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  1. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sUDvxBQg1VR6-Gx9yTVCwqvA2iPzPvSNuhMhV2F4R34/edit?usp=sharing
  2. wtf wait who said that cause i know someone who still talks to sean and apparently that wasnt him?
  3. so this application isnt very well made to be honest there shows no knowledge of ULX commands and with 2 days of play time its not enough even if you used to be apart of the community so first i recommend playing some more maybe 100 plus hours at least as well as use ULX commands when you do your situations and also just work on the situations since they dont have much details and missing quite a lot so for now -1
  4. the application itself is pretty good a few things i would add personally is your knowledge on ULX commands since you say you have about a 6 in knowledge. The second thing i would also add is a index at the top for example text <purple>. But something to be noted is that you dont meet the age requirement for the EM spot. Now onto the good part over the course of your time on gateway you have tried for trial EM for a while and each application improving and i think if you got enough dedication to make so many applications for the spot then you should atleast be able to do a EM trial so ill leave a +1.
  5. due to just losing motivation to play on the server im just chucking in a farewell lads (dont know how to mention someone cause im a bit of a fucking dumbass) 104th gang (seans 104th) 187th gang siff-absolute gamer rambo-great CO stingel- great 2ic snow- RC chad most original GM (bongus fluxy jet and pepsi) just being chads ight not gonna keep this long so cya gamers
  6. from my interactions with pab especially of recent and he is quite friendly to everyone as for the application itself it is very well done having multiple branches for situations speaking of situations they are also good showing a great understanding of ULX commands, overall 100% +1
  7. so compared to the original post its much better still having grammatical issues but a few other problems in general are the lack of ULX commands in the post since as a EM you will need to know them quite well. Second is while it seems unfair there is a reason it says 14+ on the template or very matue which u might be so maybe try hopping around TS or be on more in game. And final thing to mention is while the game tracker doesnt work for some reason which isnt your fault i know you havent been around for a month since i was WF when you joined (so about 3 weeks ago at max) plus when it ask for time it usually means in hours and on your steam profile it says that you have only got 122 hours on Gmod and i dont think all of that would be on gateway. So while the application itself is ok i think you may need to spend more time on the server plus i dont really see you on the main server but i see you as EC's quite a lot. so good luck with your application
  8. so from the encounters i have had with you while being a EC you are quite friendly but i reccomend learning some ULX codes and other stuff like NoTarget and other useful tools. i dont have opinion on your application its could be formated a little better. And on the main server i have seen you minge a bit (this was a while back though and i dont think you minged in a while. And this sort of links to what i said before If you were more specific about what you can do with the tool gun it might help people understand your knowledge with tools and if you do have knowledge of tools add it to the application and like i said it was when i saw both you and rat it was usually mingy but i dont think you have for a bit
  9. so from the encounters i have had with you while being a EC you are quite friendly but i reccomend learning some ULX codes and other stuff like NoTarget and other useful tools. i dont have opinion on your application its could be formated a little better. And on the main server i have seen you minge a bit (this was a while back though and i dont think you minged in a while. And this sort of links to what i said before If you were more specific about what you can do with the tool gun it might help people understand your knowledge with tools (i dont have any experience with EM stuff but the application itself seems quite bland and doesnt show understanding of ULX or tool gun and other tools) also last thing i swear you only just got TS so i recommed going around and just getting to know people on the server
  10. pyro-big boi minge
  11. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: B-3432 “Lead” Known Alias’/Nicknames: 34/Lead Previous Occupation: During earlier days B-3432 was a ARF trooper for the 104th battalion and then a engineer for the 38th armoured division due to a injury Current Occupation / Back story: during his time as a 104th ARF trooper CT-3432 had became good friends with most of the troopers within the 104th battalion during a mission on kashyyyk CT-3432 was sent on a scouting mission with 4 other trooper and a wookie as a guide. as they started to near a CIS vehicle compound the wookie started to attack them first he grabbed 2 of the troopers chucking them off the tree on which they were scouting on then grabbing a ARF trooper named vile punching him into a tree then a medic named lucius throwing him off but lucius managed to hold on.as CT-3432 saw this he was fast acting and pulled out his republic sniper hitting the wookie but only injuring him. the wookie charged at CT-3432 and knocked him CT-3432 grabbed a stick before being dragged off by the wookie. the wookie started to maul scratching and tearing into his back CT-3432 quickly turned hitting the wookie in the head with the branch the wookie in turn grabbed CT-3432 pulling his leg off from the knee down. finally as the wookie jumped at CT-3432 for the finishing blow CT-3432 placed the branch upright on top of him impaling the wookie killing it as CT-3432 started crawling away he saw that vile was still alive but in critical condition. the wookie had a comms link connected to a CIS frequency soon after finding this CT-3432 informed his commander over comms soon having a medical pickup but by this point vile had already died due to internal bleeding. after being