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  1. Section 1.6 Added Four Console Commands added that should be helpful to all users. Event Masters that want to avoid overflow should make use of the farz command.
  2. This is a thread to backup all the doom's unit images we shared together during events and base maps. Regiment was disbanded because we couldn't keep our last 4 slots filled with reliably on members and the server wanted to activate 22nd and 13th on the server. 90% of us no longer play since the reg was disbanded(as youd expect when a reg of 7 gets disbanded despite being each individually very active) but the memories live on. o7 Here are our memories: https://imgur.com/a/nNDvRgz You can also download the named images via the attachments. doom'smemories.zip
  3. RC Odin Squad can now be found in the Servius Roleplay Prop&Model pack. Created by Deno, I have just made it so its no longer dependent on the 212th SR model pack, as GG doesnt use it.
  4. Ling is the one working on that, not me. Despite working on several different projects I still have time to split among projects and a lot of the time working on one map will give me ideas for another. By branching out to several different maps I have ended up learning a lot more about mapping in general. In some cases I am only choosing to work on something because on paper they shouldn't take much work at all to complete. Changing a texture there or adding a new wall to split a room into two or most other activities aren't massive time commitments in of themselves. As long as the list isnt long I can generally check boxes off hose lists one at a time in smaller 10-15 minute periods which fit well into my day. I am able to jump from project to project to avoid getting bored or tired fo the activity. As Ive said doing this also helps me have moments of inspiration. I intend to add the missing Navy features that are present on extensive. It already has the hyperspace features but I will also be reworking the command deck to more useful. @JamWay reached out to me and asked about answering the major issues with this section of the ship. If @Chunky is still CG CO it would be helpful to have requests submitted for the CG areas as well.
  5. I know its late and most of yall have already cast your votes. I wasn't aware of the poll being sent out. Ling and I will be doing updates to the Cydi Venator based on requests. So even while its in the rotation issues and additions will be fixed and added. Here is whats planned for the upcoming V2 addition of the map. If your wondering what the Cydi Venator Serv V1 looks like: https://imgur.com/a/7F9evNU Retextured the walls Removed Pipes from the walls Added shields to medical facility as seen on Anaxes. Updated "Checkpoint" function shields to be red instead of blue. Removed kill box in the moon poll. If its closed you wont die if you jump down. Swapped a single model in the jedi area. They didnt have any suggestions to submit before V1 released.
  6. Section 3.7 Updated Fixed broken link that was no longer directing to the correct location but instead back to these forums. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=804029042
  7. You can literally copy pasta from google docs and retain formatting though O_O
  8. Section 1.5 Added Added new guide on how to either ensure you have everything download automagically or just speed up connections to the server by bypassing the servers FastDL server. Useful to those of you capable of following the guide as it can result in insanely quick connections to the server.
  9. Section 1.3b Added Added new troubleshooting process for finding missing addons.
  10. Added a troubleshooting section. Ill post fixes that seem to be purely a client fix that also seems to be a widespread issue.
  11. Ive been debating on doing a mega thread like this in the past and as I now have a lot more time while I wait for my Girlfriends classes to end so I can pick her up I decided to finally make the post. The purpose of the thread is to assemble a ton of information on a variety of topics into one place. This will be in some ways convenient for myself as a reminder for more research prone issues but the main goal is for you all to learn something new (hopefully) and potentially create opportunities for those of you that want the chance to try and create something for yourself or your friends. Section 1.a Important Links Compatible Weapons Collection(TFA Guns designed to work within my ecosystem of Redux Base weapons) Public Star Wars Assets Trello Private Star Wars Assets Trello (Seek out someone that already has access) Groinkick Star Was Asset Forums(definitive location where most if not all SW content rippers from Facepunch went to) Dev Alpha Discord (A good place to find out whats being worked on in the SWRP Community; A good place to get in contact with content creators Garry's Mod Discord Wiltos Development Discord Gmod Store Garry's Mod Request Tracker Garry's Mod Issue Tracker Valve Development Wiki Garry's Mod Wiki Section 1.b Garry's Mod Recommended Configuration and Spec's Use the below settings if your GPU and CPU are close in performance to what I have. You can view my equipment on my list on PC Part Picker 1600x900 Windowed(option to go Borderless) Widescreen(16:9) Only go higher if you have a screen that supports it. Model Detail High Texture Detail High Water Detail Simple Reflections Shadow Detail Low/High Dependent on map Color Correction Disabled Anti Aliasing Mode None Filtering Mode Trilinear or 16x Wait for vertical sync Disabled Motion Blur Disabled Multicore rendering Enabled High Dynamic Range NONE Bloom UNCHECKED Hardware DirectX Level 9.0+ PLEASE READ! I STRONGLY URGE PEOPLE TO ONLY USE THE STANDARD VERSION OF GARRYS MOD. DO NOT USE THE BETA BRANCHES AS THE PRERELEASE BRANCHES ARE CURRENTLY FLAGGED FOR CAUSING CRASHES FOR PLAYERS USING IT IN MULTIPLAYER. LEAVE THE BETA'S UNTIL THE ISSUE HAS BEEN FIXED. CURRENT AS OF 1/14/2020 Section 1.3 FAQ and Common Troubleshooting 1.3a) Content is subscribed to and appears to be downloaded but does not appear in game? 1.3b) For Post Workshop update addons use this utility to cleanup your game. It was created by a Gmod Community Member. You can contact him with support at this Discord ID: storm37000#9010 Section 1.4 " The server is full " Dont want to have to constantly check if a slot is open? Wanna make sure you actually save a spot in line and dont get screwed just because you werent spamming "Join" as fast as the next player? Follow the below guide on how to take advantage of this cool tip: Section 1.5a " To download what the server has to offer or to not download what the server has to offer " As some users can regularly be bottlenecked during the connection to the server this troubleshooting section will show you how to pick and choose what you are forced to download from the servers FastDL everytime you connect. This may help you if you are not viewing paid addons that don't depend