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  1. Adios Amigo, I will inform Gerald later today ;-;
  2. Good Ideas and it looks really nice +1
  3. Overall I would say it is a really good application, But the only issue which is not that bad is to increase the scenarios because they don't all end the same way, But besides from that issue which can be fixed, you're nice, active and willing to help so it is going to be a +1 from me. Sincerely, Bobby
  4. There has been some discussion in ARC and we are trying to have more training implemented, Once the fireteams finish forming we will start holding more and for the RP I will try to hold operations etc but that would have to be implemented slowly as now we're trying to focus on ARCA and training sessions. But thank you for the recommendations
  5. Hello to everyone viewing this topic, I just have one thing to ask you. If you could change something or add something new that would make your experience on the server what will it be? Of course, there has to be a limit not too mingy. But besides that, I am happy to hear on what you guys have to say and what you guys are wanting to change. ranging from Addons, rules, ETC. As the end of the day, I am here to make sure that your experience on Gateway Gaming is pleasant and would make you come back for more. Sincerely, Bobby
  6. They look cool, keep up the good work
  7. Bobby-1

    I Made Art

    That is pretty cool
  8. Good report, keep up the good work, I will try to hold more Operations
  9. Overall it is a good application, but there are some areas where you can improve I would say. The first thing I would say to improve on is to increase your scenarios cause one thing you would learn from being a staff member is that even the easiest sits would not always end the same way so that would be number one. Number two is to add some sort of Key which would make it easier for the audience to read the and understand the commands you use during the sit. Final thing I would say you would improve is to show that you're there and willing to help and just show people they can come to you and talk to you. So good luck for now but It would have to be a neutral from me. Sincerely, Bobby
  10. Alright, the application is well written and you have wrote a lot in your scenarios, you do use a lot of commands but there are stuff you can fix here and there. One of these issues is add a Key/Legend at the top of your scenarios seperating the Quotes and commands from each other making it easier for us to read and understand, The application is all good but it's the tiny things you add on which make it count therefore it is going to be a Neutral from me for now.
  11. The application is well written and you have written a lot in your scenarios, but the only issue is that it is hard to read, Two things I will recommand you to change is the colour of the questions to seperate them from your answer, the other thing I will recommand you adding in is a key and highlight the main features which could be commands, EC etc. Once you fix these issues you will have a good Applications but for now it is going to have to be a Neutral from me. Goood Luck Sincerely, Bobby
  12. I would say increase the amount you have written for the Scenarios and add more as they wouldn't all end that well, So I would say fix that up and add a key and that would be fine but for now it is going to be a Neutral from me. Sincerely, Bobby
  13. Over the past few days, my associates and I have caught on an issue which is causing a lot of problems for the event masters and that is Troopers no using their explosives properly, We have caught countless troopers throw Thermal Dets more than twice which is suppose to be the limit on how many you get in one life, troopers using the explosive attachment on the fire puncher without EM's Approval and people using their anti-armor to take out troopers. All of these seem to be causing a lot of issues for the event masters as once they spawn in some droids they instantly get annihilated. Which makes the event difficult to manage and continue. If this continues it will have to result in something more then a verbal warning which we don't want to happen. So please to all the commanders, run your troopers through the explosive document to fix this issue. If you don't have the Explosive weapon handbook it is listed below. LINK: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BJEvV8s62udSH4bz-FGJZXWkPs-LoQvn6FzdM1CXxmY/edit?usp=sharing Sincerely, Bobby
  14. Really good app, also good job on including a key that really makes my life as a reader easier to understand. I do see you on the server being really active which is good to see, and genuinely I never have had any issue with you, so overall this is a really good app and good luck mate +1 Sincerely, Bobby
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