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  1. Added a troubleshooting section. Ill post fixes that seem to be purely a client fix that also seems to be a widespread issue.
  2. @Aussi I intend to have a few admin only ways to navigate the map quickly, sneakily, and impactfully. As theyll be admin only I dont intend any of them to very immersive in terms of travel. Closer to Traitor rooms in TTT then secret passages in Murder. I also intend to have a few admin buttons outside the map that trigger certain changes to parts of the map that should significantly disrupt the normal strategies of defense. Currently the base two entrances(the hangar and front door). There will be a 3rd added to the horror tunnel that runs under the map that will connect with the actual outside of the base. This entrance will be sealed from the inside and will not be accessible until someone opens+unlocks the button outsde(thus allowing two way entrance+exit). I intend to have an override for this in the admin room that allows an EM to "grant acess" through repair/splicing ie putting a button somewhere else that forces the door open.
  3. Ive been debating on doing a mega thread like this in the past and as I now have a lot more time while I wait for my Girlfriends classes to end so I can pick her up I decided to finally make the post. The purpose of the thread is to assemble a ton of information on a variety of topics into one place. This will be in some ways convenient for myself as a reminder for more research prone issues but the main goal is for you all to learn something new (hopefully) and potentially create opportunities for those of you that want the chance to try and create something for yourself or your friends. Section 1.a Important Links Compatible Weapons Collection(TFA Guns designed to work within my ecosystem of Redux Base weapons) Public Star Wars Assets Trello Private Star Wars Assets Trello (Seek out someone that already has access) Groinkick Star Was Asset Forums(definitive location where most if not all SW content rippers from Facepunch went to) Dev Alpha Discord (A good place to find out whats being worked on in the SWRP Community; A good place to get in contact with content creators Garry's Mod Discord Wiltos Development Discord Gmod Store Garry's Mod Request Tracker Garry's Mod Issue Tracker Valve Development Wiki Garry's Mod Wiki Section 1.b Garry's Mod Recommended Configuration and Spec's Use the below settings if your GPU and CPU are close in performance to what I have. You can view my equipment on my list on PC Part Picker 1600x900 Windowed(option to go Borderless) Widescreen(16:9) Only go higher if you have a screen that supports it. Model Detail High Texture Detail High Water Detail Simple Reflections Shadow Detail Low/High Dependent on map Color Correction Disabled Anti Aliasing Mode None Filtering Mode Trilinear or 16x Wait for vertical sync Disabled Motion Blur Disabled Multicore rendering Enabled High Dynamic Range NONE Bloom UNCHECKED Hardware DirectX Level 9.0+ PLEASE READ! I STRONGLY URGE PEOPLE TO ONLY USE THE STANDARD VERSION OF GARRYS MOD. DO NOT USE THE BETA BRANCHES AS THE PRERELEASE BRANCHES ARE CURRENTLY FLAGGED FOR CAUSING CRASHES FOR PLAYERS USING IT IN MULTIPLAYER. LEAVE THE BETA'S UNTIL THE ISSUE HAS BEEN FIXED. CURRENT AS OF 1/14/2020 Section 1.3 FAQ and Common Troubleshooting Content is subscribed to and appears to be downloaded but does not appear in game? Server full? Dont want to have to constantly check if a slot is open? Wanna make sure you actually save a spot in line and dont get screwed just because you werent spamming "Join" as fast as the next player? Follow the below guide on how to take advantage of this cool tip: 2.1 Content Extraction To extract, view, and modify the content from an Addon follow these steps in order: Navigate to Garrysmod/Garrysmod/addons Click "View" and check "File name extensions" Right click an existing addon(.gma files are addons) Hit "Open With" Hit "Choose Another App" Check "Always use this app to open .gma in the future" Click more and scroll down and click "Look for another app on this PC" Navigate to Garrysmod/bin and select "gmad.exe" as the application that will open .gma files. Now if you double click .gma files in your addons folder a CMD window will open for a couple seconds and youll see assets listed off during that time. Once completed youll have a new folder in your addons folder with the name of the extracted addon and its contents ready to be modified/updated. 2.2 Content Updates Follow this video tutorial created by me for this purpose: Its old and but still current information. 