatever you want but it doesnt get me any closer to understanding the questions that i asked
  5. youre either with me or against me champion
  6. wasnt addressed to you directly, and if you are gonna side with arc at least present something worth reading
  7. i do not want changes to be made, i wanna hear you answer that question in the middle also replying with stupid memes isnt winning anybody anything i came for a discussion and none of you are defending anything
  8. ARC has fundamental flaws and nobody is willing to challenge them for change DISCLAIMER: I am FULLY expecting nothing to come of this post. This isn't even in the suggestions section because In no respect of existence would any of this ever change. I just wanna hear what the community has to say, and probably more importantly what ARC has to say. Tell me I have a defeatist attitude, sure, but can you say with a straight face in a completely serious tone that ARC would ever face a loss to their kit or reputation? I do not want changes, I want to win. A win in my books is ARC admitting there's no reason that they are that OP. Salutations everybody! Today I grace these forums with an opportunity for discussion about the ARC troopers of this server. I'd like to make it clear beforehand that this post is open for discussion, nothing I say is an actual fact, only opinions followed with as much evidence as possible from lore, common sense, and the bounds of reason. Also let it be known, that if you decide to disagree, I expect the same level of evidence and reasoning. It has challenged my mind for so long why ARC is so overpowered and I really hope some of you can answer these questions with something other than "It's just server lore dude". If there is ONE thing I wanna know the answer to, It is this: What reasoning do we have to make ARC so OP other than them being a favorite of the server and RHC? If the general admission is that there is no reason, then that is what I wanted all along. I am totally aware in every aspect that they are supposed to be elite, but it has pushed the bounds of reason past where they should be going, and If I'm going to be disallowed buying captain breaker while being in shiny because it's "unreasonable", you can bet your bottom dime I'm going to fight "reason" to the end. With that out of the way, I offer a slew of questions that I would love answered by all you community members. 1. As long as I've been on the server, the ARC have by default have had the best equipment. Every time a regiment is changed or added, ARCs kits have been edited to be functionally superior. (For example, the RC gun was recently nerfed, just so the Westar could be better) Why? ARC are elite by nature of course, but their equipment in lore was a farcry to what is on the server, especially in comparison to the other regiments. Shouldn't they be proportionally overpowered? The DC-15 is a piece of shit for lack of a better word, so why is the Westar so much better? 2. Why is the grappling hook exclusive to ARC? Come to think of it I don't think I've really ever seen an ARC using one in any form of lore. It takes away a really great tool from all of the other squads and branches, just to reserve it for ARC. Yes I am LIVID that I didn't have one as Crosshair, but my motivation for this point is more around why? What is the overlaying reasoning for them to have one and nobody else? I'm pretty sure Fives used one in space that one time but my point stands, you don't think ARC and go right onto thinking grapple hook. Exclusivity makes nobody happy, making something rare doesn't make it valuable. Having a great functional ability is what brings value in this case, and to close it off to a select group of 15 people, seems unfair and unreasonable. 3. There were 100 AARC in total. Proportionally to the server there is a possible 15/85 players. 691,200,000 was the supposed size of the GAR. Who thought 15 slots was a good idea? 4. In some forms of Lore, weren't Republic Commandos of an equal or higher standard than ARC? It would be an unrealistic change to switch them around or something, but getting this community to admit there's no reason to have ARC the way it is is my goal here. 5. Why do they Pac3 themselves to be so much taller? WE ARE CLONES i.e we are identical in every aspect in a CLONE army. Sure you can be as genetically enhanced as possible, but extra training from jango and a lack of inhibition does not make you 3 feet taller. It looks ridiculous. There is more I could have said, but I think my point gets across. I really hope you can all give me a better idea of why! Thankyou all for reading if you got this far : )
  9. yeah but nowhere did he mention you need to be SGT or anything remotely like that
  10. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nRis5zA790BXJ7wr015tdC-go8h8QGLczbUG8ToNYtk/edit?usp=sharing
  11. G'day, I am the new Hunter, AKA Smiddy. Just thought I would drop by on the forums and see if there is any interest in joining CF before I start doing tryouts. This is a document explaining exactly what to expect, and what you should train for. If you do have interest please fill this out and post it below, or message me on the forums or discord (bigdommo#0675). I will check back regularly. If the existing members and I are happy with what you have written we will contact you for practical tryouts. IGN: Discord Handle: Prior RC Experience: Who you are going for in CF: How active you can be (Days/Hours): The two Trainees currently are going for Wrecker and Echo, just FYI. Thankyou all for reading my post and it will be good to see who is interested.
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