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  1. do navy event for me good app too don't delete this forum staff, I see you +1
  2. Don't want to create a disconnect though, with some people only going on server 1 or server 2, don't wanna split the community
  3. Navy had a blast (that was the 4.30, we got more on for the 6.30) credit to @Andy for the photo
  4. I can say that the Navy will be creating a lot of RP on the core server, and we will be integrating regiments that would also like to participate.
  5. I'd assume they'd follow the same thing navy would do, go individually when needed.
  6. From what I understand, regiments that aren't taken on the events will be able to do a lot more things for passive/active RP as the player count will be depressed greatly. For example, Navy will be left on the base a lot, which means we'll be spawning ships for training, doing massive excercises, maybe doing some live fire minievents, shit like that. At least thats how it was explained to me
  7. Sounds good, but what is this going to mean for heavyily specialised RP regiments like the Navy. Each 4 of our subsections are different, all with different roles. RSC - Pilots, fly ships. Naval Staff - Venator ship RP, consoles, turbolasers, etc. Naval Intelligence - Intelligence RP, occasional ground work Engineers - Repairing, fortifications, support etc. Does this mean different sections of the Navy will deploy to the event? As in for this event only Pilots are going. And since you could argue pilots be either support or attack, will they be allowed to book their own events, or just get sent with the rest of the Navy? I really like this idea, as it means Navy can have more though of roles rather than being the afterthought in most events, but a few things need to be cleared up. Not to mention that it may kill all my centralization efforts during events if different sub-regiments get split up (which makes most sense IMO)
  8. This whole album is great Some people really like it, some people really hate it. It usually takes my mind off anything
  9. Thanks mate. My mic recently just stopped working with TS, so I haven't been on much. Once I finish fixing it I'll be sure to hop on and have a chat
  10. I've been thinking of getting doom, but I just bought a VR headset and my wallet isn't looking too good. Is getting Doom worth it? Without spoilers, if possible
  11. Thanks for all the feedback fellas. Just gonna update a few things, beause I seemingly cannot edit the main post any more. My playtime is now 200+ hours, under two different names https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ I've been on the TS a lot more, in response to feedback, and have gotten to know a lot more people. Let me know if there is anything else I can improve upon.
  12. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database James Hacketty's Bio Thought I'd go a bit more in-depth with this one, as I've already got some head-cannon going for many of my previous and current characters. Also, I wrote this at 1am, so please excuse any spelling or syntax errors.
  13. Only ever knew you as 'Expert Technician Romboli', but you were a pretty mad lad indeed. Have fun mate
  14. Goodbye you madlad. 91st died without you tbh
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