2.3 Workshop Rules and Content Creators Rights The workshop rules and the rights of content creators have been long shrouded in mystery. Mostly due to misinformation spread by dummies that dont want to believe that they can get in trouble. Listed below are the simple easy to follow rules for anyone curious: The right to control one's content is granted once the content is uploaded to the workshop. According to to official GMod rules all Addons are free to use but that does not make them all free to modify. If Content Creators say they don't want "Reuploads or Repackages" and someone ignores this the Content Creators are able to contact Rubat himself via his email [email protected] and have any offending content taken down. Marked as server content or not. Permission to upload is necessary to release modified works. It is expected that Content Creators contact offending users prior to a takedown if the Content Creator doesn't have a message clearly outlining restrictions on the addon description. It is expected that Content Creators credit their sources of content. Content Creators are not expected to seek out individual names of developers at companies like EA/Ubisoft to provide credit. This rule strongly applies to Garry's Mod specific Content Creators. If a Garry's Mod Content Creator extract content from another modding teams work over on Arma 3 it is expected that the Content Creator specifically request permission to port the assets before hand from the Arma team as well as credit the team(and potentially its members) on the Garry's Mod Addon uploads description. Server Content is to be used by Servers to compact down a servers own content and not the content of others without permission. Most if not all content is best left in its original state but if a server is concerned specifically with download size they can reach out to developers on an individual basis and receive permission to repackage content. This is especially important when it comes to addons that are very lua dependent. As some server developers/owners are ill informed it is necessary to note that many fail to just put modified lua server side, rather than repackaging modified work into an addon. This is because modified lua and original lua can conflict to varying degrees. In some cases conflicting code can make the game entirely unplayable for both clients and servers. In most cases for clients they see the greatest negative impact when they go into Singleplayer. Once there the game will mount all addons subscribed to, not just the content present on the server of the players choice. The result is usually 20+ different bugs that the player is then incentivised by their servers to then contact the individual developers with their weird bugs. Bottom line, dont reupload lua and always get permission from the Content Creator before uploading. 3.1 Mapping Tutorial Resources Top Hatt Waffle's V2 Video Hammer Tutorial Series Top Hatt Waffle's Website with downloads and resources for Hammer and the Source Engine 3kliksphilip Good NPC navigation explanation for AI Hint Nodes Good Grapple NPC Navigation explanation Compile Error Wiki Page Quick Guide 3.2 Guns Tutorial Resources Quick Guide 3.3. Skins Tutorial Resources Quick Guide 3.4 Bodygroups Tutorial Resources Quick Guide 3.5 Texture Creation Tutorial Resources Quick Guide 3.6 Animation Tutorial Resources 3.7 NPC Creation Good guide on NPC Creation process Valve wiki page for NPC Citizen npc type Valve wiki page for NPC Hostile Combine NPC type Valve Wiki Page for NPC Zombie Quick Guide 4.1 Addons that are bad for performance just in general: PAC3 Pointshop
  4. @Budds Thank you for responding! Love the input. Will take it into consideration.
  5. I intend to have the Cadet Training area at the end of both hallways. The two large rooms in the center are just there by result of spacing. Could be a medbay, temporary CG detainment area, shooting range, etc. If yall think itd go well there, ill make it.
  6. Polis Massa Bunks Suggestion Thread Purpose: Temporary Base Map with the intention of being used as a temporary base for specific types of events. Focus on HORROR, Player Discovery and exploration, and Security. Please suggest ideas for a good layout for bunks. I am accepting images on a grid that can show a layout, top down images of bunks created with props, or simple criteria for amount of space and rooms. Suggestions on detail props would also be good. Due to the potential use as a "temporary" base map I am willing to make bunks permanently assigned to a regiment and decorating it based on their request so if Commanders want to get in contact for specific requests in this regard I am all ears, its just not exactly what ill be working on right now. Here is my current layout which should be reminiscent of the Coruscant map bunks: PS: If @Chunky could please contact me about CG checkpoints, Detainment areas, etc. that'd be great. If @Cryo @Yoho or @Corvus could please contact me about Debrief, Commander Meeting area, and Map Necessities that'd be great.
  7. The server lag would be during events right? Im in America and other than climb swep being weird my connection to this australian server is pretty dang good. About the same as what Id have to deal with on Icefuse/Superior.
  8. I mean if the response to the equipment has been historically negative why wouldnt people that were around for the "old ones" not understand how new people might feel about the current equipment? Especially when compared to how that same equipment is configured elsewhere?
  9. I think others that agree with me on this would be up to trading more difficulty for you guys to arrest people for longer arrest times in the cells.
