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  1. Why let the timeline affect the servers available cast? Shouldn't the quality of how the stories being presented to the playerbase be of greater concern? I dont know about anyone else but how the Order 66 event was handled feels like an awesome way to present a "Server Timeline" in a way that isnt as self defeating as potentially having to remove half the characters. By choosing to have "Story Events" be true reenactments rather than rough approximations it may be easier for you to explore these fun and iconic moments throughout the star wars prequilogy. With the addition of the event server you could have these "Story Events" more easily take place by setting the event server itself up to handle this story specifically. Would allow for larger population events by taking greater time to reduce overall content usage and impact down to whats necessary. Tldr; The Story Timeline should be limited to Story events and not have a real negative impact on the day 2 day of server operation. I think in general yall should embrace the infinite possibility that comes with the ability to create stories that involve charcaters interacting that in cannon interpretations would never be possible. P.S. I think like others I would be interested in seeing other options discussed here in the comments be offered as potential 3rd/4th options. Seen a bit of discussion how the server timeline itself is approached.
  2. True, high key just frustrated with the whitelist having to exsist. Im sure the sollution suggested wouldnt be best for everyone as youve pointed out, just trying to participate in the discussion. I believe the whitelist problems to be the main issue and I believe thats something we should continue to look for sollutions for until its actually fixed.
  3. They would still be able to write out immersive story lines based on the scheduled regiments, additional reinforcements shouldnt impact the story written and shouldnt be given any extra consideration during events unless the EM chooses to do so. Doom's Unit has one scheduled event a day with the 6:30 being available on days where we havent double booked, thats the limit set for our reg as far as I know. Regardless my specific regiments ability to play consistently is not the issue I was trying to adress. By requiring regiments to schedule their daily events I think it helps boost overall regimental activity, which is great. Which is why regimental scheduling and stories built around that schedule should be kept moving forward, I just think there is a issue with maintaining overall server population in the long run to sustain the community as it is now. By having erratic max pop on the main server the community becomes less appetizing from purely a server browser standpoint. People are less likely to join their home Australlian community if their servers are under performing compared to moderate ping servers just a jump and a skip outside Australlia low ping zone. Bringing in less newbies curious about CWRP leads to less overall regimental growth. Its just a cascading problem that has been faced by a lot of other communties that have employed this same solution to providing an optimized event environment. My suggestion is that the event servers events be open to everyone, regiments however continue to sign up for specific event slots. EMs then continue to scuplt their stories and overall equipment around the scheduled regiments with any surprise reinforcements that were not scheduled being only qualifiable for specific recognitions and bonus points. I would think this would deincentivise entire regiments to organize for events they arent scheduled for while not discouraging them from getting on at the same time. The current "Open Event" at 6:30 would continue to be the only accessible open event where non-scheduled regiments would be capapble of getting lumped into the roster and thus being able to get full placement points in contrast to playing on a non scheduled event.
  4. Use of the LAAT to transfer from the main server to the event server should become required. The whitelist as a whole should be eliminated and make it so it instead only allows connections that are being transferred from the main server. Yes it might be a little tedious to join one server and then transfer to the next but it would eliminate a pretty pervasive issue that has been affecting a lot of players. Joining and not being whitelisted despite it being the scheduled event for that players reg. It really sucks to be online and be unable to play. Additionally all events should be open to everyone, make it so regiments that appear in strength in non shceduled events can receive bonus points but cannot appear in the rankings for that event. This will encourage people to be on for longer throughout the day.
  5. Above error is caused when you exceed the source limit and it ends up breaking random junk. Use the optimized vehicle models for the capital ships, current ones being used are killing frames.
