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  1. I feel betrayed
  2. basically any of the padme episodes they were just so fucking boring
  3. Fives arc is prolly my favourite but contending with rookies purely because of nostalgia
  4. 07 Ima miss you big man
  5. Like Rambo said great player although can be a little mingy at times but i feel like he would fit his role as a staff member +1 also well done with the app
  6. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full name: RC-4345/22 Known Alias’/Nicknames: "Uriel" and by squad mates "Defect" and or "Preaching Lunatic" Previous Occupation: N/A Current Occupation: Foxtrot Squad Known Languages: Galatic basic and "Words of the creator" supposedly Hobbies: Preaching the creator, Using his creator given powers to assist in crusades Alignment: The republic/ "The creator and overlords" PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Unstable Mental Disabilities: While he doesnt have a mental disability he thinks theres a "Creator" in which is a god figure to him. This has led him to self mutilation and starvation in a few instances Likes (optional): Preaching about the "Creator" and Crusading for the "Creator" Dislikes (optional): "Heresy" from any party clones or droids as well as punishment for those who follow the "Creator" PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Somewhat healty Age: 22 Weight: 89 Kilos Build: Mesomorph Disabilities: Not many physical disabilities are noticable apart from the self mutilation marks BACKSTORY Not much is to be said. Uriel was like most other RC's apart from his obsession with a "Creator" and his "Overlords". From early in his training Uriel believed that they are created for more than just political indiffrence but to spread the word of a "Creator" and satisfy the "Creator's" needs. This apparently included purging heresy while it was effective against droids it started to raise issues with some clones as well. In particular those who thought him to be speaking nonsense in which he would often refuse to give them medical attention. One instance With his squad occured when the squads sniper "Ace" argued about Uriel's "Creator" which led to "Ace" almost dying from a blaster wound. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | "Creator": This is supposedly a Godly figure of somesort and has praise from Uriel Before, During and after battles Kratos: Kratos was the foxtrot Demolition, Uriel despised Kratos due to his simplicity and Disblief of the "Creator" Ace: Ace was the exact opposite of what Uriel and his "Creator" Stood for. Ace often showed his disblief and led to many arguments Gregor: Gregor was the only intellectual of the squad and believed what Uriel had to say which kept Uriel sane and due to his orders he healed ace Heretics: Uriel despises them completely and will always attempt to purge them unless apart of the republic in which he will try to convert them "Overlords"/advisors: Uriel refers to mission directors as "Overlords" or preachers of the "Creator" and keeps them to a similar standard of the "creator"
  7. Hey mate uh a few things i would comment on Uh a quick server on Gmod tracker says you have 53 hours on the server not 133 And from what i might assume is that you mixed up Gmod hours and server hours alot of people make the same mistake (Unless it changed from server to normal playtime in which case my bad) Second point Also this question here could use some elaboration This could just be me reading it wrong but when you say restart the event do you mean back to that point or overall? From what i can assume (again i main CW server have played imp tho) People prolly wont be too happy with the latter option Apart from that i would say the rest are fine responses although detail could always improve it And finally This is quite basic and doesnt really give any ideas on what might happen in the event First: of all you only mention one regiment when you would have multiple, And this creates a problem when a EM sets up a event for a specific regiment leaving the rest to their own devices Secondly: The event can use more detail. One sentence doesnt give us a idea on what events you can bring to the server, From what i can tell its going to be a push and shoot event which can be quite boring if not done correctly (vehicles and such can be added maybe some slices and other RP scenario's) And a quick side note I would really recommend downloading Teamspeak It is a vital tool for EMs to contact EC's and such without having to use proximity chat Anyway i recommend looking at a few other EM applications so you can get a good understanding of what EMs who are going to be deciding on the application like to see Best of luck i have no comment due to the fact that i am not really that active on IMP and my input would be useless
  8. alrighty phobia i have only had brief encounters with you but that is on my part. but from them i could tell you were quite responsible and this application is well made good job +1
  9. But how did B-ARC go :)))) lov u stingel
  10. Uh ill have to disagree I understand that sydney comes off as a minge but i have not seen him abuse anyone before. and if he has you should of done a report before hand and sydney is just a fun bloke not a annoying minge cause if he was he wouldn't be Lieutenant Captain
  11. what else has to be said one of the best CW mods as well as a good bloke +1
  12. Great responses and a great bloke +1 O7 good luck
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