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  1. Hey @Jackman, As stated in the PAC application template, and the new forum system for applying for PAC3, you need 4 examples. You have only shown / listed 3 examples, when, you need 4 separate distinct examples. If you have meshed some examples together into one, you need to either separate it or create and display some more examples. Most of the examples you have shown are not unique. The bodygroups, the crossarms, the weapons, are all not unique and are widespread on the server. Your vibroblade PAC is unique, and if you are wanting to make more examples, try and aim for that level of creativity. Although outdated, this post by Budds (see linked post below) neatly illustrates all the PAC's that you should be trying to avoid making. If you wish to make a PAC that is similar to the ones listed, make sure it has a unique twist. When making your examples, think of these three concepts, and make sure your PAC's meet the following criteria. 1. Creativity / uniqueness: Is this example unique? If the idea is not unique, such as, crossarms, what could you do to make it more unique? You can think of using some different events, or including proxies or custom animations. 2. Usability: How much can I use this? A good PAC can be used often, not just once every week or few weeks. The better PAC's can be often used and included into RP. Additionally, it needs to be lore-appropriate and is required to follow the server's PAC3 rules. 3. Functionality: PAC's must actually work. Custom functions need to be as smooth as they can, it is quite hard to do that with finger-bones, but if you do manage to make a custom animation with smooth finger movement, it demonstrates an extreme patience and great ability to use PAC3. To summarise, you need some more examples. Those examples do need to be unique, or show a highly developed knowledge and skill of using PAC3. Try and work on a custom animation for RP, or try and use some of the harder areas of PAC3, such as proxies. Good luck on your PAC3 application, message me if you have any questions.
  2. Imagine forcing a community to pay to use the POG emote
  3. Hey @Beowulf, Your application does not look very polished. You have numerous spelling and punctuation mistakes, for instance, there are multiple I's that are not capitalised, you have not properly used capitalisation for any answer, etcetera. For those who have replied, or are thinking of replying, you cannot really colour code your answers, with the current formatting. However, that shouldn't stop you from showing use of commands. In your application, I see no use of commands. It is through your answers that I cannot really see if you have any knowledge of ULX or the current administrative system. You can ask a staff member for some guidance regarding any commands that you may need to know about, or ask for any staff member to link you a page of commands. Your answers to all of the questions are really short. They do not show much knowledge or understanding of how to deal with any of the situations, nor your reasoning's behind your actions. !logs are a wonderful tool that can help you find facts, it can help you find out whether RDM is taking place, people are messaging eachother mean things, etcetera. You are not really active in TS, you hang out in Discord, but I rarely see you in TS and engaging with the community. You do need to get to know the staff team and the community before becoming staff, or at least make an effort too. I would love to see some activity in TS. For the above reasons, this will be a -1 on your application. Should any of the points listed above be changed, or my thinking changed, I am happy to change my vote. Good luck on your application, try and take any and all feedback on board.
  4. Khai

    Im Back

    Welcome back man I hope you stay around
  5. I banned you permanently back on the 19th of May. In the first 5 months of 2020, you received 8 total warns. In 2019, you had received 2 warns. It was for your high amount of warns, and a very high amount of warns in such a small time period, that resulted in you being permanently banned. You received a 3 month ban on the 1st of February. You were unbanned on the 1st of May. It took you 10 days to receive your next warn / ban, You currently have 10 total warns. 8 in 2020, 2 from 2019. Your application is, in itself, not serious. Your title for the unban appeal, 'Appealing for le ban', is both not serious and also translates to 'Appealing for the ban'. Additionally, to reiterate on what Cappa said, you have only been banned for one month. That is not long enough of a time. I do not believe you deserve to be unbanned. -1.
  6. Hey @Murky, A really good application. You have good answers that are quite well written and are up to standard. You have formatted your application to a good level. You have shown a really good uniqueness with your examples, which is great to see. You have some really good ideas that I would love you to extend further. You have some incredibly polished custom animations. Fingers, I agree, are fucking awful to use for custom animations. However, you have shown a really good job at making it smooth. Your custom animations are all usable as well, which is great to see. Like what Cappa said, try and retain your uniqueness while also extending yourself. A possible way of doing so would be to make your speedometer actually change depending on speed. But, to be honest, you are very close to a successful PAC3 application. Just a little bit more work, just a few more examples that are both unique and functional, and you are as right as rain. However, I am a bit worried about one thing, that being activity. Only recently you have made a forums post saying you have come back to Gateway, I would like to see you active for a few weeks before giving a PAC slot to yourself. Keep your activity up and demonstrate you have the activity to keep a PAC3 slot. Good luck on your PAC3 application.
  7. Have a good one @Ace, it has been a good one, good luck for everything
  8. I have made a decision with your PAC3 ApplicationDeniedThis is due to you leaving the server. Message me if you have any queries.
  9. Although death may be inevitable, we do things to be remembered. We all strive to make a legacy, whether it may be a family, of discovering new things, we strive to be known by something. We all want to die and live our lives being supported by close friends and loved ones.
  10. All jokes aside, but Avicci is a timeless clasic.
  11. Yooo someone getting inspired by SCP
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