brought back to base and put in critical condition CT-3432 had his leg replaced with cybernetic parts and some of his organs including liver, kidney's and pancrease. after having 6 weeks of intensive care CT-3432 was placed in 38th as a engineer till he was able to fight again during this time his fellow troopers started to call him "Lead" due to the cybernetic parts. sometime after he started to hate the wookies and kashyyyk and was reassigned back to 104th as soon as he was deemed fit to rejoin the battle. soon after he was on a mission on tatooine trying to find and negotiate with a smuggler. after they found the smuggler they were attempting negotiations soon after confronting the smuggler they commsed into command but command said the price was too high when the smuggler heard this he opened fire killing the other troopers in the building including lucius who had survived kashyyyk since he wasnt wounded much just holding onto the edge lead' quickly pulled out his DC-15s and fired his weapon killing the smuggler during this time lucius was on the ground dying saying to "Lead" that if only command cared about there troopers this operation would of ended differently after it was commsed in "Lead" was arrested for questioning but soon released due to it being a act of self defense but that mission stuck with "Lead" showing that the higher ups dont care about the risk and only want results and will order to get those results as soon as possible and as cheap as possible and due to those orders many people with him during that mission were killed. finally after that mission "Lead" had left 104th after it was changed to a different sector due to a bomb in naboo killing many of there forces. when "Lead" was reassigned to 187th he had become spiteful and cruel to many troopers that ordered him around soon after joining he got put into the Beta ARC program then into windu's fist as a trainee. after passing into windu's fist and taking the new role as the Windu's Fist CO he started to become that of which he despised sending troopers to do as ordered. Lead often finds himself disobeying orders from 'Stingel' and depending on what the order is 'Rambo' which the idealology to leave fate in his own hands. and due to his recent Windu's fist orders he had started to become like those commanders he despised. Eventually Lead settled in the navy as apart of there special forces unit and due to his interactions with commander trotsky and his remarks on clones 'Lead' believes that he is better than most normal clones Hobbies: Training enlisted and sergeants, scouting, research on planets, research on different species, space travel Alignment: The Republic PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Mostly sane (but due to recent windu's fist training losing some sanity) Mental Disabilities: none Likes: Training with electrostaff, cleaning republic sniper, kamino Dislikes: Wookies, CIS, kashyyyk, natural dislike against anything on kashyyyk, advisors, majority of the commanders, clones PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: The "Clone" Physical State Physical Age: 25 Weight: 95kg Build: the average clone build Disabilities: Slight nerve damage and cybernetic parts due to the attack RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Snow since snow is the other beta arc of his batch and due to this he just trusted snow much more naturally due to there training together. snow is also a old friend of Leads from the 104th battalion and they have served many missions together. during "Leads" command snow does each command well having been highly respected by "Lead". The death of snow happened while Lead was away, Snow died on a mission which was led by rambo and stingel. because of this Lead blames them for snows death Rambo rambo was a direct higher up to "Lead" and usually "Lead" doesnt get along to well with them but Rambo acted a bit like a mentor but recently due to windu's fist training and the severity of it "Lead" had lost some trust in Rambo after a incident at medbay. Stingel Lead and stingel often have disagreements over orders and common curtesy especially about debrief and trainings for troopers having completely different idea's for what the troopers should do this often leads to regimental reports. Stingel and Lead had been friends for along time but after disagreement and disagreement Siff when siff first joined the regiment Lead had a distrust against him but during a attack on base he had begun to trust siff due to siffs experience with demolitions and medical procedures and after mainy battles he trusted siff to a good extent
  12. name: australian luigi Steam Profile Link:https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198296743857/In-game Name: Sergeant Major B-3432 'Lead'Why do you want it: recently i have been really intrested in jedi i have seen the new update and i would enjoy to play jedi since it seems like a fun experience
  13. from the time i have known stingel he has quite alot of the quality's a staff member should have and i think he would do well as a staff member +1
  14. Your In-game Name: LeadPedal Your Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198296743857/ Your Steam ID (Find it here) STEAM_0:1:168239064 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Who banned you? it says Fox banned me Length of the ban? 4 days and 5 hours Reason of the ban? Rdm 3x and leaving to avoid punishment Why should we unban you? so what happen was in a elevator a trooper named bedgie pulled a gun and tried to shoot some unassigned troops so i shot him then he left his bunks and went on a mass rdm so i shot him again then he killed someone else and tried to kill me so i shot him again then a admin took me above the ship and talked to me and said exactly "ok so it was self defense so i can only give you a verbal warning not to kill anyone now i am going to here his side of the story and ill bring you back later dont leave the server on me" thats what i remember atleast and about 10 minutes later i had to get of it was 10 oclock and then i got on today and was banned i regret the RDM but it was cause he was massacring everyone so i thought it was right
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