  6. Group Ratings + bonus for best reg during an event or something. Would avoid three way ties.
  7. @Buck :) most of the time when the f8 menu isnt in use most of your squad mates wont be sure. Just no clip around when you see a group of 5 or more just standing around when you believe they /should/ be working towards an objective. At some point you will hear someone say "What are we doing?" and half the time the answer will be "I dont know" if the menu aint setup. I understand there are times when people have to take over events but hopefully those are really the only major exception to the objective menus use. Although, tbh, it feels as if the obj menu is probably the only way someone could realistically take over an event they didnt start themselves. If the EM prior disconnected mid fight or something the new EM could easily use the Objective menu literally just to tell people to "standby in current locations until further orders" to reafirm that command as people complete combat or whatnot. Avoids a mess and helps refocus an event, especially at a time of turmoil. @Budds @Linguine In regards to my PS about usage of bombers I think there was a little confusion on what I meant, thats on me. First off, high key I agree with your thoughts on their usage by players in general. I was specifically asking for them to be used more from the EM standpoint. Ie more EC and NPC usage of the bombers. The LFS NPC bombers may not be smart killers but they are a one shot kill threat that cant really be ignored for very long since its only a matter of time till the AI realizes "OH THEY ARE RIGHT UNDER ME!" and nukes a group of 6-9 on the ground. These should be used more often when the player population goes above 50-60. Its like theres a point where theres so many of us shooting that solely ground npcs are too easy to wipe out unless the EM is trying to obliterate, which isnt very often. I was offering to quickly provide a bomber specifically for EC's (and LFS npcs) that has a much higher base health or whatever would make them a more reliable threat. I know a lot of peeps on your team are busy with life and all that and I have the time now to provide it if it will be used.
  8. Please require usage of the objectives menu during events. Of the last few events Doom's Unit was scheduled for one was running definitely better specifically because of the usage of the f8 menu. The map was the kashyyyk Jungle map and we had two separate groups pursuing separate objectives up in the trees and on the ground floor. This wouldn't have been possible without the additional reminder on what to do and what to expect. So far I have participated in 4 of the last 5 scheduled doom events and 3 of those utilized the f8 menu. Each was more organized and allowed for the greatest possibility of success for the overall playerbase participating in the event. The f8 menu keeps people informed as the event progresses allowing late joiners to immerse themselves into the EM's intended story. Regardless of intended scope of the event it is my belief that the usage of the f8 menu should be required for all scheduled events. PS Please use bombers more consistently when dealing with high population. If you need a higher health bomber to be able to run actual strafing runs without being shot down immediately I will provide it for free and immediately if it will be used to avoid "didnt die" event scenarios.
  9. Section 1.6 Added Four Console Commands added that should be helpful to all users. Event Masters that want to avoid overflow should make use of the farz command.
  10. This is a thread to backup all the doom's unit images we shared together during events and base maps. Regiment was disbanded because we couldn't keep our last 4 slots filled with reliably on members and the server wanted to activate 22nd and 13th on the server. 90% of us no longer play since the reg was disbanded(as youd expect when a reg of 7 gets disbanded despite being each individually very active) but the memories live on. o7 Here are our memories: https://imgur.com/a/nNDvRgz You can also download the named images via the attachments. doom'smemories.zip
  11. RC Odin Squad can now be found in the Servius Roleplay Prop&Model pack. Created by Deno, I have just made it so its no longer dependent on the 212th SR model pack, as GG doesnt use it.
  12. Ling is the one working on that, not me. Despite working on several different projects I still have time to split among projects and a lot of the time working on one map will give me ideas for another. By branching out to several different maps I have ended up learning a lot more about mapping in general. In some cases I am only choosing to work on something because on paper they shouldn't take much work at all to complete. Changing a texture there or adding a new wall to split a room into two or most other activities aren't massive time commitments in of themselves. As long as the list isnt long I can generally check boxes off hose lists one at a time in smaller 10-15 minute periods which fit well into my day. I am able to jump from project to project to avoid getting bored or tired fo the activity. As Ive said doing this also helps me have moments of inspiration. I intend to add the missing Navy features that are present on extensive. It already has the hyperspace features but I will also be reworking the command deck to more useful. @JamWay reached out to me and asked about answering the major issues with this section of the ship. If @Chunky is still CG CO it would be helpful to have requests submitted for the CG areas as well.
  13. I know its late and most of yall have already cast your votes. I wasn't aware of the poll being sent out. Ling and I will be doing updates to the Cydi Venator based on requests. So even while its in the rotation issues and additions will be fixed and added. Here is whats planned for the upcoming V2 addition of the map. If your wondering what the Cydi Venator Serv V1 looks like: https://imgur.com/a/7F9evNU Retextured the walls Removed Pipes from the walls Added shields to medical facility as seen on Anaxes. Updated "Checkpoint" function shields to be red instead of blue. Removed kill box in the moon poll. If its closed you wont die if you jump down. Swapped a single model in the jedi area. They didnt have any suggestions to submit before V1 released.
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