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  1. I've seen you plenty on the server to know you're a trustworthy and good fellow. Always respectful and helpful to others, which I really like. I think the mod team could definitely benefit with you on the roster. +1
  2. Since I don't think anyone's done it yet... "[ATC] Codes check out, clear for takeoff. Good luck where ever you go." Never got the chance to meet you, but I imagine you are hell of a bloke. Cheers!
  3. I'll be moving the rest of any updates I make to my LAAT/c to a dedicated forum thread in Community Creations from here on out. The application's become cluttered w/ updates from it (and tbh I seriously doubt I'll get accepted.. then again that's just me in general) and it could definitely use a proper home outside of here. I'll try keep the rest of my posts in here related to the application at hand. hmm... i wonder if it might get added to the server?
  4. A new update has been pushed for the LAAT/c, adding a cockpit from the original LAAT/i.
  5. New update for the LAAT/c has been pushed, and the collision model has been re-done from scratch.
  6. I'm working on a new collision mesh for the LAAT/c model due to the fact you couldn't walk under the original one. Working well thus far. laat2.mp4
  7. Updated 'One-Winged Angel'. Sounds better! One-Winged Angel.mp3
  8. The LAAT/c is now available on the Steam Workshop. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1909121362
  9. I'll be releasing a beta-ish version of the LAAT/c shortly on the Steam Workshop. Current limitations: Collision is awkward. I have not touched the model at all yet, but you are currently unable to walk under it. If GG desires for me to make a proper LAAT/c for the server I can go ahead and try to fix it up, although I have never attempted physics/collision models before. Turrets can only shoot forward, and the rear gun is inoperable. I don't understand how the LAAT/i's turret system works, from what I can tell LFS takes advantage of the LAAT/i in the add-on being rigged and using that to pivot the turrets in the direction they should shoot, however I can't quite figure out how you set it up to work like that in the first place. There might be some errors or bugs I haven't noticed; if this is the case, do hit me w/ 'em and I'll see what I can do.
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