  10. and infinite range and zero restrictions on repeatedly using the stun on players. At least no restrictions that they adhere to. Same response, the tazers have infinite range. Yall use it a lot during events to capture EC's(I would know; four events in a row I was the executed EC that got brought back to the base map because I got cross mapped). Yall stun when someone is escaping their cuffs; which resets the cuffs. Yall then use that stun as the one escape max and now its fail rp bs. The 1-4 seconds it takes to reload is less than the amount of time it takes for the stun to wear off. CG are capable(and know that they are) of stun locking a player until they've been arrested and plopped into their cell. You'd have to be absolutely plastered to ever lose someone after tazing them at least once. Id also point out that you've made escape even further impossible by putting the keycard readers at the front of R-Sec when they werent present on the other two maps we usually play on. Meaning the only chance of escape would be someone forgetting to slap the hands on the keyboard to spam their strip bind, forget to close your one way ray shield cells, and forget how to switch to their taser while standing in every hard locked doorway between the cell and freedom. There's a difference between suppressing mingey behavior and an entire regiment overstepping and hurting the natural flow of things. No warning arrests on barrier hopping? Straight up asking for people to challenge that. My point is that there is literally zero chance of escaping with your current equipment settings. Yall outnumber most regiments online at any given time during most events as well as inbetween. Yes, like most regiments you can have moments where there are less but in CG's case thats just not the norm. You have the reg pop to actively do patrols, stage guards all around the map, and somehow have two people in your cells basically every moment leading up to the first event, then to the 2nd, and again to the 3rd. Why wouldn't CG want it to be SLIGHTLY more difficult to arrest a perp? Why wouldn't CG want to get issued a patrol ship to hunt down a player that ran away and got outside the confines of the base? Having in place extremely rigid rules that try to control almost every aspect of player interaction is insanity. I mean I know those CO meetings are an opportunity for people to bring up issues brought up internally be regimental members which might explain why no posts about this have showed up prior but high key im not the only person that really dislikes how CG interacts with other players. The grumble mumbles you hear whenever someone from CG pulls on their tight pants and tries to jump down some shinies throat for talking during PTS when there is LITERALLY no indication that an Advisor is about to start talking(referring to the start of events after map switch) should indicate more people other than myself share my concerns. At what point did you decide that the RP most important to CG is how to properly navigate the debrief room and not the actual role your regiment fulfilled in LORE? I just cant believe CG is satisfied with their only non-static rp being the occasional bunk checks and id renewals.
  11. The tazer equipment being used by CG is too strong. Every rule they create is %100 enforced all the time. Why? Not because they know the layout of the map and can guess where one might hide, not because of overwhelming numbers(which they have), not because of operations where they hunt down someone that hopped an almighty barrier or touched some grass. Its %100 because their tazer is too strong. They are able to tazer lock people for what? 4-8 seconds per shot? Even if they were a little too far away for them to cuff you after the first shot they just continue the stun with a second shot. They then lock people up in cuffs that are either too easy or too difficult to break out of, which is why they always break the first set, which is usually the easy one to get out of. EVEN IF you somehow break out of your cuffs while in your cell there's literally ZERO chance of staging some kind of escape because, once more, they just insta switch to their tazer and lock you in place. These guys are supposed to act as civil protection does on darkrp/seriousrp servers and yet unlike similar iterations of a police force CG differs in one main aspect: Difficulty. Why is there literally zero difficulty involved in their regiment collum of RP? Its no wonder more and more we see 7+ people on at one time as CG. Yes, you could point to an active command staff but Id look to people just being tired of constantly being arrested by CG for simple transgressions. I'm not saying its impossible to have fun when they are online, its very easy to have fun, what I am saying is that its extremely easy for them to ruin that fun for BS rules and regulations nobody else had a say in. An example of this would be on Banican, we were trying to do shield training outside of the training areas (because all the claimable locations were claimed) and we ended up all getting arrested for having equipment out. We were off in a corner and were only visible to CG in CG only locations ie the walls and upper terrace. To sum it up: Tazer on CG should be nerfed in both stun time and frequency between shots. There should be a level of skill involved in their role past just aiming. PS: This post is not ment as an offense to anyone in CG currently or in the past. Just an honest opinion from someone who basically played CP Chief on DarkRP for a year straight. There needs to be room for players to create roleplayable moments.
  12. If that is based on yesterday's reported oopsy I told yall why it froze up as well as crashed yesterday. Wont repeat here since it was fairly sensitive and could be abused in the future. Optimization wise Banakin and Anaxes are in the same tier of size and optimization techniques. Its more than likely an overuse/misuse of builder/cosmetic tools. A lot of the time people are building on Banakin since it had a lot of areas to build in.
  13. Passive RP activities could also be defined for battalions to automate the process(would be dumb if commanders have to ask for permission to do essentially zero effort activities like these) Similiar to how CG has a whole set of duties basically being cops other groups could have regular activities to fill the time. Like Horn Company would "Reinforce" the main gate or 91st could take up positions in the exterior base towers. Simple things that could give a group something to do for 10-15 minutes a time depending on travel. Hiding items on the map that are really hard to find and offering a reward to whoever finds one (or all of them) first might be solid. Really simple "Search and Destroy" practice for regiments with a focus on that type of RP. Refueling missions could be common place for groups like 13th, 22nd, and unassigned. Would just need to spawn like 3 props that aren't frozen have them carry them from point a -> b. (if a desired prop is too heavy to be default picked up hmu and I can recompile it for use)
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