on the workshop to give the player models/mats. The following "errors" would indicate you should follow this portion of the guide: Defib Paddles missing their model but still function ingame Keycards missing their models but still function ingame Naval Security all errors Cant hear different types of music or sound files being played on the server Section 1.5b) If you take the time to drag and drop the downloaded content from the server you can instead opt to only download maps from the server. This should decrease connection times to mear seconds since you can essentially skip the FastDL server (unless its a new-to-you map) and immediately start connecting to the server itself . Ive done this and it takes me about 9 seconds to connect to the server, mostly due to the server being in Australia. To find the content you have downloaded connect to the server and then navigate to garrysmod/garrysmod/download and drag and select the following folders(if they exist): materials models sounds resource particles Do not touch the following (in the case of maps unless you intend to take the time to delete your copied file if the server updates their version dont copy maps) maps user_custom(do not copy under any circumstances) Once you've got all the relevant folders selected please right click and hit copy/cut. Navigate to your addons folder located at garrysmod/garrysmod/addons . Create a new folder called "GG FastDL content" and then paste the copied content into there. You can now go back and select "Only Download Maps" (or download nothing at all) instead of "All Content" as outlined in the troubleshooting guide for this section. Section 1.6) Useful Console Commands gmod_mcore_test 1 - Increases Productivity on a Multi-Core Processor r_3dsky 0 - Disables skybox r_farz 3000 - Turns on visibility restriction. -1 normal value mat_specular 0 - Turns off reflection 2.1) Content Extraction To extract, view, and modify the content from an Addon follow these steps in order: Navigate to Garrysmod/Garrysmod/addons Click "View" and check "File name extensions" Right click an existing addon(.gma files are addons) Hit "Open With" Hit "Choose Another App" Check "Always use this app to open .gma in the future" Click more and scroll down and click "Look for another app on this PC" Navigate to Garrysmod/bin and select "gmad.exe" as the application that will open .gma files. Now if you double click .gma files in your addons folder a CMD window will open for a couple seconds and youll see assets listed off during that time. Once completed youll have a new folder in your addons folder with the name of the extracted addon and its contents ready to be modified/updated. 2.2 Content Updates Follow this video tutorial created by me for this purpose: Its old and but still current information. 2.3 Workshop Rules and Content Creators Rights The workshop rules and the rights of content creators have been long shrouded in mystery. Mostly due to misinformation spread by dummies that dont want to believe that they can get in trouble. Listed below are the simple easy to follow rules for anyone curious: The right to control one's content is granted once the content is uploaded to the workshop. According to to official GMod rules all Addons are free to use but that does not make them all free to modify. If Content Creators say they don't want "Reuploads or Repackages" and someone ignores this the Content Creators are able to contact Rubat himself via his email [email protected] and have any offending content taken down. Marked as server content or not. Permission to upload is necessary to release modified works. It is expected that Content Creators contact offending users prior to a takedown if the Content Creator doesn't have a message clearly outlining restrictions on the addon description. It is expected that Content Creators credit their sources of content. Content Creators are not expected to seek out individual names of developers at companies like EA/Ubisoft to provide credit. This rule strongly applies to Garry's Mod specific Content Creators. If a Garry's Mod Content Creator extract content from another modding teams work over on Arma 3 it is expected that the Content Creator specifically request permission to port the assets before hand from the Arma team as well as credit the team(and potentially its members) on the Garry's Mod Addon uploads description. Server Content is to be used by Servers to compact down a servers own content and not the content of others without permission. Most if not all content is best left in its original state but if a server is concerned specifically with download size they can reach out to developers on an individual basis and receive permission to repackage content. This is especially important when it comes to addons that are very lua dependent. As some server developers/owners are ill informed it is necessary to note that many fail to just put modified lua server side, rather than repackaging modified work into an addon. This is because modified lua and original lua can conflict to varying degrees. In some cases conflicting code can make the game entirely unplayable for both clients and servers. In most cases for clients they see the greatest negative impact when they go into Singleplayer. Once there the game will mount all addons subscribed to, not just the content present on the server of the players choice. The result is usually 20+ different bugs that the player is then incentivised by their servers to then contact the individual developers with their weird bugs. Bottom line, dont reupload lua and always get permission from the Content Creator before uploading. 3.1 Mapping Tutorial Resources Top Hatt Waffle's V2 Video Hammer Tutorial Series Top Hatt Waffle's Website with downloads and resources for Hammer and the Source Engine 3kliksphilip Good NPC navigation explanation for AI Hint Nodes Good Grapple NPC Navigation explanation Compile Error Wiki Page Quick Guide 3.2 Guns Tutorial Resources Quick Guide 3.3. Skins Tutorial Resources Quick Guide 3.4 Bodygroups Tutorial Resources Quick Guide 3.5 Texture Creation Tutorial Resources Quick Guide 3.6 Animation Tutorial Resources 3.7 NPC Creation Good guide on NPC Creation process Valve wiki page for NPC Citizen npc type Valve wiki page for NPC Hostile Combine NPC type Valve Wiki Page for NPC Zombie Quick Guide 4.1 Addons that are bad for performance just in general: PAC3 Pointshop
  12. The server lag would be during events right? Im in America and other than climb swep being weird my connection to this australian server is pretty dang good. About the same as what Id have to deal with on Icefuse/Superior.
  13. I mean if the response to the equipment has been historically negative why wouldnt people that were around for the "old ones" not understand how new people might feel about the current equipment? Especially when compared to how that same equipment is configured elsewhere?
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