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  1. Hey. Despite the fact that I took a lot of this community for granted and treated most people like shit, you guys were great. And I'm sorry that I wasn't great back. I was given many chances. And I fell back into the same shit time and time again. So I'm taking a break. If I come back, hopefully it will be better. Hopefully I will be better. Until then, catch ya.
  2. we literally have an admiral karl donitz
  3. Mate, if Gateway wanted you to have a life, they'd have issued you with one. In all seriousness, you will be missed. o7 o7 o7 o7 /me salutes
  4. Name: Harry Backstory: Hacketty's old dog. He performed immortality experiments making the Massif one with the force and unable to ever die.
  5. aight tru lets make ARC kit donatable for then
  6. Better idea - imperial rp
  7. lets not do pay to win, yeah?
  8. what you have done has made god very unhappy
  9. This. Roleplay doesn't need 1500 rooms, it just requires a bit of imagination.
  10. ahhh right. Point still stands - RC outnumber 917th
  11. Yeah this too - ARC, Null ARC, and RC account for 60 people. More than triple the size of 917th, so I think that the odds of that ever happening are zilch
  12. Ok James. I was the CO of Medstaff, and I created it mainly when working on the Jania map (before we lost it), so I've used that medbay a shit ton. It is small, but you can easily deal with it. You do not need 1500 different rooms for roleplay. Hell, there are rarely more than 2-3 patients at a time unless you are doing a scheduled checkup. That room is multi-purpose. Depending on what you need, it can be either a ICU, a RnD lab, Quarantine, and so much more. RP does not need a ton of rooms and textscreens everywhere. You can do that in your head. That Medbay works fine. The medical staff made it work just fine, so can you. (so this will be a big -1)
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